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  1. dennisjames71

    Ozzie Albies Cyberface Mystery

    Ok, so this is irritating. I took rictor's advice and used face ID #s for retired players (lower than #9279) and assigned them to Sean Newcomb and Ozzie Albies. I gave Newcomb David Ross' #1772 and Ozzie Paul Konerko's #623. I then gave Konerko and Ross a zero for their face ID. Again, every thing looked great in the EDIT PLAYER section but I got this in-game with Newcomb starting (at pitcher) and you see the real Ozzie Albies behind him at his shortstop position looking normal: Unfortunately I also checked into rictor's issue with Aaron Judge and Luis Severino and I got the same problem. In this case too, Aaron Judge himself looks fine but his head is on Severino's body. I also gave Severino and Judge lower face ID #s. It's weird in both cases; the position player's head is superimposed and assigned to the pitcher's body. And in either case, this is a pain, because there should be some simple explanation or solution but I cannot figure it out. -DENNIS
  2. dennisjames71

    Ozzie Albies Cyberface Mystery

    That's very interesting and I never thought of that. Thank you. I may just search out a couple of retired players (below #9279) and assign Newcomb and Ozzie their (lower) cyberface ID #s and see if that solves things. I will definitely report back with my results.
  3. dennisjames71

    Ozzie Albies Cyberface Mystery

    Hello All, I've never seen this cyberface issue with MLB 2K12 but I think it's rooted with the Ozzie Albies cyberface in scottybilly's Atlanta Braves Cyberface Pack from February 2017. The Ozzie face seems to "link" to other players on the Braves. For example, I recently installed Jed's Sean Newcomb cyberface (#9543) and scottybilly's Ozzie Albies face (#9710). I also verified in Reditor II that either of those cyberface ID #s are not assigned to multiple players; and they weren't. Anyway, both faces look fine in the EDIT PLAYER section as seen here: However, when I start a game with Sean Newcomb as the starting pitcher, Ozzie's face is on Newcomb's body: And when I pan over to the real Ozzie on the field at his shortstop position, he looks normal with correct face. Of course, I can assign both player's face to an ID# of 0; but I want to use both cyberfaces. In over 6 years, I have never seen this happen before. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you, DENNIS
  4. dennisjames71

    Post Your Classic Games

    April 9, 1993. 1st AB at the 1st time at home in BallFours' Mile High Stadium. Lead-off batter Eric Young of the new Colorado Rockies smashes a single off of Dennis Martinez of the Montreal Expos.
  5. dennisjames71

    How to change???

    That's awesome and good to hear. It's funny that I changed my loading bar color to orange in the Total Classics 1984 too. :-)
  6. dennisjames71

    Replace BA Top 100 Prospects logo w/ Hall of Fame logo

    Regarding the Homestead Grays; In my Negro League Mod, my teams are comprised of the best players for that franchise's history and the Homestead Grays are included in the mod. I exported the team which you can import and edit with the MVP Edit program. What you could do is then replace any team you want with the All-Time Homestead Grays. Also, if it helps, I have included a ZIP file with the Grays portraits and the Josh Gibson cyberface. About half the team is using a generic portrait and all players except for Josh are using a variation of the stock MVP Baseball faces. -DENNIS Homestead Grays Portraits and Cyberface.zip Homestead Grays TEAM (MVP Edit).zip
  7. dennisjames71

    How to change???

    Hey Rising Son, You can find the loading bar color file under: data/misc/textures and the grad.FSH file. Just extract the .fsh file and you'll find a tiny 32x4 pixel graphic that you can change the color or apply a gradient of 2 colors with Photoshop for example. Then you ZIP up the grad.fsh file and install it with TiT from the game directory. Let me know if it works for you. Otherwise I can send you a sample grad.fsh file. -DENNIS
  8. dennisjames71

    TC 1927 Uniform Package

    Version 1.0.0


    Quite a few years back I released a team-by-team uniform set for the Total Classics 1927 mod. Here is an updated set of completely redone uniforms that will drop right into Total Classics 1927. Of course you can download the ZIP and plug the uniforms into other mods by renaming the uniform numbers/letters if necessary. I have also included redone Uniform Select files here too. Simply install the included ZIP file with TiT and it will update your TC 1927. Enjoy! DENNIS
  9. Hi Dennis,


    I was wondering if you could do a day version of Olympic Stadium in Montreal for me.  I'm working on a 1983 season, and I saw in my book Green Cathedrals that they didn't have it fully covered until 1987-89.  I put into the game in the RFK slots.  I just made a copy of what was available.




  10. dennisjames71

    MVP Modding Showcase

    Total Classics 1927 Uniform Set released here: https://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/58434-tc-1927-uniform-package/
  11. dennisjames71

    TC 1927 Uniform Package

    Quite a few years back I released a team-by-team uniform set for the Total Classics 1927 mod. Here is an updated set of completely redone uniforms that will drop right into Total Classics 1927. Of course you can download the ZIP and plug the uniforms into other mods by renaming the uniform numbers/letters if necessary. I have also included redone Uniform Select files here too. Simply install the included ZIP file with TiT and it will update your TC 1927. Enjoy! DENNIS TC_1927_Uniform_Package.zip
  12. dennisjames71

    Set Up MVP for PC versus PC Games! (VIDEO)

    Hey Gordo, Those are great statistical results you got there with your roster settings/ratings and I always contend that your rosters are spot on. I guess I was just concerned with the lack of power from many of the game I actually play such as with my 1987 mod. Testing out the usual suspects; I usually will play with the Oakland A's to test out the power factor and had disappointing results. After watching your video I did a global edit of my roster to provide +33% in R/L Power for all teams. In a test game I played the Angels in Oakland. McGwire and Canseco went a combined 0 for 10 with mostly flyouts, but some of them were fat pitches. I had Tony Phillips hit a HR in the bottom of the 1st off Willie Fraser and later in the 6th Dave Parker hit a pretty convincing HR (distance wise). It just felt that it was a "sure thing" HR if that makes any sense. The issue is that I would have expected that from at least McGwire or Canseco too. I left the Home Run numbers in MVPEdit alone because I agree with you that there never seemed to be a concrete definition of what the value represents and I didn't want to globally tweak that and have home runs flying out like crazy. To be clear; are the value ranges of HOME RUN 0-15? Or is it a percentile (like 60% or 95%)? Also, I know a whole lot of this stems from both the datafile folder and the datafile.txt that sits in the DATA folder combination. I stubbornly do not want change my datafile combination because I love the camera angles for pitching and hitting but I might be open to it if I can get better power results.
  13. dennisjames71

    1951 Season crash

    So I tried to duplicate the crash according to your steps and I can determine (at least on my end) that the problem is the night version of Braves Field. That stadium is beautiful and well-done but there was always something wonky about it and I did recall correctly that some other users in the past experienced issues with that particular stadium. So I tried 6 times to start an Exhibition game in Braves Field at night and only had it work correctly just one time. I tried another 6 times with the day version and they all worked fine. In season mode using the Dodgers; I tried to play that Braves games at the beginning of May and when I started a day game 3 times; they all worked. When I tried to start a game at night; they crashed at the same point that you mentioned earlier in this thread; all 3 times. My PC can handle any modern game you throw at it, so that isn;t the weakest link. It might be some some memory/address issue with the stadium since that was a stadium that was built from scratch (versus a modded stock stadium). Those were my findings and I think you can get away with just simply not playing a night game against the Boston Braves or to use a different version of the stadium as Y4L suggested. I hope this information helps you. DENNIS
  14. dennisjames71

    1951 Season crash

    Jim definitely had good tips there tinpanalley. Could you tell me if you are getting this crash when simming the game or playing the actual game against the Braves? Your issue interested me since about 5 years ago, I played and entire 1951 season with the Brooklyn Dodgers as well and I went on to beat the Yankees in the World Series. At the time I simmed some games and played quite a few. Like Jim mentioned; if you are getting this crash while simming the game(s); then it's likely a roster issue. However, if you are getting the crash when playing the game (i.e. it's crashing at the loading screen before the game begins); then it could also be graphics related issues like an incorrect cyberface/stadium error/or datafile related problem. I thought I remembered a while back that there might have been an issue with the Boston Braves stadium causing crashes on some systems. Earlier tonight I simmed the 1951 season 3 times with the Dodgers and got all the way to the end of the season with no issues. -DENNIS
  15. dennisjames71

    Set Up MVP for PC versus PC Games! (VIDEO)

    I really enjoyed your video Gordo. Excellent presentation and extremely informative. Even though I've used MVPEdit numerous times; I learned some new things with this video. With that being said, I have a dumb question for you and I just can't remember the answer from years ago.... So, If I am looking to do the reverse of your CPU vs CPU matchups and I want to globally increase the number of home runs; I can obviously increase contact/power (right & left) by + XX percent. But what exactly does the "Home Run" value designate? I know when I used DylanBardbury's excellent calculators, the Home Run value would be determined from the combination of power/contact values of each player. So if I'm looking to globally increase the number of home runs in my mod; would increasing the contact/power values by say, +33%, also increase the Home Run value or do I have to arbitrarily set a higher Home Run value globally for all teams/players? P.S. I looking to tweak some settings for my 1987 roster/mod and I'm not liking the relatively low number of home runs for that season while I'm simming and playing the actual games. Thank you for any info since you and Jim are both the roster gurus. DENNIS