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  1. Nice to see you man. Your datafiles were very good and I have a set of them that I use and yours are one of them.
  2. Damn, that's got to be a very well-hidden glitch in that game. I've never seen that before and I don't understand why two runners were able to score on a balk.
  3. And if I had as much money as Bryce Harper I could travel the world in style.
  4. Yeah, good question. Maybe if you buy it again send the seller a e-mail telling him to be sure that you get the PC version. And remember two things if you buy 2k10. First 2k12 has more mods to download and secondly mods for 2k10 are not being made anymore.
  5. I would complain to Amazon directly because they can help you get your money back and then when you get your refund go and leave a terrible review for the seller and detail what he did to you.
  6. You are talking about the datafile that was used here. I am sure you can use it in other seasons.
  7. Nice post my friend but honestly you did not have to explain yourself because the guys following this thread know how difficult this job is and it only takes one person to disrupt things. Keep on doing what you are doing and it will all work out.
  8. You know something? When you are right you are right. I mean you've been complaining about this for awhile now and damn there's no roster. I think that KC guy is watching too many shows on Netflix where instead he should be working on this roster for you and you alone! My apologies! I'll tell you what. You are going to take a time out from here because the contributions you make in here add up to nothing so that means we won't even know you are gone. Again, my apologies that a mod that is being worked on for free by a person who has a life and a job and all the responsibilities that go with it. I am sorry that he is not working faster on this for you.
  9. There is always a copy of 2k12 on Amazon or eBay. I see them a lot. If there isn't one now then check back weekly.
  10. I am not going to say that you are an idiot because if you don’t mind I will reserve that comment for myself because I have pulled a lot of mistakes over the years that after looking back on them I say to myself I should have known better. It sounds like something did not compress right after it was imported because that has happened to me. Before I add a uniform in my game I back up the models.big and uniforms.big EACH time. That’s saved me a lot. What to do now? That I don’t know since you don’t know where the problem originated. Luckily there are experts in here that may be able to answer this. All I can add is to back up each time and every time you make a change.
  11. Mvp '05 has a hard time on Windows 10 and I have heard that it can be difficult on version 8.
  12. Watching years of baseball documentaries about the 1955 baseball season and the Dodgers of that year and reading accounts from players who played during that time, the name Sandy Amoros would regularly be brought up. I don’t know how many times I have seen replays of him running toward the left field foul line at Yankee Stadium, right arm extended, and at the last possible second catching Yogi Berra’s fly ball that the quick-thinking Dodgers turned into a double play. It was the climatic play of the 1955 season and for Amoros having it take place in the seventh game of the World Series was the highlight of his career that ended five years later at the conclusion of the 1960 season. But that was one player, one play, that made up this exciting 154 game season and thanks to the endless talents of Jim825 and DennisJames71 the 1955 season mod is the latest compilation of their work added to an already impressive anthology of season mods already available on our website. Before I go on with the installation instructions with the mod I should point out that Dennis has already uploaded a uniform patch that addresses some minor uniform tweaks, so you may want to grab that after you download the mod. Install that patch with Kraw’s TiT program and you are good to go. To install this mod on your computer is a very simple and easy procedure. You will need a clean copy of Mvp (or right out of the box installation) with no mods on it. Extract the explodeme.exe file into the directory where you have your clean copy waiting and let Jim’s install do its job. Ok, now that we got all that out of the way you are ready to play the game. If you want you can now install the uniform patch that Dennis made but if you don’t want to just yet you can just get in and see what’s what. I have always told people in the shoutbox that these mods are very sneaky. Sure, they’re fun to play but if you don’t watch out you are going to learn a few things. I am far from being an expert on anything in here but when I am playing a Total Classics mod I have a piece of paper next to me and I write down the names of players I am not familiar with like starting pitcher Sam Jones of the Cubs in the game I am detailing here. I confess I never heard of him and after looking him up I found that he was a twenty-one game winner in 1959. I also found out something from one of the recording artists that was used in the mod but I will save that for later. One thing you will notice is that you’ll see the color blue just about everywhere in this mod. Blue in the background images and blue in the overlay because 1955 was Brooklyn’s year. The music chosen for the mod was to me a typical blend of 1950’s songs. I don’t know much about the artists from that time except for Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and of course Elvis. But I was vaguely familiar with all the artists that were picked for the mod except for someone named Georgia Gibbs who sung a forgettable song named “Tweedle Dee.” As is my custom I like to play a few games in each new mod to get a feel of it and almost every time I started the game I heard this song and I had to turn my speakers down until the game started because Tweedle Dee was not for me and if any kid out there has a grandparent that complains about the kind of music you have on your playlist then just have them listen to this song one more time and it should keep them quiet for awhile. As per custom, Dennis James made the uniforms for this mod. I have been admiring his work for quite some time now and I have to say that the work he does on the Total Classics mods stand out above all other things he has done and considering that he made yearly updates on uniforms and stadiums, his classic uniforms are above all my favorite. Especially check out the work on the Cleveland Indians uniforms contained in this mod because it is well worth the look. The New York Giants took a trip to Wrigley Field in Chicago to take on the Cubs in the exhibition game that I decided to play and as Mel Allen said in the Legend of the Booth mod the weather was “warm and pleasant.” Baseball back then must have been a pleasure to watch. No pitch counts, no designated hitter, no inter-league play, etc. Johnny Antonelli pitched for the Giants and he threw a six-hit shutout against the Cubs which really was not that hard just as long as you pitched around Ernie Banks. Antonelli was from my home town and every year the ball club would have a Johnny Antonelli night because he owned a tire dealership and was also a local boy who made good. I never met him but if I had I would have had a few dozen questions for him. That’s why I picked him to start the game for the Giants. You can see the results of the game by the screen shots below. Not a lot of people are familiar with his career and that’s the reason why I brought him up. There are a lot of players like Antonelli on each team and you’ll discover them for yourself when you take the time to play the mod. I want to thank Jim and Dennis for this mod and I encourage you to try this out for yourself and to please leave a nice comment for them to let them know their work is appreciated. Screenshots Here we go, our first look at Total Classics 1955. Between innings at Wrigley. The custom overlay and pitch selection for the 1955 mod.
    Works perfect Dennis for both uniforms and I appreciate your work on getting a patch out so quickly. Thank you.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here is an icon to be used for the 1955 Total Classics mod that Jim and Dennis created. The icon size is 256x256x32. All credit goes to Jim and Dennis. Thank you again.
  14. Tebjr made this mod but unfortunately he has not been here in quite some time so we can not ask him what he did and no patch has been released for this mod.
    As usual I rated the Total Classics mods ten stars. I gave them five in the review and the other five will be inserted here. Jim and Dennis your attention to detail is flawless once again and I am going to love playing this mod. Thank you! *****
  15. It could be. Jim would know more than me!
  16. What Jim said can help narrow down the problem because it may be a cyberface issue but you can also do this. I checked the size of Tiger Stadium (tigrnite.big) in the 1988 and 1984 mod and this is what I found. 1988: 3.37 mb 1984: 4.44 mb 1988’s Tiger Stadium also crashes on me so I decided to be a smart guy and copy the 1984 Tiger Stadium in the 1988 mod to see if it works. In theory it works but when I did it the copied 1984 stadium also crashed in the 1988 mod and that made me realize two things. First I am back to the drawing board and secondly I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  17. I have not downloaded this yet but I will in the next few minutes. I have already given it ten stars, which is my own rating system. And most of all thank you to Jim and Dennis for providing another season mod of fun and education for us all.
  18. It will be ready when he releases it.
  19. Once again thank you for your contributions. That will always be a special game for me.
  20. Vita modding area? What is that?
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