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  1. I've been playing the Major League Baseball 2K12 game for a couple years now (mostly in modded form), so I really haven't thought about this question, because I really didn't mind the few quirks my current gamepad (Logitech Gamepad F310) had, but I'm just curious, OTHER than the recommended XBox 360 & Logitech Rumble Pad 2 (in the included small/"quick" manual) is there ANY other gamepads/controllers that any of you would recommend or are playing with? Like For instance, how would the Logitech Gamepad F710 compare with or be for a possibility? Are there are common, or should I say, hot inside tip suggestions that any of you colleagues would have? Thank you in advance for any of your helpful suggestions. Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe>
  2. vbprogjoe

    Site Upgrade

    Are there plans of bringing back the "Preview" edition/option when replying/starting posts in threads. Right now if you want to see how anything looks on the site when posting or replying to posts within threads, you pretty much have to submit the post. Then read/look at it within the thread, and if it looks great, with no spelling errors, and acceptable language, punctuation, etc --- FINE; otherwise, you need to click "Edit," and make changes. Then you have to see how your edit(s) look, and then do as such, and so on, and so on, and so on!!! Thanks, ---vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  3. Now, that makes every previous video done by "The Hoff" look like a Progressive commercial. I'd heard about this video, but until i actually saw it, it wasn't clear. It was the best "Hoff" video EVER!!! This man just puts out gold like Iggy Azalea puts out hit singles... Sincerely, ---vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  4. ​ I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to ask you these follow-up queries, BSU-Fan, but I've spent close to a month and a half doing close to 4 to 6 months worth of work for a client/employer, and I'm still not quite done with that "odyssey" or recovering from it either. The next time someone, especially my employer says they have an application/program written in PL-1, that they want NOT ONLY updated, but translated to C++, I'm going to schedule a trip to Timbuktu or something. Especially, when it involves incorporating a database of keywords and phrases in Hmong to English and vice-versa, that they want to use for a client that has no expert to help you with such translation(s), thus forcing you to recruit someone to assist you with something like so. It's on the level of "Tax Day," but with doing it in a foreign language!!! To my question, though. Despite the fact that your post was, indeed, very helpful and answered 89% of what I primarily needed to know, I still have a few questions in afterthought. Let's start with a simple verification of some simple truths you mentioned above, based off the following two player's statistical "constructs": Actually, just one construct, as to make it a simple comparison & not to muddy the difference's anymore than they need to be muddied. Let's just assume that Player A & Player B have the same mean (average, or whatever you want to say) between Career Stats & their last 2 seasons (which I know is unrealistic, but again for simplification purposes, let's just go with it). Another rather unlikely assumption I'm making or assigning (strictly for our purposes), is that these two guys average the same stats whether they go against lefties or righties, as it will prevent a plethora of unnecessary caveats we really don't need for my query! As well, let's just assume that the ONLY difference is which level they are playing on (AA & Advanced-A). They're BOTH the Starting CF of their respective affiliate, they BOTH have been in the minors the same amount of years, and they could be "twins," except for the fact they are NOT, and they really don't exist and are being used strictly for this example. LEVEL G AB R H TB 2B 3B HR RBI BB IBB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS GO/AO Minors 168 596 96 165 194 21 4 0 50 70 0 116 72 28 .277 .371 .326 .697 1.84 [Player A in AA; Player B in Advanced-A]. The following Ratings Adjustments based on Level & Type of Player are applied to each specific rating we are discussing. Every Day MLB Starter {Baseline}. MLB Back-up {-5 Points}. MLB Rookie {-7 Points}. AAA Starter {-10 Points}. AAA Bench Player {-15 Points}. AA Starter {-20 Points}. AA Bench Player {-25 Points]. Single-A Starter {-30 Points}. Single-A Bench Player {-35 Points}. Given these constraints and statistics we could expect the following resulting attribute ratings, correct? Player A Player B Contact (L/R): 60 (BA rounded down to .275) Contact (L/R): 50 (BA rounded down to .275) Doubles (L/R): 51 Doubles (L/R): 41 Triples (L/R): 34 Triples (L/R): 24 Home Runs (L/R): 30 Home Runs (L/R): 20 Eye (L/R): 74 (OBP rounded down to .370) Eye (L/R): 64 (OBP rounded down to .370) However, there remains these questions for my added edification: Is there any specific attribute/rating that the "Real-Life" RBI stat drives? Is there any specific attribute/rating that the "Real-Life" Slugging Percentage (SLG) and/or OPS drives? What specific stats do you use to help mold your Baserunning attributes (like Speed, Aggressiveness, Awareness, and Accelaration)? I would imagine SB/CS fits in there somehow, but with which attribute(s)? I would imagine with the Fielding attributes (like Glove), you use the player's individual fielding ratios/percentages similar to how you calculate Batter's Eye (with OBP + BoB) or Contact (with AVG), but how exactly would you approach Throwing Accuracy, Arm Strength, and Anticipation? When addressing their Tendencies, what are the primary stats to use to mold them? Finally, what are the main "Real-Life" stats you use to address the Pitching Attributes. For example do W/L affect anything? How exactly does ERA play & what attribute(s) does it affect, and does WHIP have a play in any specific attribute? How do you gauge your speed, movement, and control of each individual pitch? Thanks Again, --- vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  5. I've already asked BSU-FAN this question, but he's unfortuneately been unable to answer it {probably busy editing and building the new year's roster(s)}, so I'll try to open up a thread to ask ALL of you how you handle it. That would be the following: How do you determine which players - specifically minor leaguers - you want to add to each team's roster & then how do you scale or weigh your rankings? I'm probably NOT completely clear on how the ratings & skills variables correspond with each other, but some of these ratings seem too LOW in certain areas, and others too HIGH!!! I'm mainly concerned about trying to get the A level guys (which is where most of the "fake" players reside) somewhat fairly aligned. I already know which players I want to add under my favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers (most of which I've ALREADY edited names & positions, etc on), but how have you fine people determined which players to add under, say the Yankees, Cubs, Rays, Reds, or Pirates (again, especially at A level; maybe AA too) when developing your roster iterations. By iterations, I'm referring to prospects and other players when filling out the rosters & getting rid of the "fake players" that come with the stock/original roster? What advice can you offer on which players you consider to fit the prospect status most succintly, and which players do you use to "fill out" the roster, but yet make it as realistic as possible? How do you determine which players are "worthy" for addition, and which ones you just skip as, for a lack of a better term, also-rans or "bums" the team has kept around as minor-league placeholders? Then, in that same vein, how did you determine, say the ratings/rankings of those players to meet the realism factor? In short, how did you scale the top starter at level-A versus the top starter in AA (vice versa & so on) and how would you do the same in relation to say the top RBI guy from AA to level-A? Do you essentially go +/- 10 points in hitting patience or whatever it is called in the game, or the same for batter's eye (clutch rating, or whatever it is called in the in-game editor)? Is it as simple as that, or is there a much finer art to this practice? Thanks All Of You Profoundly, ---vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  6. There is NOTHING you can do. It is a FALSE positive, the program is NOT a virus or malware (it turns out). If you have Norton, you should just look in your Quarantine, and go to the Actions Section, and tell it to Ignore it (REDitor II .exe) on future scans [so it won't flag when you run the program or link it]. If you have MalwareBytes, it'll flag it once, but you can have it Ignore that too in future scans, runs, etc. If you have any other Virus/Malware protection software, it might ALSO flag. There SHOULD BE an Option to Ignore the prompt within that application too. I have a friend with Kaspersky, and it flagged it too, but it does state within the warning that it is of LOW danger or whatever wording. I don't know about any other programs though, although Avast MIGHT NOT flag it because I believe they added an exclusion. I sent Norton a notification about their False warn, and supposedly they are adding an exclusion soon (at least that is what they seem to intimate)? Either way, it is a FALSE POSITIVE, so you will be fine using the program. I've been using it for close to 2 weeks now, and my PC is STILL alive & kicking!!! Thanks Sincerely, --- vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  7. It's all Putin, that ex-KGB/FSB lord is like a sneaky devil! I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to gather info on ALL of our like/dislikes, what people think of him, and if anyone is prowling Tinder looking for a date with a sweaty, ugly guy riding a horse. Well, BIG news: I'm a Brewers, Packers, UWGB Phoenix fan; I'm NOT the BIGGEST fan; I'm sure he'll find some people who love long walks on the beach, horse riding in the countryside, and long star-gazing moments on top of dalapitaded buildings of souless disharmony, in the numerous leaders who rule with an iron fist around the world?!!? Thanks Sincerely, --- vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  8. Yes, it definitely is true that Norton is a resource hog at times (especially when it wants to run a FULL scan & backup at the SAME TIME) , however the Premier Edition seems to work almost on the level of Kaspersky & really doesn't make too many false positives. I usually disable the thing when I'm NOT on the net, and that reduces the hogging of resources and I, up until this situation, haven't had ANY other mods flagged as problems using the Premier Edition. I often have to look at my sister's computer (laptop), and do "system maintenance" on her's when she comes to town (as she is completely tech illiterate other than online shopping and texting/e-mailing her pals), and she has the regular Norton 360 (NOT Premier), and that thing flags everything & anything, even the non-mod files (she has a minorly modded version of Madden '08; roster and scoreboard, that I installed for her). The thing actually flagged one of the files for her Word Processor, some HP thingy, as a malware --- NOW that is rich! However, I've had few problems with Norton Premier, which is why I was a little more acute or questioning on this case scenario. I just wanted to confirm my initial reaction that it was a false positive, which it SEEMS it is, so "awesome sauce," as they say. Nonetheless, I appreciate both sask3m's & raiders' help and input on this query - you guys are awesome and swell dudes. Yes, I'm very inclined to say that it is a cool utility, even though it's just the free version, as it makes editing names so much easier (along with some attributes). I use, as I mentioned above in my response to the other two kind souls, the Norton Premier 360 version, which is much less sensitive than the normal or regular edition. This was the first time one of these mods has been flagged by Premier, so I was slightly confused --- thus the query. I'm glad, as you've all confirmed, it is a false positive (very heartening)! As to why myself, a techie and programmer, still use Norton. I'm a consultant, and at two companies that I primarily am contracted at, they use Norton (the Business Edition, which is an extravagant version of Premier), and they seem to have very good success. Then again, anything is flawed (just see Sony & Anthem), so I'm aware of false positives and how they need to be taken into account. Thus the query. I like Kaspesky, but I really was impressed with Norton Premier, so I took a chance and have been happy with the results. This was only the second time I've had a false positive on something that was in question & NOT definitely an obvious virus or malware, etc, so the batting average, so to speak, has been good for me. I supplement my protection with MalwareBytes, and have had bad experiences with Avast! and M/B getting along together for some reason in the past. I'm sure that Avast! is a phenomanal product, but it just wasn't right for me!!! Thanks Sincerely & Appreciatively, ---vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  9. I did a search, and I found one reference to this, so I guess I partially know. However, I'm just confirming (I guess for my own sanity before I start using the utility), if it is normal or common for Vlad's REDitor II to be flagged or quarantined as a virus (I believe as some System Trojan.Win32 strain). I'm pretty sure, per the few references I've seen here in reference to what I can find of this query and other mods, that it should be OK to restore and use safely. But since this is the first mod that Norton has flagged on me, I wanted to actually confirm that others have had the same problem or issue and have found the .exe to be safe, or AT LEAST know of someone who came through this little scenario and seen their PC still "alive and kicking," so to speak. I thank anyone who can help or assist with this query beforehand, and I again appreciate the time and effort it takes to answer something that probably is just more of a formality of double checking than anything else? Thanks Sincerely, --vbprogjoe (Joe W.) vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  10. Thanks cecil, that is quite helpful and clears up much of what I was confused by. However, one last bit of clarification, though, when in relation to the >"MLB 2K14 Logo Updates 1.1" mod, which Reditor utility are they referring to? Is it the >MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1 or the REDitor II? I see for a couple of the download pages within the mod section for MLB 2K12 they explicitly say or link you to the one they refer to, but NOT for the Logo Update for MLB 2K14! Thanks Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe> vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  11. I've searched for everything & anything on the "JSGME Generic Mod Enabler" (used the Basic & Advanced Search features) and I have what I would call a question of the 'clarification' variety. Am I understanding, beyond the main pro, of not having to replace ANY of the original files, and creating a MODS folder to consolidate all the mods I DO want to use (which seems like quite a cool idea, by the way), that this program/utility essentially is a "one-stop-shoppe" widget to create or insert ANY mod I want to into the game? Meaning if I want to mod an Overlay, Portrait or Cyberface, Audio, Uniform, etc. into the game I can do it within this program/utility? Is this correct, or am I overstating it's purpose or function??? Also, when you gentlemen (and ladies) refer to the Reditor (for example in the >Download Page for "MLB 2K14 Logo Updates 1.1") that is required to change or edit Team Names (or Player Names, I suppose, and such like that), are you referring to the >MLB2K12 Roster Editor 1.1 or >Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12] v. 4.8? I'm slightly confused as to which, if either, the creators are talking about. Normally I'd PM the originator/creator, but there are multiple authors for these utilities that refer to this Reditor. Any help or assistance would be appreciated greatly... Thanks Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe> vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  12. Now that's the type of story you'll never hear at a Pop Warner game (at least usually), because the officials usually aren't close enough to hear personally, and alot of times the kids can cloak their disgust and swearing with "football grunts" or simple intense football energy. The closest thing I've ever come to a good story like that was in high school, playing baseball, I was recovering from being sick (but still had laryngitis), and hit a wild grounder to 2nd (deep second), and made it a close play at 1st. I thought I was safe, but even if I wanted to yell I couldn't. All I could do is take a real deep breath and stare at the umpire for about 5-10 seconds, shake my head, and head back to the dugout (bench behind a fence). The umpire heard one of my teammates call him "blind like a <bleeping> bat," and the next thing I know the ump is grabbing me (twisted me around, then releasing), and telling me that I was ejected. I, again unable to talk, stood there staring at him confused, shrugged my shoulders and tried to "exit" back to the bench. The darn umpire starts ranting that if I'm going to use that language, I should be "man enough" to apologize. To which my coach (running out) & mother (from the stands) start to simultaneously tell the dweeb that he was a horse's rear, that I couldn't talk (so it wasn't me), and that maybe he was "hearing voices" {each in their own ways}. The umpire then says something like, "You mean he's a mute,"; to which my coach said something like, "No he chatters a lot in Algebra class, but he's had laryngitis this week"; to which the umpire definitely said, "I thought he sounded like a girl"; and then my mother said something in the order of, "The only girl here pal, is you, and she's ugly!!!" She got ejected, I stayed ejected (but was allowed to sit on the bench), and the teammate that said the remark never got caught & stayed in the game. He might of even hit a homer his next at bat --- the point is, the ump was a moron! Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe> vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  13. Are talking about site: http://football-freaks.net/ (what I'm taking is the actual Football-Freaks website) or the wiki that essentially exists in absentia (with some mods for 2014-2015, but what looks like rosters <= 2009): http://ffmadden.wikia.com/wiki/Files? I don't know if you know what I'm referring to, as I know it is slightly confusing, as Google brings up the wiki for the most part (I believe 2nd or 3rd down), and I ONLY found the first one I mentioned (above) in this response by going through close to ALL the "Madden On PC" forums on the EA Forums page (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/categories/show/83.page;jsessionid=8AEE9B65D9A02993F05BBA3DF8B99E8B)??? I'd ask you the same question as I asked raidersbball20 above, which Football-Freaks are we talking about: 1) What I'm interpreting as the actual site that has like two entries in the forum for rosters (http://football-freaks.net/), or 2) the wiki that has quite a few current mods, but the rosters (at least what I'm interpreting as the rosters) that are no newer than 2009 (http://ffmadden.wikia.com/wiki/Files). I'm thinking the first (what I'm understanding as the actual) refers to the FootballIdiot site in alot of those cases, and the second (the wiki) exists more or less as a standalone, but refers to alot of mirror sites --- and while a few of the mods are decently current, the rosters don't seem (if I'm wrong, and looking at the wrong section, please inform). Yes, I did see that site. It does have a few forums that list the direct link to their downloads section, but many of their thread entries link to the FootballIdiot site (http://www.footballidiot.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12). However, I'd like to thank you for your help, it did help me find the alternate forum(s) on Op Sports that I had missed (the ones that direct link to a download section). :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: I thank everyone who responded, it has been helpful (even to the responses I've asked for further clarification, it STILL has been helpful in many cases)!! It seems Football Idiot would be the main place, then Football-Freaks (I'm just unclear as to which url some are referring to), and Operation Sports. Sincerely Thanks, Joe W. <vbprogjoe> vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
  14. I guess I didn't. It was near the top of the Baseball 101 thread and I obviously never looked at the date . Well, the humor still maintains, it was funny at the time, and still is (I guess to me)!!!
  15. I know there are tons of specialized sabremetric stats like BABIP, WAR(P), or ERA+ (which are all cool & provide very intriguing data and information at times), but I'm wondering if there is one that is perhaps even more specialized. Is there a sabremetric stat that perhaps deliniates batting average for BOTH innings (say innings 7+) & resulting in HRs, 2Bs, or 3Bs in comparison to other occurrences. For example, Carlos Gomez's BA in the last three innings (innings 7+), when he hits strictly HRs and NOTHING else, or I suppose you could say his batting average from innings 7 on, when he doesn't hit a homerun (however you want to pose the scenario). The point being a SABR stat that takes into account a player's or team's batting average, inning(s) status, and specific hit(s) occurrences in relation to others or specifically to the one occurrence(s)? I hope my example or wording isn't too confusing, as I realize it is sort of "wordy" and uses some rather awkward language that usually isn't native to usual statistical analysis... Thanks Sincerely, Joe W. <vbprogjoe> vbprogjoe@new.rr.com
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