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  1. Like most things that are worth it becoming a modder takes practice, hard work and dedication.
  2. I do not believe there was and I never saw one for it. But how about searching the download section for 2k11 and if it's there, grab it. If not, that means there isn't one. Also you should really consider investing in 2k12 because that is where all the mods are still being made. 2k9, 2k10 and 2k11 receive no attention anymore.
  3. English only in here, thank you.
  4. Why did you have to create two threads about the same subject? That is not needed.
  5. I really don't think that you have to have patch five because I believe it is just a roster update.
  6. Oh, I sure do Jim. I can think of two immediately.
  7. I commend anyone who makes a TC mod because I know this is not an easy task to do.
  8. Thank you!!! This is what happens when you take the time and search our downloads section. Much appreciated.
  9. If this is not a completed Total Classics mod why release it?
  10. Not really. It can be done but you have to know what you are doing.
  11. Sure you can. You create a thread letting people know that you have a game to sell. Let everyone know how much you want for it and also describe the condition of the disks because that is always helpful. That’s about it.
  12. I can see how the low battery would be a hindrance for you but I have to wonder about those updates that you said looked a little odd. What were they if you can remember and do you have something called Malwarebytes? It’s a good program that helps keep your system safe. I am glad that everything is working well now.
  13. Oh no, anything but that.
  14. They couldn't ask this guy questions in an empty room with a quiet background? I lasted two minutes and left.
  15. What the hell is wrong with Google now?
  16. You already asked for Muncy. Please don't do it again. And check the downloads for Springer and Devers. It never hurts doing your own leg work. You will be amazed at what you find in the download area.
  17. Well, it sounds like it because from what I am gathering from your post is that it will install on disk two all the way up to a certain point and then that's that. How this can be fixed is something I don't know how to do.
  18. I could be mistaken but it sounds like you have a problem with your second disk.
  19. If you want some new uniform mods for the Astros then search in the 2k12/uniforms download section. You search, you find, and that's that.
  20. Houston wins game one. In a perfect world the Yankees would win their ALDS and the Houston - Oakland one would go five games.
  21. Pretty balanced here but even though I may criticize the Yankees a lot you never should underestimate them.
  22. Not a lot of faith in the Padres which may be a mistake and none in the Marlins. I can understand the last part.
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