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  1. For now let's just say Kingrey to Kingery, yeah. Also here's a roster file I really just use for trying things out. Once I have a better idea how to do this myself, I can go back and figure out any other new names when I get to them. My goal is to start uploading some basic files I have been working on soon, but this just popped and I got stuck figuring it out. Thanks so much for the help! Trial and Error.zip
  2. Hey, so thanks for the response! I'm not quite sure what you did to fix this though. I have sorted the last name audio files alphabetically, but the cloned last name slot still does not work. What I have been doing is taking the name I want said audibly, cloning it, and changing the name itself to match the new player. Sorting a bunch of different ways I have not been able to get this to work. No matter which file I edit - be it the last name file that is already in the game, or the new cloned file, I cannot get the game to recognize an alternate spelling for last names. I wonder, if its not t
  3. Just as an update: I have been working on this for a bit, and I cannot make the game recognize different last names that have been cloned in any form unless their criteria exactly matches an already existing name (making the new cloned file irrelevant anyway). I have played around with numerous factors and elements to try and isolate what the specific issue is, but thus far I have not had any success whatsoever unless I change the players last name directly. It does seem that this issue is specific to Last Name audio identifications, however. Cloning the name Michael and altering i
  4. Yeah, unless I cloned the wrong thing in the wrong place, the cloned name-audio tag is not working for me. I went in to redditor, went to last names (where the audio IDs are visible) and cloned Kingrey with the only change being that I flipped the two letters to make it Kingery. This yielded nothing as the created Kingery still was not named when he came up to bat. I tried bringing him up to bat with a version that used to be Chase Utley, a CAP, and a former minor league player that did not have an audible. None yielded anything. I then cloned a different last name slot to see if maybe the iss
  5. Interesting... I went in and cloned Kingrey and change the name to Kingery yet the change is not showing up in game. Same audio ID as Kingrey, but Kingery is still showing up in game as a blank name... When I changed the name prior to cloning it worked, but it doesn't appear to be working with the cloned name... I'll keep looking to see what I can find, or if I did something wrong though
  6. Hi all, was curious if anyone has figured out how to set and edit audio files for players in game? For example, I was just playing around and editing old players to make them into current roster guys - I realize this can cause issues with some things based off some other threads I was reading - and some of the names changed for audio and some did not. For example, I turned Carlos Ruiz into Andrew Knapp of the Phillies. Ruiz has a whole audio set the commentators and PA announce uses, but when I set his name to Andrew Knapp - both audio files that exist in the game - the PA announcer called him
  7. I realize you are all doing a ton of work, so I hope this isn't taken as too pushy (this is one of my first times on the forums here) but I realized that in the master list you have added Aaron Boone with CF #8010 which on the original manager/staff list you have listed as Tony LaRussa. The same goes for Ron Roenicke who on the new list you have down as CF# 8041 but on the original 2K listing it's 8033. Is this just a phasing issue, where the data for the original coach CF's was compiled after assigning new #'s for the 2020 season? If it is intentional wouldn't that mean existing CF's for LaRu
  8. I may be missing something, so I apologize if I waste anyone's time, but how do I find this spread sheet? I don't see a link in the original post...
  9. Hi all, I was trying to mod some of the in-game logos to keep all major and minor league teams up to date. For example, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox no longer exist, and so I turned them into the Amarillo Sod Poodles. I have been able to change the static logos in the frontend by editing the Logos.iff files (small, medium, and large) but I found in game they displayed the old logos. After reading some threads I found out you actually need to change the logos in the teamuniform_home.iff. When I did this however, it only changed the initially logo. When you pause the game the old log
  10. Yeah, I was just curious if there was any logical method to how you assigned portrait ID numbers for new players who haven't been assigned. I have been just finding old or unused id's, but it seems there is some form of more methodical numbering process
  11. Hey, sorry to bother you again, but I was curious if there was a system for numbering players? Or do you just do it based on what portraits are no longer in use and can be reassigned? Thanks for the great work!
  12. Can I ask how you created these? I have been using Gimp but even when I create the .dds files, they won't install into the game properly. Yours do install for me though...
  13. I have been trying to figure out this whole portrait installer thing for a while now. I've contacted Krawhitham who created the tutorial, and the admins and haven't gotten a response. I just need a simple tool that will help install the portraits I make into the existing .cdf and .iff files. The tools under 'downloads' for MLB 2K12 don't work for me. I can't figure it out. The portrait tutorial still gives me an access error.
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