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  1. I'm back from work. I have some time in the next week to take a look at my stuff again. Keep you posted what I find. Playing catch up.
  2. Great stuff. I gotta tackle some other stuff before I take a look at unis.... nice to be busy 🙂
  3. Working on some other things at the moment but will pick up doing some unis at some point. Let you know which ones,,,,
  4. I've uploaded a fixed MLB demo file since I found a couple of bugs. I am using this file for tweaks then I will integrate them into the NCAA files. I toned down the errors somewhat. Will keep looking at the sliders as we go. I also started instructions with the excel file. MLB2K12 Ratings Calculator Template v2003.xlsb Roster4MLB2019.ROS Difficulty Sliders1.SLD Cool. Love that your son loved it! Sounds good. When I get done with some of this other stuff I will start looking at the schedules too.
  5. The spreadsheet would be great. The sliders could be adjusted further to get the results "exact" or closer to what they should be. Yep. Difficult defense should be difficult, huh? Errors might be too high too.
  6. I'm happy to help you, Your doing an amazing job! I imagine we should divide doing the unis up somehow. I look to see whats done and where to start? I think the sliders really help the gameplay. I like the flow of the gameplay using those sliders with how the ratings are setup. The ratings are designed to all be relative to each other....since its a physics based game(sort of) then i kinda used the idea of making all the physical elements relative to each other, thinking it might create a more "realistic" flow of the game. The idea is also i did not have to adjust any r
  7. Here's the sliders that I use to go with the rosters. I'm tuning these with the rosters and the design of the ratings to "balance" game play. Difficulty Sliders1.SLD
  8. Off topic briefly.... for those who read there's a great book someone gave me called "The Love of Baseball" published by Publications International. One of my favorite baseball books. I think anyone at MVPMods would like it too. You could do an Internet search to find it I guess.
  9. Back from the holidays. Happy New Year! Looking good. As far as the roster goes, picking up from where I left off, the roster and the excel file I think just needs some minor tuning to release "final" versions for the college mod. Adding in the unis and stuff would be just copy and pasting to get a done file for release of the mod. Attached are the latest files. For demo purposes, I added the 2019 MLB file with the latest 2019 stats (thru the playoffs). Every player who appeared in 2019 is in it. The college files that I will be updating are atta
  10. Detained with some other things.. will probably pick it up again this week.
  11. Oops I forgot. You can change the face IDs. I will note which ones in the excel file....I can't remember off of the top of my head. I do know they have to fall in a certain range, for example (0,1,2) 3 would crash the game. The franchise is setup like the default MLB roster. with the stronger conferences at the MLB level, etc. For now I guess.
  12. The plan is to create 2 versions of it. In the excel file I created I really need to document what I did...that would be the best way to explain everything. I plan to get that done as soon as I can. I purposely created this with the intention of making it crash free. There are a lot of reasons why the roster file would crash in exhibition mode and/or franchise mode. I think the roster template I created is the end result of over 2 years of looking at it. Through a process of elimination I found out what would cause the file to crash, so certain things should n
  13. Off the top of my head not sure what the issue(s) are... i will play with it some to see what if i can come up with why...may not be able to look at it for a little while thou.....still working on the roster...besides regular life too :)
  14. by the way....i'm re-learning blender now for some work i'm doing...maybe i could help out later with that too
  15. working on refining the player equipment... here's the latest....more work to do with it ..... Roster9NCAA.ROS unis and stadiums looking good
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