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  1. Thanks so much for working on this. Just wondering how you were able to avoid getting the franchise crashes while doing this much editing? It seems any time I modded a roster, I got the spring training or draft crash. Any info on how to avoid this would be appreciated!
  2. thanks jack we appreciate al lyour help
  3. That game had really unrealistic cartoonish sound effects I recall
  4. Haven't gotten anywhere with this in awhile sadly.
  5. Hey Jack, anything new? We have hundreds of 1998-1999 era cyberfaces done for a roster mod.
  6. Lol thanks for the tip! But I have no idea what that even is! If anyone see's him though...tell him I'm lookin for ummm....
  7. I am still working on this, if I can ever touch base with umachines again to finish uniforms!
  8. You really need to link up with the young man who made every team and cyberfaces for 1998-1999. Search MLB 2k11 on Facebook and join his group. It would be perfect to go with the rosters
  9. Great research on turning stats into accurate ratings in mlb 2k12 http://forums.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-2k-rosters/606885-ewingandoakleys-statistics-projection-formula-scale.html
  10. Looks next gen!
  11. What do you think about using the Anticpation edits in your rosters? The consensus seems to be that in fixes gameplay, and has no effect on sim stats
  12. I am making a fictional mod, and maybe you could help out with that since your idea is similar we could use some fictional based Cyberfaces Though not necessarily 12 year olds Lol
  13. That makes sense....Can I use that with my fictional mod?
  14. Wow The visuals in your screenshots just look so much crisper and brighter than mine does. Are you using some kind of graphics filter in your game? I'm on the default files basically. I was just wondering if there's a way to make my game look that good is this what ENB means?
  15. Well aren't you a busy boy good work!!
  16. Isssooreeeaaaal
  17. What do you need these for? Just curiois
  18. Amazing. Amazing.
  19. Yes, and I meant to say I have Reditor II, in addition to RedMC. Everything Ive done so far has been on Reditor II
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