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2015 Trade Deadline Roster and Portrait Pack 1.0.9

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About This File

First off, special thanks to:

BSU-FAN - most of the efforts in this update are from your hard work. Thank you.

74girl for providing the link to the Korean modders that helped make this possible. Proper credits pending.

raidersbball & scottybilly for all the great work on the portraits!(As well as the Korean modders that created great work on the updates!)

Kccitystar for being awesome - and the cover art is cool too :D


README included and see below



Info from the previous releases that went into this:  http://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/8933-mlb2k15bybsufan/

Released 2 June


  • Updated all MLB and MiLB transactions through 5/29/15 
  • Updated portrait ID's to match ScottyBilly's upcoming portrait pack.
  • Fixed issue with colorfile import issue and imported Raidersbball's most recent colorfile in to this roster.
  • Fixed issue where where Single A player Hunter Havery was still showing up in two organizations.
  • Includes all updates from prior releases.

  IMPORTANT NOTE:  I have discovered an issue with Michael Morse which can cause a franchise to crash if you don't have him up on a MLB squad when starting the regular season of a franchise. If he is in FA or the minors when the regular season starts in franchise mode your game will crash after the world series is over. This happens with all rosters on MLB2K12 including the default 2K rosters. That is why this roster has Michael Morse up on the MLB squad(even though he is currently on the 15 day DL in real life) and the Marlins have 26 men on their MLB squad. Once the regular season starts you can send Morse without any issues.


  • Fixed minor issue where about a dozen Single-A players appeared in the incorrect organizations. (Thanks to ScottyBilly for pointing this issue out quickly.)
  • Includes all updates from V4 


  • Updated all MLB and MiLB trades and transactions through 5/28/15
  • Updated all batting orders and pitching rotations through 5/28/15
  • Added in 150+ new prospects and minor leaguers with accurate player ratings and likenesses.
  • Updated all MLB coaching changes through 5/28/15.
  • Adjusted many player ratings to better match 2015 performances.
  • Updated all portrait ID's and cyberfaces to match ScottyBilly's most recent micro portrait pack that can be found in this thread here.
  • Updated gear, body types, batting stances, jersey numbers, and other small details on MANY players.
  • Even more pitching repertoires and pitch speeds updated or corrected.
  • Fixed all known/reported misspellings, issues, or crashes. MyPlayer and Create a players now work without issue and you can once again edit create-a-player/MyPlayer faces in game just as you could with the default 2K rosters.                                                                                                                                                             

V3 Updates:
Updated all MLB transactions through 4/10/15 (All batting orders, pitching rotations, and 25 man rosters have been left as was on opening day) 
Updated all MLB ballparks max capacities for stadiums.
Corrected cyberface ID for Terry Francona.
Corrected basecoaches so they no longer wear jackets. (Also you can see the correct last names of real life base coaches on backs of jerseys now for all 30 teams)
Removed several players from rookie eligibility that no longer qualified for rookie status.
Fixed several other small issues discovered from the community:
Fixed My Player mode with accomplishments showing up right after beginning your career.
Dodger's pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu now bats right handed as in real life.

V2 Updates:
*Fixed a few duplicate portrait ID's. This roster now has each player with a different portrait ID # assigned.
(This means modders will be able to assign an individual portrait to each player in the roster if they so choose.)
*Fixed a few misspelled names.
*Updated transactions though 4/7/15.
*Corrected Cubs' roster to match correct Opening Day 25 man roster.

*In-depth update to player ratings on over 1200 players as of 4/4/15! 
*Accurate rosters, line-ups, and pitching rotations as of 4/6/15 
*Updated all MLB player stats through the 2014 season!!! Career stats will accumulate correctly when playing franchise games! 
*Updated all MLB and minor league transactions as of 4/7/15.
*Roster includes accurate 2015 MLB schedule for franchise play. 
*Updated all player salaries, contract lengths, and extensions as of 4/7/15
*Updated any changes to minor league team names, affiliations, and logo id's.
*Updated all MLB coaches, scouts, and trainers.
*Fixed franchise crash after during staff resigning period after 7 seasons! 
*All minor league players rated above a 55 overall are real and in the correct organizations as of 4/7/15.
*The ability to change skintone color via in-game player editor remains. (updated any known skin-tone mismatch issues)
*Updated cyber face ID #'s to match the current mods released on MVPmods. (Some players outside the 25 man rosters may still need cyber-face numbers changed to match all faces released on MVPmods.com) 
*Updated dozens of more pitching repertoires to match those of the real life pitchers.
*Updated all jersey #'s for the 2015 season.
*Updated lots of gear to match what many star players are currently wearing.
*A large amount of hours were spent testing sliders and tweaking little things to create a much more realistic gameplay/sim experience. 

All game modes (Franchise, My-Player, Create-A-Team) currently work with no known issues or crashes! 
Please report any errors or crashes to the support thread for this file.

I would highly suggest downloading all player faces and face packs released to date before using this roster. It will get rid of pretty much all of the generic cyber-faces!

*To install extract to one of the following locations:

For WinXP users: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves

For Vista and Windows 7/8 users: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves
*This is a hidden folder and you will need to change setting in windows to see hidden folders

A special thanks to all of the great modders who have helped keep MLB2K12 alive!
Good luck and lets play ball!

What's New in Version 1.0.9   See changelog


updated 8-09-15

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Super. lo esperaba Grax Manito !!ª ^_^

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Splash Durham

   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

Can't believe my Tigers, letting Max go, David P. real knuckle heads .....lol   Anyhow thanks bro work is appreciated, I dig that you did portrait pack with it also, thanks, Splash

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im having an issue,i notice that david price is on the tampa bay rays  but his pic is bluejays also dont see Tulowitzki or russell martin, i copy pasted but dont know whats going on. would appreciate any help im abit of a noob with modding 2k12 thanks guys

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· Edited by wierddude

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great job 5 stars



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Aw-Some work guys I wish I can be an all around player for this game you guys are not leaving anything to imagine for this game. GREAT WORK GUYS:D:D:D

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gran trabajo tenia mi 2k12 mal actualizado y otra cosa al empezar una temporada con astros de huston en el calendario solo juega contra equipos de la nacinal y no contra los de la americana

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Thx for this. And like a previous poster said, it would be nice if the attributes were updated, as some players should be rated higher that are having good years.

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I'm really looking forward to a attributes update,as right now I'd like to play ball with the show,even only on psv...

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· Edited by DaSteelerz


Think its great but the attributes are unchanged. Would be nice to see the players adjusted accordingly.

Weirddude I think u meant to rate 5 stars considering what you wrote.. You rated 1 star. Lol

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