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  1. Detained with some other things.. will probably pick it up again this week.
  2. Oops I forgot. You can change the face IDs. I will note which ones in the excel file....I can't remember off of the top of my head. I do know they have to fall in a certain range, for example (0,1,2) 3 would crash the game. The franchise is setup like the default MLB roster. with the stronger conferences at the MLB level, etc. For now I guess.
  3. The plan is to create 2 versions of it. In the excel file I created I really need to document what I did...that would be the best way to explain everything. I plan to get that done as soon as I can. I purposely created this with the intention of making it crash free. There are a lot of reasons why the roster file would crash in exhibition mode and/or franchise mode. I think the roster template I created is the end result of over 2 years of looking at it. Through a process of elimination I found out what would cause the file to crash, so certain things should not be touched or changed. Example, don't change the appID or globalID numbers in this roster for starters. Certain accessory settings will crash it too, etc. It won't crash in any mode after going through 30 franchise years. The excel file I use is setup to generate a roster that is crash free with as little as possible manual labor. I will post a newer version of the excel file once I put in some explanations of how to use it. Here's the latest stable base template that I use for the rosters. And the NCAA version setup for franchise play. Roster4MLB2018.ROS Roster9NCAA.ROS
  4. Off the top of my head not sure what the issue(s) are... i will play with it some to see what if i can come up with why...may not be able to look at it for a little while thou.....still working on the roster...besides regular life too :)
  5. by the way....i'm re-learning blender now for some work i'm doing...maybe i could help out later with that too
  6. working on refining the player equipment... here's the latest....more work to do with it ..... Roster9NCAA.ROS unis and stadiums looking good
  7. Don't need a list of real player head IDs. Already went though that. I assigned "create a player" head shapes to all players and randomized them. We can always go back in and add any specific ones that someone wants to create. Here's the latest roster file. The main focus was randomizing head shapes, appearances and equipment. I am fine tuning things like the frequency of beards, colors, etc. In this file unis and logos are all set to use 2k unis and logos...this is only for the time being. I am also fine tuning the audio so don't pay too much attention to the announcers referencing teams. I will re-arrange the teams and add the extra teams, add unis ids if u guys want, and can work on the logos when I'm ready. There will be two versions of the roster. One version will work for play now mode, and the other for all modes. For FYI purposes, and not actually for this mod directly, I also attached two other roster files using MLB stats for 2018 and 1950. If you have any ideas to implement from these let me know. After I add instructions, I will post the excel and access files so you guys can tinker with them if you want to. I'm just waiting until I get them to the point where I think they are ready to post. I am adding some features to them and always fine tuning them. " Roster8 NCAA.ROS Roster4MLB2018.ROS Roster4MLB1950.ROS
  8. update... making progress randomizing player head shapes, appearances and equipment. Refining it so it should be a few more days....
  9. Penn State. Got busy the last week but i will be posting an updated roster and excel file (with instructions...) within 2 or 3 days. Love the unis..great job
  10. That is why I created the excel file... to save time creating a roster by putting out a base crash-free roster with. The idea being to auto generate things as much as possible and fill in the details later. I have the MLB version of the excel file (using Access 2016 for the actual season data) setup to create any MLB season with as little hassle as possible. Some time I want to re-generate all those seasons. It is on-going project as I always find something to adjust hopefully without breaking anything
  11. exhibition play is the only mode where all the teams are functional to play where any team can play any team. a long time ago i thought I had the created teams working in playoff mode. now, i can get them to show up on the AL side of the playoffs but not the NL. If so, (I sound like a historian on Ancient Aliens ), I would have to re-trace my steps and that might take some time to see if indeed it did work. Created teams have always been funny to deal with. I haven't worked out the issues with setting all the teams to created. I think it might be best not to. I disabled the created teams, for now, in the rosters. If you try to create a team in-game it will crash the game, but that is the best alternative until I find an answer.
  12. We can keep them at the same level. I'll adjust the excel file and update the scale. I'd like to see your logo file. See what I can do with it. Thx
  13. I've made some fixes in my excel file that generates the roster. I need to adjust some more things in it. (Ratings, etc.) Question, in the one version of the file I did, I loosely "ranked" the teams in levels. The MLB level teams got better ratings than the AAA teams, etc. Thats the Roster8 NCAA file attached. Would you like me to enhance this further? If so, how. The teams in the other file, are not ranked, as of yet, in any type of order. Please note I'm messing around some with the logo and uni ids in this version. I set all the teams with a 2k logo and unis, but will change that back once you answer the question above among other things. The order of the teams might have to change in the file depending on the above question. Roster8 College.ROS Roster8 NCAA.ROS
  14. I already have the excel setup to randomize the body type and builds, so it does it to a small degree. It's on my agenda to optimize it better. I could add that in for the gear. None of this stuff is too much work to do at this point because I already built the foundation to do just these type of things.
  15. This updated roster has all the regular college teams working in play now mode, except the all star teams since I disabled them for the time being until i check them out further. Playoff and franchise mode will crash the game. You can't trade players, but you can adjust the lineups and pitching rotations for all the teams. That's handy in-game since it saves the hassle of doing that in one of the editors. One oddity about this.... when you scroll through the teams rosters or lineups you can only right scroll...you will cycle thru all the teams. If you left scroll, it jumps thru teams. Weird issue. I did reinsert my logos in this version of the roster since i'm working on the uniforms tab. Roster7 College.ROS fyi- just for kicks this is the 2018 regular MLB roster I created using the excel files. This one works like the default 2k roster with no crashes in play now, franchise or playoff mode. Roster4MLB2018.ROS
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