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  1. I'm back from work. I have some time in the next week to take a look at my stuff again. Keep you posted what I find. Playing catch up.
  2. Got pulled away with some virus related work issues.... all is well... should be able to pick this back up shortly...
  3. Great stuff. I gotta tackle some other stuff before I take a look at unis.... nice to be busy
  4. I was thinking about that too. Maybe some kind of calculating of manager's records could be produce some basic ratings. Not sure yet.
  5. I will read though your posts and respond to them one at a time. I will collect your notes and put them together as as guide or something......it might take some time to tackle everything.
  6. I haven't fully figured out the how the sound/announcments work. It seems it's tied into a few different things. Continuing to look at it.
  7. If I remember right the audio is tied into the first 1350 or so slots, like how inside edge is tied to that. That was one of the reasons I redid the roster IDs in this last numbering format. I am looking into this again and will confirm this.
  8. Working on some other things at the moment but will pick up doing some unis at some point. Let you know which ones,,,,
  9. I like what you laid out here. I already follow some of your guidelines when I generate the ratings for all levels. I will use this info as a further reference. Sometime in my excel file I would like to include minor league data via baseball reference.com by scrapping some of the data they provide...but that is project itself.
  10. I can provide you the stock ranges.... The ratings in the "cookbook" are adjustable. They can even be setup to account for "league level"...though that needs some more work for non-MLB leagues.
  11. PS I disabled the "stock" create a player and create a team for functions for further testing in that file. I will look at it again.
  12. Off the top of my head I'm not sure. I will look at it too.
  13. I've uploaded a fixed MLB demo file since I found a couple of bugs. I am using this file for tweaks then I will integrate them into the NCAA files. I toned down the errors somewhat. Will keep looking at the sliders as we go. I also started instructions with the excel file. MLB2K12 Ratings Calculator Template v2003.xlsb Roster4MLB2019.ROS Difficulty Sliders1.SLD Cool. Love that your son loved it! Sounds good. When I get done with some of this other stuff I will start looking at the schedules too.
  14. I would love to help. In general, the roster template is crash proof as long as you do not change certain things "out of the range" the game is "looking" for. I use the ranges that are in the General Editing Tutorial that comes with REDedit II. I do have to document what I found. In the meantime, ask away and I will let you know what I know.
  15. The spreadsheet would be great. The sliders could be adjusted further to get the results "exact" or closer to what they should be. Yep. Difficult defense should be difficult, huh? Errors might be too high too.
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