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  1. Question about 2005 stadiums

    Oh I see. The thing is that I only started updating the ads and signage for MVP stadiums in 2010 and over the years have made updates. Unfortunately I had never "updated" the stock 2005 stadiums with 2005 ads and signage. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding your request.
  2. Question about 2005 stadiums

    Hi there Muller, Are you looking for the modern stadiums with fairly up to date ads and layouts? I did the updates for the modern stadiums (and classic ones here and there for the Total Classics mods) and I obviously have these stadiums over the years. If you are looking for up to date stadiums; feel free to post a list of what you want and I can ZIP them up and send you a link. -DENNIS
  3. MVP Modding Showcase

    I thought I remembered reading an article a few years back, about a possible Yankees road uniform change proposed back in 1974. I saw the sample on Chris Creamer's site and also found the article. Yankees 1974 Road Uniform Change Glad they didn't use these but it didn't stop me from doing a "what if" and adding the uniform into my Total Classics 1974 game.
  4. MVP Modding Showcase

    If anyone else gets ultra OCD with historic uniform accuracy (like me sometimes)....here are corrected road uniforms for the Blue Jays for their first 2 seasons of 1977 & 1978; where the city name was used for the jersey wordmark rather than "Blue Jays" starting in 1979. Corrected Blue Jays Uniforms for 1977 & 1978
  5. MVP Modding Showcase

    Yeah, with Jay and Laro here in the thread; I'm having flashbacks from The Show Nation forums in 2011 & 2012. I'll never forget that 2011 NFL season where I think Laro went near perfect every single week. :-) For sure Jay, a good Gehrig cyberface would be Epic as well as the Babe or other legends that haven't been covered enough. Just please don't make a Babe Ruth cyberface that looks like Mr. Goodman. Lol! I don't know why I usually cringe when I think of that movie. I'm looking forward to the real Babe in the SHOW 18 and curious to see his swing and how his rating realistically reflect his performance.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello All, Working through some projects lately, I discovered that I goofed when I did the uniform sets for TC 1977 & 1978. I now have here the corrected road uniforms for Blue Jays along with the updated Uniform Select images for those 2 mods. Simply install the individual ZIP files with TiT and you're ready to go. -DENNIS
  7. MVP Modding Showcase

    Thank you sir. Man, I cannot tell you how much I miss your MVP and MLB The Show dynasties. Pretty much because of your presentations; I became fascinated with sports and mostly baseball dynasties/season play. I hope you are doing well these days. -DENNIS That's a great observation Kyle; I never really noticed that but I think it is the Topaz series of Photoshop filters I've been toying with on these screenshot that's giving off that appearance. I almost wish I could play the game that looks like that.
  8. MVP Modding Showcase

    Some Minor League Uniforms:
  9. MVP Modding Showcase

    Wow, that looks pretty good. It looks pretty realistic. I'm gonna play around with some more filters for this little screenshot exhibition and see what I come up with.
  10. MVP Modding Showcase

    Here's something for Gordo:
  11. MVP Modding Showcase

    Actually it's the Photoshop filters I used on the screenshots to give them a unique look that I wanted to capture; that give them that look I suppose. I prefer running the game at 1920 x 1200 and I have a hard time visually trying to go back to the 4:3 ratio. By the way, thank you so much for your rosters for MVP again this year. :-)
  12. MVP Modding Showcase

    Working on re-doing/upgrading the uniforms for Total Classics 1927:
  13. MVP Modding Showcase

    Hello All, I wanted to create primarily a screenshot thread to highlight Total Classics, Total Conversions and maybe sneak in a few MLB 2K and The Show with classic rosters. I'll try to present on a regular basis some work from projects I'm doing for fun or just basic stadium/uniform mods that I've done. I've always been a visual person and I hope you enjoy some of these images and ideas. -DENNIS For the Total Classics 1939 Mod; I created the 1937 Cincinnati Tigers Negro League teams and I have them playing against the Cincinnati Reds here in Crosley Field. The Cincinnati Reds at Yankee Stadium for a game of the 1939 World Series. From rare, color footage of the 1939 Series in Yankee stadium I changed the GEM blade sign to reflect that. YOUTUBE-1939 World Series Color Footage
  14. Share Your Game Images!

    Playing around with some Minor League TC 1974 Uniforms....
  15. New to MVP Mods- Game crashing

    Try this thread.... Good luck, Dennis