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  1. Version 1.0.2


    Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp 2021 Hi all! This is my first attempt at modding a uniform for this game, so I hope this set is satisfactory! This set of uniforms should fully update the (former) Jacksonville Suns to the (current) Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp - the now AAA affiliate of the Miami Marlins. There are quite a few minor league teams that could use uniform updates and while I know there are many awesome modders out there doing much of this work already, I wanted to see if I could help out as well! As I am still learning the ropes of this process, I would love any fee
  2. I guess to follow up with an actual question. When working on any image that you want to have a certain texture in the uniform - in this case the numbers, but also potentially a logo - how do you add texture to it? In looking through examples of jerseys that do so, it appears to be specific to the green screen, but I'm curious how to get this affect. Is it something that has to be done to each number individually? Or can it be done to all at once somehow? I am not opposed to taking time to work on it for each individual letter, but how you get that ripple pattern that makes it look like they d
  3. Gosh darn it. As always seems to happen when I post asking for help, I figure it out like... 5 minutes late. I'm so sorry for the disturbance everyone. Hopefully I will be able to have some version of both unis updated and posted in the next day or so. At the very least that way I can look for actual feedback about the quality of the work, and what. Again, my apologies for being stupid and figuring out my issue AFTER I make a stink about it
  4. Hi all, so I have been following this community a lot, and a lot of the work I had been doing just wasn't ever good enough or relevant enough for me to post. But with the extra time I have had lately, I decided to look into updating some minor league uniforms - there are many still that need some updates or complete overhauls. I have been following the guide posted way back in the day by DonSPa. As this is my first time attempting uniforms, I have been following that guide pretty close as I learn how to do everything. I have gotten pretty far in my attempt at the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (now
  5. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! That solved the problem!
  6. Hi all, So I got a new computer this past summer, and as I get back into modding the game, I've been installing and downloading each tool as I need it. I just went to open and run 2KMod Tool and am having issues. Basically when I go to run it it provides the prompt box to select which version of 2K I am using, I select 2012 and hit OK, but then nothing happens. When I had it all working on my old PC that's when the tool would actually open for me, but right now nothing opens. I am not 100% sure what is going on though, because if I try to move the 2KMod Tool folder after I try runn
  7. Just to update: It seems that this occurrence may actually be tied to the number of players on the team. I had been building 40 Man rosters on the MLB roster (rather than placing certain guys in AA or AAA) when this occurred. I have begun working a little more carefully to eliminate exterior factors, and right now it seems this issue does not occur when there are 25 players on the team or less. Why this is the case, I cannot say for sure and I will be continuing to look into it as I build current rosters (I'll be checking when I finish all the hitters for a team, then all the pitch
  8. Hi All, I was simming my game far enough forward in franchise mode that all the players would retire and that way all the unchangeable audio would be removed. When I copied the franchise roster over to a normal roster file, however, I ran into some appearance issues with players. If you go to the player themselves and edit them you can see the preassigned CF and everything runs smooth. The same thing goes if you assign a new CF while turning one of these players into a current player. However when you jump in a normal exhibition game nearly half the players end up resorting back to
  9. Great work! This is a really awesome quality of life upgrade for the game as many new names join but with slightly different spellings (There are a dozen or so different spellings of the name Michael). Glad to be a part of this tutorial in some way!
  10. For now let's just say Kingrey to Kingery, yeah. Also here's a roster file I really just use for trying things out. Once I have a better idea how to do this myself, I can go back and figure out any other new names when I get to them. My goal is to start uploading some basic files I have been working on soon, but this just popped and I got stuck figuring it out. Thanks so much for the help! Trial and Error.zip
  11. Hey, so thanks for the response! I'm not quite sure what you did to fix this though. I have sorted the last name audio files alphabetically, but the cloned last name slot still does not work. What I have been doing is taking the name I want said audibly, cloning it, and changing the name itself to match the new player. Sorting a bunch of different ways I have not been able to get this to work. No matter which file I edit - be it the last name file that is already in the game, or the new cloned file, I cannot get the game to recognize an alternate spelling for last names. I wonder, if its not t
  12. Just as an update: I have been working on this for a bit, and I cannot make the game recognize different last names that have been cloned in any form unless their criteria exactly matches an already existing name (making the new cloned file irrelevant anyway). I have played around with numerous factors and elements to try and isolate what the specific issue is, but thus far I have not had any success whatsoever unless I change the players last name directly. It does seem that this issue is specific to Last Name audio identifications, however. Cloning the name Michael and altering i
  13. Yeah, unless I cloned the wrong thing in the wrong place, the cloned name-audio tag is not working for me. I went in to redditor, went to last names (where the audio IDs are visible) and cloned Kingrey with the only change being that I flipped the two letters to make it Kingery. This yielded nothing as the created Kingery still was not named when he came up to bat. I tried bringing him up to bat with a version that used to be Chase Utley, a CAP, and a former minor league player that did not have an audible. None yielded anything. I then cloned a different last name slot to see if maybe the iss
  14. Interesting... I went in and cloned Kingrey and change the name to Kingery yet the change is not showing up in game. Same audio ID as Kingrey, but Kingery is still showing up in game as a blank name... When I changed the name prior to cloning it worked, but it doesn't appear to be working with the cloned name... I'll keep looking to see what I can find, or if I did something wrong though
  15. Hi all, was curious if anyone has figured out how to set and edit audio files for players in game? For example, I was just playing around and editing old players to make them into current roster guys - I realize this can cause issues with some things based off some other threads I was reading - and some of the names changed for audio and some did not. For example, I turned Carlos Ruiz into Andrew Knapp of the Phillies. Ruiz has a whole audio set the commentators and PA announce uses, but when I set his name to Andrew Knapp - both audio files that exist in the game - the PA announcer called him
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