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  1. The Korean and Japanese CAS (Create-A-Stadium) Stadiums have now been released as well.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here are (2) Create-A-Stadiums for use with the MVP Asia Series Mod. There is (1) for Japan and (1) for Korea. Even though these stadiums require the use of the included Owner files; you CAN use this stadium in any Exhibition or Dynasty game. This is a CREATE-A-STADIUM, so you should simply copy the venuday & venunite files (DO NOT RENAME) into your data/stadium folder. Also included both "KOREA" and "JAPAN" owner mode files. Place file into your My Documents/MVP Baseball 2005 folder. Load it when selecting the "Create-A-Stadium" (at the Stadium Select Screen) to get the proper configurations of these stadiums Enjoy!
  3. 4 more stadiums are now available guys. With a couple more on the way.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here are 4 additional modded stadiums for use with the MVP Asia Series Mod. Included are stadium files for (3) Japanese Stadiums: -Generic All-Purpose Dome (Named Osaka Dome) -Hiroshima Carp Stadium (Using Great American Ballpark as the stadium model and the Camden Yards slot) -Hanshin Tigers Stadium (Using Guaranteed Rate Field as the stadium model and the Ballpark At Arlington's slot) (1) Korean / KBO Stadium is included: -Generic All-Purpose Dome (Named Seoul Stadium) I have enjoyed the MVP Asia Series Mod since it was released years ago and have worked on these stadiums over the past 2 years. I had watched numerous KBO and NPB game highlights and used screenshots to transpose many of the wordmarks and ads used in the stadium. When ads were not available; I created them myself. I will be releasing (2) CAS (Create-A-Stadiums); 1 for Japan and 1 for Korea likely tomorrow that can be used for this great mod. I am also working on an additional outdoor KBO stadium. Simply copy the stadium files into your data/stadium folder and copy the datafile.txt files (arliday.txt, arlinite.txt, orioday.txt, orionite.txt ) to your data/ folder. Enjoy KBO and NPB fans! -DENNIS
  5. Beautifully expressed sir. I could not agree more. Thank you for everything you do and for reinforcing these ideals of what our community is about.
  6. No worries at all Y4L. I actually had to double check myself to see if I made that particular Cubs uniform period/year correct myself. It was quite a while ago when I did these but fortunately they were done right.
  7. The corrected 1969 uniform is also included in this pack. I broke up each team's uniforms into separate ZIP files if you wanted to correct a team at a time with the installation.
  8. I wish I knew of a viable solution for your issues with trying to get these mods working. I know when Jim(Jim825) and I create these mods, they are based on pre-existing and working mods. The path to the 1930s Total Classic mods was: I used the 1946 as a base for TC 1941, I used TC 1941 to make TC 1934 and used TC 1934 to make TC 1939. I usually make the uniforms, update stadiums, and create the menu and loading screens as my contributions while Jim creates the rosters, portraits, and adjusts ratings accordingly. I really don't know why those mods would be crashing for you since Jim and I beta test the mods on different systems, platforms, and operating systems. When I work on material one team at a time, I will usually play a 3-5 inning of a game to test things as I go along. I know Jim extensively tests full season sims once rosters are done and without crashing. I know Jim and I did not create the Total Classics 1951 mod but over the last 6-7 years (on Win XP and Windows 7), I've literally played 2 different seasons with the Dodgers and Yankees and made it through each 1951 season without any crashes. The "a900_appcompat.txt" file error sounds suspicious so you might want to run extensive malware checks throughout your system . Also, make sure your video card drivers are up to date and that your video resolution is setup properly as well. For the past 4-5 years I have used the Nt Core 4GB patch applied to the mvp2005.EXE file and I literally get zero crashes with any of the dozens of MVP Baseball games and mods. I strongly recommend to give it a try to see if that doesn't allow you to play those mods without crashing. Make sure to backup your original MVP2005.EXE file. NT Core 4GB Patch
  9. Of course your mileage will vary; but I personally don't believe it's too late for you at all. I played all 4 years of high school but only started pitching in my Sophomore year. I threw with good velocity in my first year but I was much too wild and in my Junior year I focused on my control and developed 4 solid pitches. Much like you described, my command became more important to me than lights-out velocity. Fortunately, I was able to get my fastball up to ranges where recruiters noticed and did end up earning a scholarship to a Division II university here in Southern California and pitched for one season. I personally think it's more difficult to "level-up" with our pitch control if we have ridiculous velocity from the beginning (rather than the converse). I am glad that my coaches in high school pulled me aside and helped me build my control for the pitches I was developing at the time and helped teach me to "reach back" and add the velocity at times when i needed it rather than throw at super speeds 90% of the time. I'm also reading The MVP Machine too and I'm about a 1/3 into it and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm a big Ben Lindbergh fan and listen to his Effectively Wild podcast regularly. Best of luck to you if you do decide to give it a go with your college team.
  10. Hey Dennis,


    I wrote the following message to "BallFour" since I didn't see you on the site for awhile, "Hi,  Would you be able to replace the artificial turf in Dennis James' 1970's Three Rivers Stadium to dirt???  I just watched Game 4 of the 71 WS the other day on You Tube and 3 Rivers had a dirt infield and artificial turf in the outfield, unless the turf was artificial in the infield but between bases was dirt instead of like Riverfront where the bases just had dirt but the rest was turf."


    Would you be able to make those changes to your Three Rivers Stadium?  Here are some pics of what I sent him.  Would you have time to do a KC Municipal or a Senators' RFK, or adjust your current Veterans, etc., to be authentic for 1970-71?


    Thanks Man!





  11. Awesome and thank you. I got to watch highlights of his final game this morning.
  12. My apologies that I had been preoccupied until this past Saturday with my son's 1st birthday party and the 4+ months of planning for that. But I wanted to personally thank you Y4L for your excellent and thorough review for TC 1979 and 1948. It was and is always a pleasure to work with both Jim and Kyle on these 2 Total Classics projects. Both of these guys share the same passion and professional quality to detail as I do when it comes to the Total Classics mods and I know I can speak for myself and them, that we enjoy bringing these contributions to the fans of the genre and just MVP Baseball gaming in general. Again, thank you as always for taking the time to shine the spotlight on our projects and to promote these great efforts. It's very much appreciated and I hope you are having fun with these games. -DENNIS
  13. hey, can you reupload Toronto Exhibition Stadium (1978 version), 1970s Milwaukee Brewers Pack, TC 1927 Merged Detroit Uniform Fix, and also 1969/1974 Montreal Expos Uniform Fix?

  14. Did you ever do a regular Yankee Stadium in your 70's stadiums?  I was wondering if you could do me a favor...for 1971 3 Rivers didn't have the "cookie-cutter" infield like Busch or Veterans, could you alter that detail in your 1970's and call it 1971.  Here's a pic from the 71 series in Pittsburgh.


    Thanks Man!





  15. Hey Dennis,

    I edited my previous 1971 Memorial Stadium, and I also filled in the blank on the scoreboard with the 1st & 2nd innings notation...the area was black before.  Now all of a sudden I get this ugly brown rectangle next to the scoreboard which was black before.  Where did that come from?





    1971 Memorial Stadium-Day 2-Sample.jpg

    Previous version.jpg

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