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  1. dennisjames71

    Need help finishing Total Classics 1948

    Hey there Kyle, just wanted to ask if you used Total Classics 1946 as a base for your mod? Total Classics 1951? Or something completely different? The reason I ask is that I will normalybuse a TC mod that close (in years/seasons) to the one I’m working on and I extract all artwork and organize them as I’m going through and replacing everything. B
  2. dennisjames71

    Need help finishing Total Classics 1948

    Not a problem at all kyle. You were a huge help to me and Jim with the 1939 mod and besides, I’m excited to play a 1948 mod so I can get Satchel his World Series ring just like in real life.
  3. dennisjames71

    Need help finishing Total Classics 1948

    Hey brother, i would be happy to do your loading screens and work on an overlay for you. Would it be cool to do a main photo and a 1948 baseball card image for the loading screens or did you have something else in mind? -DENNIS
  4. dennisjames71

    mvpedit problem

    Would a digital painting in Photoshop suffice?
  5. hey, can you reupload Toronto Exhibition Stadium (1978 version), 1970s Milwaukee Brewers Pack, TC 1927 Merged Detroit Uniform Fix, and also 1969/1974 Montreal Expos Uniform Fix?

  6. Did you ever do a regular Yankee Stadium in your 70's stadiums?  I was wondering if you could do me a favor...for 1971 3 Rivers didn't have the "cookie-cutter" infield like Busch or Veterans, could you alter that detail in your 1970's and call it 1971.  Here's a pic from the 71 series in Pittsburgh.


    Thanks Man!





  7. dennisjames71

    Fenway Night Crash

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I helped a couple of members with this same problem this year. Go ahead and try this night version of Fenway Park and let me know if that helps. -DENNIS fenwnite.zip
  8. Hey Dennis,

    I edited my previous 1971 Memorial Stadium, and I also filled in the blank on the scoreboard with the 1st & 2nd innings notation...the area was black before.  Now all of a sudden I get this ugly brown rectangle next to the scoreboard which was black before.  Where did that come from?





    1971 Memorial Stadium-Day 2-Sample.jpg

    Previous version.jpg

  9. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    "But everyone said that I had the coolest beard before that Abraham guy came to this team!" "And why isn't there a big statue of me around here?"
  10. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    Did you guys see I put him on the Springfield Cardinals <history nerd>? Yeah, so he was #1 in the minors and he was traded soon after call-up to the Washington Nationals <of course> and wore #16. Reportedly Bryce Harper threw a hissy fit because Abraham received more compliments from his beard rather than Brycey-boy's <not a surprise>.
  11. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    @BallFour: Yeah seriously thanks for doing these subtle, yet very creative changes for modding the game. As I've always believed; it breathes new life into it. @Gordo: Yes, so what I did was backup my models.BIG (just in case) and simply install the Abebeard zip file with TiT. I suspected (and was correct) that I needed to install all of them since each FSH file represents the Abebeard for each color/style. I opened each FSH file to confirm. After installing with TiT; I just select the 3rd mustache choice (from the top) in the facial hair field in MVPEdit. Or it's facial hair 'Type 3' if someone is creating the player within the game itself. -DENNIS
  12. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    "Four score and seven years ago..." Looks like that worked out fine. In MVP Edit; it's #3 from the top (the first mustache selection) in the Facial Hair Field. Thank you BallFour!
  13. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    Yeah, I hear you. I definitely didn't want to be a buzzkill for the people like myself; who was excited for the return of NFL to the PC. I think the game will be fine if the majority of the problems are fixed. I just wanted to save some aggravation to other if they were perhaps expecting a Grade A product right out of the box. Hopefully by the start of the regular season; this will be a non-beta product. 😄
  14. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    Your welcome. And here you go...Football Idiots link for Madden MOD 2018
  15. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    You are spot on. You know what? I played the current FF mod of Madden 08 last night with the HD-Fix, Custom crowds, and running the Calhoupe Madden Scripts and had a blast. My headache I had dealing with researching solutions for Madden 19, magically went away; and I had fun playing a football game.