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    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    This mod sounds better and better each time I read about it.
  2. Yankee4Life

    mlb2k12 won't install

    I thought you want this locked? 😀
  3. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    Let me know if you want 1.4 too. I believe I have it.
  4. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    As I recall this version 2.1 file was not here long. Some kind of problem with it. I believe the popular one was version 1.4.
  5. Yankee4Life

    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    All done and uploaded.
  6. Yankee4Life

    Home Run Derby Mod

    Version 1.0.0


    I did not make this mod. I am only re-posting it here to fill a request from a fellow Mvp 2005 user. Here is the readme file. ** Create backups of your data\datafile.txt and data\frontend\minigame.big files before installing ** Extract contents into your root MVP directory. Tested with MVP 94, 07, and Total Classics 08. I have included a file called datafile changes, which includes all the lines of code needed to install this into an existing datafile.txt, as most if not all people will want to retain their existing datafile.txt. Simply copy and replace this over the corresponding lines of code in your datafile.txt. Created by Mike Z
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    Re-upload of the Home Run Derby Mod (version 2.1)

    I know some jackass on the staff may have it. Oh wait, that's me. 😨
  8. Yankee4Life

    total installer thingy 4 2k10

    You got your answer. Read the directions in the mod and take your time with it.
  9. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I understand. I have version 8.7 of his rosters. He left the site soon after this because he and his fiance had a baby. He's another guy who is really missed around here. Check your PM's please.
  10. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    Took me years to build it up but I managed too. I got mods from Mvp '04 too. I just don't talk about it every day for fear of getting ten requests a day in my PM box. I'm still wondering why you need this. I got version 8.7 by the way.
  11. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I got a lot of his rosters. Heck, I got 68 DVD's filled with mods since we started here.
  12. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I saw nothing. What was the last roster number you saw?
  13. Yankee4Life

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    Where is the index page? And just curious why do you need it? His rosters were great but they really can not be used now since they have not been updated in years.
  14. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Thanks Homer. I will do that. I've already made a short list of what I want to back up and re-install. And I'll be sure to see if the license is on the up-and-up.
  15. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Hello, I have a Windows Vista desktop and I am looking into purchasing an external TB hard drive to go with it. Before I go ahead and do this I have some questions that I hope some of you can answer. 1. Who is a good company that in your opinion makes good external TB hard drives? Also, who are ones that I should stay away from? 2. Once I get this hard drive can I install Windows 7 on it? What I mean to say is I have Vista on my C drive. The external drive will have another letter. Can Windows 7 run from that drive? Now that I am thinking it over I don't see how, but I could be wrong. That's it I believe. Thank you.
  16. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Well I can deal with that. I was thinking much more that that price.
  17. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Well, I know I have to back up files that I need. That I can do and then I can re-install them later when 7 replaces Vista. I didn't know Windows 7 was still that expensive. I thought Microsoft has been pushing version 10 for awhile.
  18. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Exactly what I needed to find out. Thank you Homer. To answer your question I have no particular reason to hang on to Vista. I am just not too confident on how to upgrade my system from Vista to Windows 7. I have Windows 7 on a laptop and I really like it and I prefer it to Vista. Thanks to everyone for responding.
  19. Yankee4Life

    External hard drive question

    Thank you,. I will look for Western Digital. Now how about my second question? Can I run Windows 7 on it like I asked?
  20. Yankee4Life

    Yankee News For Yankee Fans

    When Jesus Montero's name was mentioned recently in the shoutbox after the Mariners screwed the Yankees in another trade I remembered that I had a photo of him from eight years ago when he was with the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees. To me this guy was just as bad as Gary Sanchez. In the game where this photo was taken I saw him hit a ground ball to shortstop and I watched him jog to first base as soon as he hit it. He wasn't hurt, he just loafed. He must have learned from Robinson Cano in spring training.
  21. Yankee4Life

    Yankee News For Yankee Fans

    I am going to try to update this thread over the course of the season with Yankee news that catches my eye about these overrated SOB's. Feel free to pick a player off the Opening Day roster and scream at him for the entire season. For myself, I had Robinson Cano last year. This year I have Alfonso Soriano. Who else? Masahiro Tanaka continues to impress with Yankees as he baffles Braves 'A' lineup In his 41/ 3 innings and 74 pitches, Tanaka was touched for three hits and one freak run, striking out six while throwing no more than a half dozen pitches in the 90-92 mph range. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, March 16, 2014, 11:19 PM Masahiro Tanaka mixes in a series splitters, sliders and changeups as he keeps the Braves off-balanced in 4 1/3 innings. TAMPA – In his gradual indoctrination to major league hitters, Masahiro Tanaka had the ante raised just a tad Sunday when he was asked to pitch through a lineup more than one time and Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez obliged by bringing his “A” team to Steinbrenner Field. If the Braves were expecting velocity, however, it wasn’t much in the offing. What they got was a varied dose of splitters, sliders and occasional changeups, all of which resulted in the kind of day that left them repeatedly saying: “I’d like to see that pitch again.” In his 41/ 3 innings and 74 pitches, Tanaka was touched for three hits and one freak run, striking out six while throwing no more than a half dozen pitches in the 90-92 mph range. According to his batterymate, Brian McCann, who knows a thing about the Braves’ hitters, it was all by design. “We’re not gonna tip our hand this early in the spring,” said McCann. “He’s trying to execute certain pitches.” Which, for the most part, he did. After B.J. Upton lined a single up the middle with one out in the first and then stole second, Tanaka struck out both Freddy Freeman swinging and Justin Upton looking at an 87-mph splitter. In the third inning, he faced his first bit of trouble when Tyler Greene beat out a one-out bunt single and Jason Heyward drew a walk. Tanaka’s response was to strike out B.J. Upton and rookie Ernesto Mejia, who had replaced Freeman when the Braves’ newly-minted $135 million first baseman suffered a bruised thumb gloving a line drive by the Yankees’ Ramon Flores in the second. “He probably threw a few more pitches than he wanted to,” said Yankees’ acting manager Robbie Thompson of Tanaka, “but his secondary stuff is so good. When he got in trouble in the third, after the bunt and the walk, and gets those two punch-outs…he really battled.” The only run the Braves were able to muster off Tanaka came in the fourth when, with two out, he walked Dan Uggla, and Tommy LaStella, a 25-year-old rookie second baseman from Closter, N.J., hit a looping fly ball to left field that got caught up in the wind and kept drifting and drifting before bouncing off the top of the wall for a double. LaStella, a .327 career minor league hitter who hit .343 in 81 games at Double-A Mississippi last year, was the only non-regular in the Braves’ lineup. In all probability he’ll start the season at Triple-A, but if Uggla continues to struggle at the plate as he did last year (.179), the Jersey kid could be seeing The Show in the near future. “(Tanaka) throws a lot of pitches and he throws them all for strikes,” said LaStella. “He did a good job of keeping us off balance with all his off-speed stuff.” “He’s got good stuff, no doubt,” echoed B.J. Upton, “very good off-speed stuff — it was hard to get a good gauge. He has the same arm action so it’s hard to pick up the spin on it. He located and made you swing at his pitches. He also had a good guy handling him behind the plate.” That, of course, was in reference to McCann, who was the Braves’ catcher and an acknowledged clubhouse leader the last eight seasons before signing on as a free agent with the Yankees during the winter. It was the first time the Braves had seen McCann this spring and, for them, that was a bigger deal than seeing the Yankees’ $155 million Japanese pitching prodigy. Before the game, I noted to Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez how rare it was to see a team bring most of its regulars to a spring training road game. Was it because Tanaka was pitching? “No, no,” Gonzalez protested. “We have an off day Tuesday and I wanted to give our regulars a lot of at-bats two games in a row. I didn’t even know Tanaka was pitching until (Saturday). I was curious to see him, but the guy I really wanted to see over there was this ‘McCain’ guy they picked up over the winter. I hear he’s a pretty good catcher.” Still, Gonzalez was like everyone else around the Grapefruit League circuit, curious to see this 25-year-old righthander who generated a wild bidding war last January after compiling a 24-0 record and 1.27 ERA while pitching the Rakuten Golden Eagles to the Japanese league championship. What he came away with more than anything else Sunday was Tanaka’s poise. “I was impressed with his ability to make his pitches when he got into jams,” Gonzalez said. “There was life in all his breaking pitches. But this guy has pitched in some big games on some big stages. It’s not like he just came down from Oneonta.” The way it’s looking for the Yankees, more like from Heaven.
  22. Yankee4Life

    Mlb 2K12 Date Fix On The Way!

    You posted in a four-year-old thread. Even though you are from Germany you should have noticed that the previous post from yours was from 2014. Many of the people who have posted in this thread are no longer here. However, if you read the first page of this thread KC has a remedy for this. Search the forums.
  23. Yankee4Life

    Hit by Pitches

    Sounds to me that this question can be answered by trying out different datafiles that we have on the site. The good news is that there are a lot to experiment with. People like Gordo, Jim825, Kumala and Joe Rudi26 come to mind but there are many others. Check out the Mvp 2005/datafile download area to see what I mean.
  24. ..This is the first Sunday without baseball since April and I miss it already. ..How can I love the NFL and hate it so much at the same time? ..Hey NBA? Go on strike. Who'd miss you? ..I want those Yankees to win so bad at times that it hurts. ..Want proof? The last time the Red Sox were in New York, Cano messed up an easy grounder and I pounded my hand on my couch and I had a bad bruise for about two weeks. I refuse to talk about the pain I had during the Angels series. ..I'm getting old. The other day I was in the video game store with my Oakland Raider hat on. The girl behind the counter saw it and said she was a Raider fan too. She said she liked them from their days in Los Angeles. Then she said "did you know the Raiders played in Oakland before they went to L.A.?" Ahh, yes I did. ..I love watching Smallville, I think it's the best show around. ..My knees are so bad, I dread the winter coming up. The colder it gets, the more brittle they are. There are times when I can't even turn over in bed without crying out in pain. I hope no one in here will ever have knee problems. ..Being married is ok but when your wife's family is living out of town, sometimes you got to go there and spend time there for holidays. This year we got to be in Binghamton, New York for the Thanksgiving holiday. What kind of town is this? They have five radio stations in town. Four of them play country music and the other one does the news. ..That rumor about the A.L. outfielder in the playoffs that got caught on steriods? I just don't want it to be a Yankee. That's all I'm saying. ..Props to the Sox. The White ones, not Red. They deserved it. They had the proper combination to win this year: pitching, hitting and defense with a little luck thrown in. ..I hate ESPN ..A-Rod's going to get no peace until he makes some team pay and pay big in the playoffs. There's no doubt that he's a great regular season hitter. I'm pulling for him. ..Bye bye Bernie Williams, Tom Gordon, Tino Martinez, Kevin Brown and Felix Rodriguez. We'll validate your parking. Now get out. And take Posada with you. ..I'd like to see Ted Lilly and B.J. Ryan wearing Yankee uniforms next year. ..Yeah, I hate the DH more every year. That's one reason why I play my TC3 games with no DH. ..I hate players like Manny Ramirez. And it has nothing to do with him being on that team. He's a hot dog. He has no respect for the game. He hits homers and poses and walks to first. He loafs to first on ground balls. ..And that brings me to Derek Jeter. The anti-Manny. When I was a kid I wanted to be a ballplayer. I wanted to pitch in Yankee Stadium. The closest I'll get now is to create myself in MVP 2005 and put me on the team. Maybe I will. I'll just release Jaret Wright. ..I really hate politics. ..I don't like college football at all but I like college basketball. That's more exciting then the NBA. ..This is still a great forum despite of some things that go on. That's it for now.
  25. Yankee4Life

    Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 11-18

    Updated to 11-18 ...For those of you who have thought I have been bemoaning the Yankees loss in the A.L.D.S. last month you must not have been reading my shoutbox posts since the start of Opening Day. There wasn't one day that I was sold on this team. Sure, they had that hot streak in May but that ended and so did the last time they played consistently for the rest of the 2018 campaign. When other people saw nothing but all those home runs I saw weak starting pitching, inconsistent hitting with runners on base along with too many strikeouts game in and game out. It's like the entire team didn't know what the hit-and-run play was about. All they knew was the hit a homer and trot play and when that didn't happen that's when the strikeouts became a problem. The Yankees struck out 1,421 times. Only the White Sox and Rangers were worse. Giancarlo Stanton struck out 211 times all by himself. Just knowing that the Yankees have this guy under contract for the next nine seasons should cause a sleepless night or two during the off-season for their fans especially with rumors that Manny Machado may or may not be Bronx-bound. Pitching should be the main focus from now until pitchers and catchers report in February. The Yankees employ enough people that spend most of their time striking out and they don't need Machado to make one more. At the end of the end of the 2000 season Baltimore's Mike Mussina and Cleveland's Manny Ramirez were free agents. The Yankees knew Ramirez could hit but they went after pitching because they felt in the long run it would make them a stronger team. They need to do the same thing this off-season. You stay, you go and get lost Dept: It didn't take long for the Yankees to make their first questionable move as the Hot Stove League season approaches. Before the calendar turned into November they brought back outfielder Brett Gardner on a one-year deal. Gardner's a guy who plays well up until the middle of July and as soon as the All-Star game is done it's like his bats immediately stop working until spring training the following year. Now if I had my way (and I don't and I am not going to pretend that I do) I would have bought out his contract and told him to scram. Same goes for C.C. Sabathia. The Yankees brought him back too so maybe after these two klunkers they'll stop resigning guys that were past their prime six years ago. I'd get rid of Gary Sanchez too but who the hell is going to take him? Sanchez is the typical Yankee prospect who is full of hype and unlimited potential until you let him play and you see for yourself that he's not the second coming of Yogi Berra but rather Yogi Bear. I would keep Greg Bird around another year just out of curiosity. I'd like to see what injury he can come up with next to keep him out for two months. I liked Jacoby Ellsbury but if the Red Sox had the sense to release Hanley Ramirez back in May then the Yankees can do the same with Ellsbury. The other guys on the team I can see keeping around but who knows who is going to be used as trade bait? Pitching should be the first concern for them. If they don't get the pitching before Opening Day next year I can only see them having more of the same kind of year they had this season. 100 wins was good but it didn't measure up to a Boston team that had career years out of everyone including the ushers. They are already going into 2019 worse than they did this year because Didi Gregorius will be out half the year and his glove and bat will be missed. ...One thing I forgot to mention in the last random thoughts I posted in here was something that I kept on noticing when Masahiro Tanaka is on the mound and Gary Sanchez is catching him. Have you seen these two guys be interviewed by the press? Both of them have to have interpreters next to them to translate but when Sanchez goes out to the mound to talk to Tanaka they both have no problem understanding each other. I am sure that they can understand some English words like "fastball" "curve" or "passed ball" but Sanchez is yapping away at Tanaka and he seems to discern every word. Just something I was wondering. ...The only thing I am going to miss about Mike Scioscia retiring is the confused look he has on his face when he throws his hands in the air after a call goes against the Angels. Other than that, no. ...Thanks to Boston being there and having the games on FOX I did not watch a lot of the World Series. I just couldn't take long periods of Joe Buck praising the Red Sox for everything they did. I don't know if he is intentionally annoying or that it just comes natural to him. Either way he's Joe Buck and as long as he and FOX are around October baseball will be hard to watch. ...Oh, and did you happen to catch the new thing that they did during the series? As the catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher they showed a commercial while at the same time allowing us to keep our eyes on the game. They did the same thing when a batter was walking up to the plate for his turn at bat. Instead of these people trying to somehow improve the telecasts of the games they had the idea to add more commercials. ...I don't know who the Red Sox fan was that hit Alex Cora with a beer can when the team had their victory parade but whoever it was I wish they had a better aim and would have hit him right in the head. ...Doesn't it seem that the Christmas season gets longer and longer every year? To me it does especially back on November 2nd when I saw a lady wear a red Santa hat when I was driving home. ...Gravity always wins, Dept. An Indian couple who lived here in the United States fell to their deaths recently in California's Yosemite National Park when they were trying to take a selfie. Their family said that the couple was known for taking risks when they took photos from dangerous locations. The couple fell almost 800 feet in an area surrounded by steep terrain and rescuers had to use a helicopter to recover the bodies. Their phones were also found near the area where they fell and after a quick inspection were given the last rites also. This is not the first time this year that an accident like this happened at Yosemite. Not too long ago an eighteen-year-old kid from Israel was hiking in the park and decided to take a break because he had the bright idea of taking a selfie at the edge of Nevada Fall, a place that has an 820 foot drop, which was 819 more than this kid bargained for. There are signs all over the park that tell visitors to watch their step. They're not to be taken as suggestions. They should be taken as serious as a sign that tells you to not walk on train tracks or not to drive the wrong way on a one way street. One thing is for sure though. These three people are not going to make the same mistake twice. ...The happiest people in the world have to be Ariana Grande's parents after she told them that she would not be marrying Pete Davidson. Watching those two has been like watching a couple of high school freshman. I've had head colds that lasted longer then those two were together. ...A little boy from Arizona was going to be turning six years old and his parents invited his entire class to a pizza party to celebrate. As it turned out only he, his mother and father and a waitress bothered to show up. His mother took the opportunity to take a picture of him sitting alone at a table with a sad look on his face and then she promptly posted it to Facebook so everyone could see what took place. And they did. This story got a lot of attention and soon people from all over the world were sending this boy gifts to help cheer him up. Now the mother is saying that she wishes she had never shared the picture and in no way wanted all the attention it received or the gifts that were sent to her son. Wait a second. Now she didn't want the attention? Then who gave the media her address to send the things to? I am sure that Good Morning America and the Today Show had to have her blessing to give out their address on the air. Good going Mom! At the expense of your young son you got your fifteen minutes of fame. ...Of all the things that I did not need to happen to me, having additional knee pain would be near the top of the list but, like having to sit next to a person on a plane that insists on telling you their life story, sometimes your luck is so bad you can't figure out what you did to deserve it. It all started with a pile of leaves that the wind blows up to my garage and for the past week or so I have been looking at it as it sat by the mailbox waiting patiently for me to pick them up. I took the bait on Monday and twenty minutes later I had them bagged up and thrown away. After patting myself on the back for five whole minutes I discovered that there was something seriously wrong with my left knee. Laying down for a few hours did not help and it didn't get any better the next day or as the week went on. The longer I have had this pain the more terrified I have been. I've had knee surgeries before and I have another one scheduled in February on my right knee but this pain is something I've never experienced. I am not walking but I am rather limping along holding on to chairs or walls or tables just so I can get from one place to the other in my home. I never appreciated the gift of walking without pain until the right one started acting up and now with this one I am afraid I am not going to be able to ever again. I called on Friday to try to see my knee doctor but I won't be able to get in until November 28th. I ended up going to an Urgent Care place and I did get urgent care since I was the only one there. X-rays were taken and it showed that I have a left knee strain and a knee effusion, whatever that is. My hope is that it heals up and I don't need surgery. I already have one of those on my calendar and I don't need another. ...The story of actor Geoffrey Owens is a rare as far as social media is concerned. Usually when an actor or well-known person finds him or herself displayed on celebrity websites without their knowledge or consent it is because they did something that they shouldn't have done and usually it's pretty embarrassing. Owens was on the Cosby Show in the 1980's but when that show ended he was not receiving steady work. Which in turn brings him to a few short months ago. To make ends meet for his family he took a job at Trader Joe's, a national grocery store chain. It helped pay the bills as he continued to get some acting jobs on the side. And that is how it was for him until one day a woman came into the store and saw Owens bagging groceries and snuck a picture of him as she was cashing out. She said later on that she used to watch Cosby when she was younger and she looked up to him when he was on the show. It's a good thing she thought so highly of him because if she hadn't there would have been no telling what she would have done. Her excuse for doing this was that "everybody does it." Quite a thing to say for someone who is fifty-years-old and should know better. If this woman has kids all I can say is God help them. Or us. This woman was denounced on social media, the same place she wanted the attention of being the one who took his photo. She began to get hate mail to her own social media accounts from both normal people and celebrities, accusing her of “job shaming.” As for Owens things took a turn for the better. Acting gigs have become more steady now. Recently he did a guest spot on NCIS and is finishing up working on two movies. I have nothing but respect for a man who doesn't think himself above any job. Working at that grocery store just showed that he has his priorities straight. As for that woman, maybe next time she'll think twice about taking someone's picture because the only one she made look bad was herself. ...Every time it's time for me to think about the Thanksgiving football games on TV I am always reminded about a guy I used to work with. His wife would not let him watch any game all day long. And he never said a word year after year. I don't know if they are still married but if they aren't I don't blame him. Anyway, for the rest of us who are allowed to look at the TV here is the schedule for Thursday the 22nd. The first game is the Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions. The NFL should give their fans a gift next year by removing the Lions from the Thanksgiving schedule until they become serious contenders in the NFC North, something that won't happen until at least 2026. The next one is in Dallas as the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins. This one is going to be on FOX and while this game sounds good because it brings back memories of some classic games between these two teams don't be fooled. The Redskins are the only team in the division with a winning record and they are to put it mildly, a mediocre team. The Cowboys at 4 - 5 still can go on a run but they don't have it in them. Finally the evening game will be the Atlanta Falcons visiting the New Orleans Saints. It's going to be on NBC and they are going to be taking a financial bath on this one because no one outside of those two states will be paying any attention five minutes into it. Football on Thanksgiving is a great way to pass the time or take a nap. It sure beats watching Christmas movies on Hallmark. ...As I close I would like to wish everyone here at Mvpmods a very happy Thanksgiving. And that goes for everyone around the world even if you don't celebrate it yourself. Wherever Trues is I wish him and his family a wonderful day and also to the rest of the staff here. And I have a request to the people who have kidnapped KcCityStar. Just let him go so he can come back here. Have a good holiday and a good weekend everyone. Take care!