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  1. You know what, I should have mentioned in my post that I did try the short season projector utility with TC 1915 to verify how it's supposed to work; but I successfully used it in Windows 7. I didn't get around to trying it with my WIN 10 laptop so the utility might not work with WIN 10 unfortunately. I ran into a similar problem with another TyWiggins utility (The Schedule Updater) where you can change the season year to the correct year (such 1979 if you are playing a season with TC 1979) and you can have the first game of the season starting on the correct day and date of that year. I do all of my modding and play all of my games on a WIN 7 system and that Schedule Updater utility never works for me. In the past; I've had to send my season file over to others and they were kind enough to change the day/date/year for me with their WIN XP machines. Unfortunately, I noticed a couple of different utilities that became incompatible with WIN 7 once I switched from XP about 8 years ago.
  2. Just in case your issue with the short season projector is not related to windows 10; you'll want to make sure to alt-tab out of your game around the end of August (in your dynasty/season) and run the utility. The end of August/early September is typically when your minor league affiliates' seasons are ending. Run the utility,alt-tab back into the game, save your season, quit, and then re-open the season/dynasty file and go to your schedule and you now should be able to advance through the month of September/early October and into the MLB-level playoffs.
  3. Yes, I had developed the TC 1915 mod and while testing it in it's beta stages; I was able to get to the playoffs and World Series with the Phillies and with the Braves after it's release. One thing to make sure of, is to use the MVP 2005 Short Season Projector utility in order to advance to the playoffs. It is recommended to use this utility for total classics mods that take place prior to 1961 and the 162 game schedule. Here is the ZIP of the tool plus instructions. -DENNIS mvp2005shortseasonprojector.zip
  4. Thanks for the reply Andy. Everything looks correct, I had imported your Marlins colorlist into my master colorlist and have also installed your uniforms and they are all the correct colors. It seems that old orange color shows up on that score overlay and as a background color behind the team logo at the "pick your team" screen. This is puzzling because you would think that this is an easy fix.
  5. My original question in this thread had been successfully solved; but I had a follow-up support question that is closely related, so I hope it's OK to place it here.... In regards to the Miami Marlins and my screenshot from above, I got the correct and updated Marlins logos showing up in the score overlay with the light blue background color behind them. That was/is working with an older roster I was using. Last night I loaded up a couple of the more recent 2K rosters and the Marlins background/theme color reverts back to orange. I did import the proper uniform colorlist from my older (working) roster set and saved it to the new rosters (with the Roster Editor); but they still have the orange background color instead of the blue. Again the only difference is the rosters; I'm using the same install of the game. I cannot remember but could someone point out where that color is changed? Thanks in advance, -DENNIS
  6. Awesome and thank you. I got to watch highlights of his final game this morning.
  7. Now those baseballs might make them forget about the ball signed by the Bambino.
  8. Please don’t let it be a closeup of Ham Porter doing his cannonball into the pool.
  9. Good lord, you are correct. I like how she's wearing a t-shirt of herself in the Sandlot movie, in that first photo. Lol!
  10. All of those are absolutely amazing Gordo. Just for that, I'm gifting you an autographed Wendy Peffercorn card. Seriously, thank you.
  11. Good to know. I'll make sure to install the 2.1 versions and apply the updated colorlist as well. Thanks for the update.
  12. Looks like I am good now. Thank you Andy. When you released your ver 2.0 uniforms; I somehow didn't copy over the new uniform_mim file (as you suggested) and I still had your previous version in the game. Thanks for everyone's input.
  13. Thank you for your info andy. I love your work and your Marlins uniforms. So, I have your uniform_mim in my game and it shows that 64x64 image as the new, 2019 Marlins logo. I've looked everywhere in the global, frontend_sync, and others and can't find the logos for that. I could have sworn it was the smalllogos file and I went line by line in all of the logos (small/med/large) files and cannot locate the old Marlins logo I need to replace. They all seem to be properly replaced with the new variations in my "2019 Beta" installation of the game.
  14. Hello All, It's been awhile since I've dug deeply into the globals and overlay files; but could anyone point me to where are the team logos located when shown in the overlay? With the help of andygev35's Miami Marlins pack, I've updated the team logos in all other areas but the overlay still shows the old logo. Thanks in advance for any help, -DENNIS
  15. My apologies that I had been preoccupied until this past Saturday with my son's 1st birthday party and the 4+ months of planning for that. But I wanted to personally thank you Y4L for your excellent and thorough review for TC 1979 and 1948. It was and is always a pleasure to work with both Jim and Kyle on these 2 Total Classics projects. Both of these guys share the same passion and professional quality to detail as I do when it comes to the Total Classics mods and I know I can speak for myself and them, that we enjoy bringing these contributions to the fans of the genre and just MVP Baseball gaming in general. Again, thank you as always for taking the time to shine the spotlight on our projects and to promote these great efforts. It's very much appreciated and I hope you are having fun with these games. -DENNIS
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