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    I'd say that this is your best one yet: it's a perfect likeness in game. Nicely done!
    I rated a previous version by this author five stars: it was outstanding. This version seems like a regression to me. Where to start..... First, I installed it because the author suggested more power output. What I got: pop ups, lots and lots of pop ups. About 50% of the balls by the cpu and my hitters were pop ups or bloop hits. Strike outs: I struck out once in three games, and struck out about 1 batter a game with this datafile. It was almost impossible to miss the pitches the pitcher was throwing. On the other hand, the pitching meter was so small that a
    Some good stuff here: the pitch meter is no longer blocked on reverse view, which is common on many data files. Also, the ball goes off the bat in the right direction, which is great. The fielders move at more realistic speeds as well. The pitch meter is tiny but works well. If you're in the brown, you'll throw a decent pitch, if not, it's a ball or a hit. Some problems: the computer steals with almost every runner, and is successful 90% of the time. There are no homers in these games. I experimented with throwing the ball straight d
    A beautiful stadium full of detail. It feels like a living game. The bullpens are hidden behind rocks and trees, which means that only the warm up pitcher's heads appear. If I've got my settings wrong and am causing this, then I will gladly change the rating to five stars.
  1. If anyone notices, could you help me with the pitching meter location? When I have runners on base, it's blocked and I can't see what I'm doing. Is there a way to change this? Cheers
    What I like about this file is the flexibility: there are all kinds of options for all us. What I appreciate further about the author is the amount of time that they took to explain what is in each folder so that it's easy to choose the correct file from the start. Thank you! No walkup music is really appreciated. The added batting view is my favorite, and makes it much more enjoyable to hit. The reverse pitching view is also nice and close, so that I can see the batter in detail, which makes the game come alive. I spent a bunch of time adding n
    This was really helpful to me in editing my rosters, thank you.
    I concur with Padres: this is a really good representation of the closer, especially in his later years. I'll be adding it to my roster today
    In a way, I'm reviewing all your stadiums with this one, because I've taken a look at most of them, and they are outstanding. What I appreciate most is that you get the details right: the bullpens don't have pitchers sinking into them when they warm up, the intro screens don't cut to bare walls. It's really a pleasure to see these stadiums, and adds great atmosphere to the minor league games, especially. Thank you.
  2. I've finally managed to to this, so the thread can be closed. The method was simple, I just copied the text from the original game in the teams file and pasted it over the same sections in the modded version. I also just imported the schedule. I had to change a couple lines in the org file manually, but that was it!
    This is now the definitive version of my update for the 93 mod. Thank you for taking the time to improve it! Well done adding a fixed Paul O'Neil face!
    I know how slow this work is. Thank you for taking the time to make this great mod even better! What a pleasure it is to hear the players announced. I especially enjoyed that you included Buhner's nickname!
  3. I want to drop a line to say thank you to Ballfour and Jim. After about two hours of experimentation today, I've gotten the Rays and Dbacks into the 93 mod, and the Franchise mode is working perfectly with no crashes. Cheers
  4. Yes, at first I was saying to myself: what a game! But after that awful 13th inning I begin to feel like I was in the underworld and being punished by performing some futile, endless task! Maybe I was....
  5. So, I'm playing game four of the American League playoffs with my version of the 1993 mod. It's Ron Darling vs Juan Guzman. Juan strikes out 14 and walks 5, taking a no hitter into the seventh of a 0 to 0 game. Darling is gone with men on second and third in the 8th, but somehow Eric Plunk bails him out. Then the insanity starts. The game goes into extra innings. Joe Carter hits a leadoff triple to start the bottom of the 12, but Dennis Eckersley strikes out two batters and the third flies out to right. In the top of the 13th, I get a leadoff man on first,
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