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For veterans of this great website this is nothing new but it has been forgotten over the years and I think it’s kind of a shame since this is a fun thing to do.


Mvpmods has its own sports trivia website and it is located right here.


We started it up in 2009 and the people that were around back then really enjoyed it and in 2015 I made a revival thread to let people know that it was still around and after that I really got myself heavily involved in my online photo albums that seem to be hit only with me and the reflection I get in the mirror every day.


All you have to do is register (it’s free of course) and answer the ten questions they have and come back in here and post your score and how long it took. I notice that every time they have an easy baseball quiz your score will be a high one unless you are unaware that Joe Dimaggio played for the Yankees. In that case you are in trouble.


I figured with the World Series ending tomorrow or Wednesday that this will something to occupy us during the long off-season.


Have fun.


My score today? 5 out of 10 and it took me 124 seconds to do. I guarantee a lot of people will beat that.



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Yesterday we all answered 5 out of 10 right but Muller_11 did it in the shortest amount of time and that made him the winner.




Today I got 4 out of 10 in 93 seconds. I think that can easily be topped.

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7 hours ago, Yankee4Life said:

10 out of 10, 53 seconds. When these people have an easy baseball quiz they really mean an easy baseball quiz. They practically gave you question 1.

And I was so happy because I got my 1st 10 😂😂😂

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