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  1. Did you ever do a regular Yankee Stadium in your 70's stadiums?  I was wondering if you could do me a favor...for 1971 3 Rivers didn't have the "cookie-cutter" infield like Busch or Veterans, could you alter that detail in your 1970's and call it 1971.  Here's a pic from the 71 series in Pittsburgh.


    Thanks Man!





  2. dennisjames71

    Fenway Night Crash

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I helped a couple of members with this same problem this year. Go ahead and try this night version of Fenway Park and let me know if that helps. -DENNIS fenwnite.zip
  3. Hey Dennis,

    I edited my previous 1971 Memorial Stadium, and I also filled in the blank on the scoreboard with the 1st & 2nd innings notation...the area was black before.  Now all of a sudden I get this ugly brown rectangle next to the scoreboard which was black before.  Where did that come from?





    1971 Memorial Stadium-Day 2-Sample.jpg

    Previous version.jpg

  4. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    "But everyone said that I had the coolest beard before that Abraham guy came to this team!" "And why isn't there a big statue of me around here?"
  5. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    Did you guys see I put him on the Springfield Cardinals <history nerd>? Yeah, so he was #1 in the minors and he was traded soon after call-up to the Washington Nationals <of course> and wore #16. Reportedly Bryce Harper threw a hissy fit because Abraham received more compliments from his beard rather than Brycey-boy's <not a surprise>.
  6. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    @BallFour: Yeah seriously thanks for doing these subtle, yet very creative changes for modding the game. As I've always believed; it breathes new life into it. @Gordo: Yes, so what I did was backup my models.BIG (just in case) and simply install the Abebeard zip file with TiT. I suspected (and was correct) that I needed to install all of them since each FSH file represents the Abebeard for each color/style. I opened each FSH file to confirm. After installing with TiT; I just select the 3rd mustache choice (from the top) in the facial hair field in MVPEdit. Or it's facial hair 'Type 3' if someone is creating the player within the game itself. -DENNIS
  7. dennisjames71

    Changing the default facial hair choices?

    "Four score and seven years ago..." Looks like that worked out fine. In MVP Edit; it's #3 from the top (the first mustache selection) in the Facial Hair Field. Thank you BallFour!
  8. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    Yeah, I hear you. I definitely didn't want to be a buzzkill for the people like myself; who was excited for the return of NFL to the PC. I think the game will be fine if the majority of the problems are fixed. I just wanted to save some aggravation to other if they were perhaps expecting a Grade A product right out of the box. Hopefully by the start of the regular season; this will be a non-beta product. 😄
  9. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    Your welcome. And here you go...Football Idiots link for Madden MOD 2018
  10. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    You are spot on. You know what? I played the current FF mod of Madden 08 last night with the HD-Fix, Custom crowds, and running the Calhoupe Madden Scripts and had a blast. My headache I had dealing with researching solutions for Madden 19, magically went away; and I had fun playing a football game.
  11. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    Agreed Gordo. And unfortunately part of the "typical EA stuff" is the disease called Ultimate Team (Madden Ultimate Team and Fifa Ultimate Team). Unfortunately this disease rakes in now $800 million dollars annually. Let's let that sink in....$800 million dollars. This "pay to win" money waster disguised as a game mode is just another unhealthy way to gamble away <obviously> gobs of money every year. When EA sports understands that people are throwing that kind of money at the screen to the tune of $800 million dollars and that people don't mind the $59.99 cover charge to be allowed to throw that money at the screen; well...I think it's all to easy to understand why EA Sports has little incentive to put out a polished and fairly bug-free product. Think about it; If Madden is taking in a big chunk of $800 million dollars (shared with Fifa) each years PLUS they have exclusive rights to the NFL (no competition); what in the world would motivate them to actually make a quality, all-around game? At least Fifa is less offensive because they do have competition with the PES line/Konami and I've been buying every Fifa since Fifa 11 and have NEVER had any issues with any of those releases. Like I said, I'll give them a chance to make this right since I only ever play Exhibition or off-line Franchises/Seasons with Madden and I really could care less about MUT and online play. If they can fix that stuttering nonsense with the audio/video, I'll have a product I might enjoy and not feel I tossed 60 bucks down the drain.
  12. dennisjames71

    My Heads-Up for Madden 19 PC

    @LouisvilleLipp,@stealth2920: I wanted to give you guys and anyone interested a heads-up on Madden 19 PC. I bought it on release day (last Friday) and it's broken out of the box, a beta version, a sh*t show; whatever you want to call it. I'm a open-minded and patient guy and I don't worry too much about the AI of the game, how good the CPU's LBs are or my passing game. With a bit of practice and slider tweaks I can always get it going rather quickly to where it's enjoyable. What I do take offense to (from EA) is that I expect a game that ships with basic functionality that works for a large variety of users, especially with a port to PC game that hadn't been done in over 10 years. My issues are that I get a ridiculous amount audio and graphics stutter when playing the game and I've had to uninstall/re-install the game 3 times because it would not load/start from Origin. The audio stuttering is so bad I have to turn commentary volume to zero and crowd volume down to about 10 (out of 100). The graphics stuttering is so bad that I have to play the game at 1080p rather than 1440p. Allegedly this will be fixed with a patch maybe next week. I'm gonna try and be positive about this because I think if that stuttering issue gets rectified; this game will run silky smooth and I will actually enjoy it. Also, there's too much inconsistency with daytime lighting for 1:oo pm games: I posted my screenshots on this Operation Sports thread and you can see them halfway down. I check the EA Sports message boards for Technical Issues daily to wait; but it's evident that this game was broken from the start and likely rushed out the door. I have no clue why they would rush this game; I mean, they have NO competition. This irritates me because I thought that getting Madden back on PC could more easily pave the way for a return of NHL and of course Baseball back to PC; that is, if Madden is successful. The Madden team has no excuse; because their soccer franchise (FIFA) is phenomenal (IMO) on PC. I buy that game every year and love it. My gaming PC can run that game at Max settings and I can run other EA titles like Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront II at Ultra settings. Madden and FIFA both use the Frostbite engine, so there's no excuse for them to screw this up. Even though many people are returning/refunding this game in large numbers; I'll try to be patient and hopefully a couple of patches will fix everything and all the problems can be a distant memory. But it amazes me that these billion dollar monolith companies constantly trot out product that has not been viably beta tested over and over and over. Samsung's exploding phone batteries in 2016; game companies releasing beta versions and patching the hell out of it for months; or <name the car company>'s numerous recalls of their vehicles because they couldn't take the time to get it right the first time, all make the consumer lose confidence in anything they buy or invest in anymore. <rant/review over>
  13. dennisjames71

    Bryce Harper Trade News

    Looks like a day after the Washington Nationals lost to the lowly Miami Marlins; US flag headbanded outfielder Bryce Harper was traded to Auto Zone for a car battery expert named Hank "Bubba" Jones. Hank had been reportedly tearing it up in Rec Softball league with 37 HRS and a .315 batting average. Meanwhile Bryce started his first day for the afternoon shift today while Bubba is slated to bat 4th in the lineup tomorrow versus the Mets.😃
  14. dennisjames71

    MVP Modding Showcase

  15. dennisjames71

    MVP Modding Showcase