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  1. - The excuses for Sabathia have to end now. He hasn't been good at all. - Teixera's looking terrible out there. Back in 2002 Jason Giambi's .280 batting average in april was considered a slow start in epic proportions. What's with these new Yankee players and their predictable meltdowns? - At least the Mets are more pathetic... Not that I hate the Mets, but it stops their stupid fanbase from ripping the Yankees as bad.
  2. - The New Yankee stadium is a joke - My weekend sucks - Sabbath ("Heaven and Hell") is releasing a new album at the end of the month. It's all mid-tempo stuff, probably because Ronnie James Dio's vocal range is not what it used to be and they don't want the album to be a complete studio production. - Yesterday's Yankee game was one of the crappiest games I ever watched. Not close to the most painful, but what a shitty game. - And Brad Lidge returns to normal! - Soriano is having one of his typical hot starts, that way he can stop trying once it hits May! - Can't wait to see Ichiro Su
  3. Seriously, I really hope so. I will really laugh my *** off when these guys mow down crappy teams like the Orioles and Royals over and over again. Realistically since they are wearing pinstripes, they are going to get injured. However, you forgot about Andy Pettitte. In a special opening day version of 'random thoughts,' I will share some imagined quotes of fans' blind optimism for their teams and players. -- My "Wrong As Usual Picks" this year are: AL East: Yankees AL Central: Twins AL West: Angels AL Wildcard: Devil Rays (Easily could be Boston, it's a three-way tie
  4. What formulas are you using to evaluate major league players KG? Damn it's been a while, I'm surprised to see these rosters still going. Keep up the good work!
  5. - Too bad YES doesn't have all the ST games on. The Mets may be a chickenshit team but they wound up with a better TV channel by far. (minus Yankeeographies of course) - Regular baseball will be back on soon, even the Pirates are in first place for a day. - Too many teams this year have too many holes. The Tigers lack a pitching staff, the Cubs did not improve a whole lot, the Phillies got worse, the Angels are already injured and Guerrero aged a year on top of it... The only three teams I think are coming into this season looking good are the Devil Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees. The
  6. - My douchebag neighbor busted my balls that I made too much noise 'the last two hours.' Problem was I was in Danbury... - A.J. Burnett is a good pitcher, but that contract will be a stain on the Yankees when it is all said and done. - Winter is finally over, pretty snowy and cold. - The economy is cold and dead and Obama's Bush style inflation tactic won't work. - "Fatherland" was a good 1994 HBO movie. Someone loaded it up on youtube. - This:
  7. - The WBC is cool, caught a game last night and when I woke up. Both were laughers, but... I guess I miss baseball. - What to do with A-Rod. the Yankees need him to compete, a 30 HR 100 RBI version of him is better than nothing. - Sadly we got 8 more years... - Obama is doing everything like Bush, yet people think he isn't like Bush. cult of Personality. - Sadly we got 8 more years... - McCain wouldn't have been any different, these two parties are complete crap. - Ron Paul still kicks ***. - Tesla's (Remember the song "Love Song" of twenty years ago) new album "Forever More" is a g
  8. - Manny on the unemployment line so far.... I really hope this lasts the season, f Manny.
  9. - HD is overrated. - I want Teixeira too, instead Burnett will be keeping Pavano's spot warm on the DL. - CC will join him in 2 - 3 years - I got some gas in Hershey PA for $1.59 yesterday, and had a picture taken of it. I have to get an IRA going and invest in oil...
  10. - Posting this a day early because I don't know if I'll be on here tommorrow - Cooking a "Fakegiving" dinner tomorrow. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, and all that fun stuff gluten free. I did this because I was invited to a gluten-filled thanksgiving so I'll likely be hungry on Thursday. Hopefully the Cowboys lose. - Guns N Roses' "Chinese Democracy" arrives at midnight and Axl was nice enough to have the album uploaded on his myspace. For 17 years in the making there isn't even 17 minutes of great music. The songs don't suck, but there's nothing special as evident in the
  11. - Gas will go up again when people use heating oil. This happens every year guys. If I didn't sink all of my money into an apartment I would be investing in oil and doubling or tripling my money by July 4th, before the price of oil inevitably falls again. -Bills faces the Jets today and the Giants face the Cowboys, good day for football! Here is a long post I wrote on MotownTigers.com, enjoy! What I think should be done to fix the World Series (and postseason): What should definately be done 1. Move start times to 8:05 pm eastern, that way a normal game ends no later than 11:00 an
  12. - Right now I hate the Devil Rays just behind the Red Sox. Can't win a game when people ever expect them to. I want these suckers to lose 100 next season for their pathetic choke. - Giants play the niners today, should be easy but of course the game has to be played first. - Actually this will be the first Sunday this season that I will actually have the time to watch the Giants on TV, as I was renovating on all those other days listening to the G-Men on the radio. - I watched baseball instead of Monday Night Football though, which goes to show how much more I care about baseball th
  13. I think Wherner Klemperer wanted the Nazis to lose in every episode, and they did; so he was fine with the role.
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