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  1. Hello All, I have been modding my roster file with Reditor II of late, and I went in to Roster Editor to change and check portrait numbers for new players, and it will not load the roster I have been working on. It plays fine in game, and shows everything that I edit. But when I go into Roster Editor, I get a long message ending in "unable to load beyond end of stream". I am not a coder, so I do not know what this means or how to fix it without losing all the progress I have made on Reditor II. Roster Editor still works with older roster files. I have tried re-saving and renaming the file, but as expected they do not help. Please help!
  2. Actually, I thought I had figured it out, but apparently I haven't... I downloaded REDitor II from the downloads section, and can now see what I want to download, but I still can't edit it. The page said you needed to purchase it and it required a code key, but all the links in the program to purchase are dead. Also, I still don't know how to edit or delete these posts in the forums...
  3. I figured it out, actually. Can't figure out how to remove this post though...
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to edit players career stats in MLB2K12. I have all the editors provided on the site downloaded, but I am not sure which file needs to be edited in order to update. When I say players career stats I mean how each player is listed having hit x amount of homeruns and rbi's and so on. For new younger plays I have created and added into the game and made look up to date, they are still listed with 0 stats. I would love some help figuring out which editor to use, and which file to edit in order to do so. If I can figure it out, I will feel comfortable beginning to upload some of my work for everyone to use
  5. Yeah, I was just curious if there was any logical method to how you assigned portrait ID numbers for new players who haven't been assigned. I have been just finding old or unused id's, but it seems there is some form of more methodical numbering process
  6. Hey, sorry to bother you again, but I was curious if there was a system for numbering players? Or do you just do it based on what portraits are no longer in use and can be reassigned? Thanks for the great work!
  7. Can I ask how you created these? I have been using Gimp but even when I create the .dds files, they won't install into the game properly. Yours do install for me though...
  8. I have been trying to figure out this whole portrait installer thing for a while now. I've contacted Krawhitham who created the tutorial, and the admins and haven't gotten a response. I just need a simple tool that will help install the portraits I make into the existing .cdf and .iff files. The tools under 'downloads' for MLB 2K12 don't work for me. I can't figure it out. The portrait tutorial still gives me an access error.
  9. For whatever reason the link tells me that I do not have access to the download...
  10. Hi all. I love this site and the work everyone has done, especially for MLB 2K12. I am still rather new at modding and am still not sure about creating portraits. For some reason I am not allowed access to the downloads provided in the portrait tutorial. One thing I want to know how to do is how to take existing portrait.iff and portrait.cdf files and add to them, or at least add more portraits and create the new .iff and .cdf files. Is there a way to do this? All the portrait packs that have been released so far are great, but don't have portraits for all the MLB players for every team. Any help would be great, thanks!
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