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  1. Ya BSU-FAN' was the man when it came to rosters, and he just plain split ... Don't get me wrong Headtrip I appreciate the work your doing he just knew how to do without problems sorry that I don't know what kind of magic he did with them I wish I would have got more involved with and had him teach me. I have the time to do now so I would take it over if I could it seems like all of the other bases are covered as far as mod's go, stadiums, sound, photo's ect.
  2. Thanks very much it really is appreciated, and cool bonus Headtrip did his roster with your pack so perfect.
  3. Thanks very much bud it really is appreciated. And matching it up with a portrait pack a cool bonus, I'm still using BSU Fan V5 roster or Raiders V6. Those were really the last good well done ones that don't crash. I haven't tried yours yet, probably won't till tomorrow but I hope they are OK in My Player mode too. I play that mode alot myself.
  4. Thanks, very much appreciated. Only 2 games I play are this and golf, so THANKS MUCH.
  5. Wow, No mod now? Well I do understand, it sucks, but I get it. I appreciate the effort guys sorry I couldn't help I just haven't done any modding on this game. If there was someway I could help I would but I'm guessing my little contribution wouldn't be enough anyway. Man what a bummer, but like I said I get it. I would pay for the mod myself, but obviously that's not the problem.
  6. Just checking in, I see azz-wipe couldn't resist to post again. Thanks everyone involved, can't wait I've been working on my yard lately anyway but seeing the teaser it's going to be worth it. It's going to be a awesome upgrade to bad 2K sports couldn't do this to start with or at least keep the baseball going, without you modders this game would be dead no question.
  7. For the record, I would pay for this mod, I don't know what a fair price would be, but for the total makeover you guys are doing I would pay every year for this makeover to be possible if it comes down to it in the future. I've modded other games in past but that was simple chit, this is another beast all together from what I've done.
  8. Wow, some of you guys are somethin' else. You just sit each week and expect these guys to do all the work and keep asking well where is it? Whats the hold up? Get a grip people, and if your not willing to wait go buy the show. But the people who enjoy this 1 and know what's up and what it takes to mod this are willing to be patient because we know it will be worth it. So if your a newbie and your looking for a free ride shut up, get a grip and wait it will be done when it's done. Again to all modders thanks, I was young and impatient once too, but then I grew up.
  9. Ya take your time guys, rushing it just makes things harder and end up with people complaining with this doesn't work, or how do I fix that? ect. I use the my player option more than I do the other options of play myself. Anyhow thanks to the modders really appreciate.
  10. Ya I totally misread his post.... duh damn age getting to me I guess. My brain seen 4K like UHD monitor ..lol I know dumb dumb....
  11. If you have nvida card, you can use DSR for 3840x2160 but how it plays will depend on setup. No problem here with a 980ti Classified and I also have FXAA on and everything turned up. Peace bud, Splash.
  12. Very cool this is happening, I appreciate the work you guys do. Can't wait, a complete makeover is going to be a great mod. Thanks to everyone involved, I would help but I just never got involved in modding this game, so I'm a total dumb dumb when it comes to this game. Hell I would even pay a few bucks for a total mod makeover with roster. Again thanks and can't wait. Peace, Splash.
  13. Where did you go BSU? Missin' ya bro, I wish I knew how to do the rosters like you but I don't. I'm hopin' you just re-tired and nothing bad happened, so if your around just say Hi at least..lol Peace if your around bro.
  14. There is another called Tunngle https://www.tunngle.net/en/ I used it when I was playing Tiger 08, worked very well you can create rooms to meet in ect. to hook up.
  15. Anytime bud, glad I could help & feel free to pick my brain if something else comes up. I don't know everything, just enough to make me dangerous.....lol Peace bud
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