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  1. Mickmackhomer, Welcome to MVP Mods. Yeah it wasn't an issue with your browser or downloading the file on your phone. The link is either broken and/or the file is missing. I found it on my archive HD and here it is. Good luck! Dennis MVP BASEBALL_HDR_Bloom_Mod_MVP_v1.7z
  2. Version 2.0


    Here is a version of Milwaukee’s County Stadium for use with the 1974 TC Mod. Day & Night versions are included for the stadium. Also included the period-correct home/away uniforms for the Brewers (1970-1977). Install the ZIP file with TiT. Enjoy!!
  3. Hi, I am interested in that Fifth Third Minor league park you created over 10 years ago.

    By the way great work!


    I tried downloading it. Something is wrong because the .rar file comes back 0kb's with no files.


    Do you have a updated fresh link with the stadium files inside?



    Thank you

    1. KiwiLifter


      I've had the same issue with the Portland, Durham, and Drillers stadiums. 


      They look great in the previews, and I'd love to try them out. Thank you!

  4. I took a look and the Hankyu Braves (throwback) uniforms are indeed in the game/models.BIG file. I have specifically the home/road throwbacks here in the included ZIP file. Just install with TiT (Total Installer Thingy) and you should be good to go. -DENNIS Orix Buffaloes-Hankyu Braves.zip
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A couple of errors that I had made were brought to my attention and i am happy to get those corrected in this patch. This will correct the proper Orioles 1955 road uniforms as well as remove the names on the back of the Red Sox road uniforms as well. Simply use TiT to install the included ZIP file into your main game directory for Total Classics 1955 and these issues will be corrected. -DENNIS
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Here are (2) Create-A-Stadiums for use with the MVP Asia Series Mod. There is (1) for Japan and (1) for Korea. Even though these stadiums require the use of the included Owner files; you CAN use this stadium in any Exhibition or Dynasty game. This is a CREATE-A-STADIUM, so you should simply copy the venuday & venunite files (DO NOT RENAME) into your data/stadium folder. Also included both "KOREA" and "JAPAN" owner mode files. Place file into your My Documents/MVP Baseball 2005 folder. Load it when selecting the "Create-A-Stadium" (at the Stadium Select Screen) to ge
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here are 4 additional modded stadiums for use with the MVP Asia Series Mod. Included are stadium files for (3) Japanese Stadiums: -Generic All-Purpose Dome (Named Osaka Dome) -Hiroshima Carp Stadium (Using Great American Ballpark as the stadium model and the Camden Yards slot) -Hanshin Tigers Stadium (Using Guaranteed Rate Field as the stadium model and the Ballpark At Arlington's slot) (1) Korean / KBO Stadium is included: -Generic All-Purpose Dome (Named Seoul Stadium) I have enjoyed the MVP Asia Series Mod since it was released years ago and have worked on these sta
  8. Hey Dennis,


    I wrote the following message to "BallFour" since I didn't see you on the site for awhile, "Hi,  Would you be able to replace the artificial turf in Dennis James' 1970's Three Rivers Stadium to dirt???  I just watched Game 4 of the 71 WS the other day on You Tube and 3 Rivers had a dirt infield and artificial turf in the outfield, unless the turf was artificial in the infield but between bases was dirt instead of like Riverfront where the bases just had dirt but the rest was turf."


    Would you be able to make those changes to your Three Rivers Stadium?  Here are some pics of what I sent him.  Would you have time to do a KC Municipal or a Senators' RFK, or adjust your current Veterans, etc., to be authentic for 1970-71?


    Thanks Man!





  9. Awesome and thank you. I got to watch highlights of his final game this morning.
  10. hey, can you reupload Toronto Exhibition Stadium (1978 version), 1970s Milwaukee Brewers Pack, TC 1927 Merged Detroit Uniform Fix, and also 1969/1974 Montreal Expos Uniform Fix?

  11. Did you ever do a regular Yankee Stadium in your 70's stadiums?  I was wondering if you could do me a favor...for 1971 3 Rivers didn't have the "cookie-cutter" infield like Busch or Veterans, could you alter that detail in your 1970's and call it 1971.  Here's a pic from the 71 series in Pittsburgh.


    Thanks Man!





  12. Hey Dennis,

    I edited my previous 1971 Memorial Stadium, and I also filled in the blank on the scoreboard with the 1st & 2nd innings notation...the area was black before.  Now all of a sudden I get this ugly brown rectangle next to the scoreboard which was black before.  Where did that come from?





    1971 Memorial Stadium-Day 2-Sample.jpg

    Previous version.jpg

  13. Version 1.0.0


    Quite a few years back I released a team-by-team uniform set for the Total Classics 1927 mod. Here is an updated set of completely redone uniforms that will drop right into Total Classics 1927. Of course you can download the ZIP and plug the uniforms into other mods by renaming the uniform numbers/letters if necessary. I have also included redone Uniform Select files here too. Simply install the included ZIP file with TiT and it will update your TC 1927. Enjoy! DENNIS
  14. Hi Dennis,


    I was wondering if you could do a day version of Olympic Stadium in Montreal for me.  I'm working on a 1983 season, and I saw in my book Green Cathedrals that they didn't have it fully covered until 1987-89.  I put into the game in the RFK slots.  I just made a copy of what was available.




  15. Hey thanks for the Marlins Park review! I wasn't able to really find any recent pictures for ads or anything like that, but you absolutely have my blessing to adjust things to make them more 2018-accurate, whether that be now or in the future.

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