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    Gordo once again stays on top of all the transactions in the major leagues and that is something that is very hard to do. I appreciate his work very much because his rosters have always made Mvp '05 better!
  1. Thank you for these major improvements to this latest roster Gordo!
  2. He is the man who owns the website.
  3. I'll give you credit you sure as hell put a lot of work into this.
  4. Here's my advice. Stop trying to get in touch with 2k because you'll be lucky if they get back to you about this. Like I told the other guy check Amazon and eBay because even if they don't have one right now they are not going to be selling it for as much as you found it for on the UK website.
  5. No game is worth that much.
  6. What's new in version 1.0.7??? You said and I quote you "changed a few things." Usually when a mod is updated the modder tells people what was updated and why. How about doing that the next time?
  7. Go to Amazon and see if someone is selling it there. Also you can try eBay.
  8. I think this opinion piece by S.E. Cupp says things a lot better than I can.
  9. He cares and that's why he bothered to explain it. And I think you're exaggerating too much here. A lot of people know who the Montréal Expos were.
  10. I have been watching Domingo German for awhile now and all this time I could have sworn he looked like someone and tonight it finally hit me. Does anyone remember an old movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy? German looks like the guy who played the little bushman in the movie. Check it out. Tell me if you agree with me or if I am seeing things. Domingo German The actor from the Gods must be crazy movie.
  11. Yankee4Life

    Site Issues

    Good! Because back on the 31st I had to delete about five spam threads. Thank you!
  12. I am not someone who tries to sway people to his way of thinking. Not in sports of course. I am sure that you all believe that I am an irrational, impatient and nervous Yankee fan. That's because I probably am. Not all the time, but a lot. I also do not try to change people's mind in politics either because here I am rational enough to realize that I do not know everything. I form my opinions on that guy directly from him and what he says. So, enough of him. Getting back to what we started to talk about I have to wonder why that Mitch McConnell guy will not bring the bill for better background checks to the floor of the Senate? For what reason does he not want to do this? If it can help prevent more of these killings why not? Get the guns out of the hands of the crazies.
  13. It didn't take you long to lose me! Hahahahaha I have never heard of them. 80's music is my favorite stuff.
  14. I watch CNN because they report on what that guy says and does and they don't go around pretending that everything he does is ok. He targeted Hispanic people - people who were doing nothing but minding their business and living their lives and his reasoning for doing it was based on that guy's words. And I agree with you 100%, that shooter was insane. Your views are as good as anyone in here. I do not blame them one bit. He insults people and bullies them and really does not care what he says or does just as long as the people cheer for him at his rallies. I do not believe that is true at all. I can tell you right now he does not echo what I think.
  15. Yes, and it takes very little work. First you need to go to where the jukebox music is. That is located in the DATA\AUDIO\CD\MUSIC directory. Copy those nine original songs (menu1.asf, etc) to the same directory in the Mvp 15 mod. Overwrite the files you already have in there. Now you have the songs from the original game. But when you get back into Mvp 15 you will see that the same song titles are there even though you replaced the songs. Now you need to edit the titles of the songs. Download this right here because this includes a program called Loclook. Loclook will allow you to edit the text in the game. You find where the songs are listed here and then type in the names of the songs from the original game and then you are all set. I recommend taking a screen shot of the song list from the original game so it will be easier for you to do this.
  16. Ok Gordo, I think I understand what you mean here. In other words where there is a will there is a way. But Obama did try with gun reform. It was the Republicans in Congress that stopped him. But this is exactly what happened. That guy was wrong too. I don't care if you are on the left or right. If you have a gun and are going to harm innocent people then you are wrong and it doesn't matter what you believe in.
    Nothing but the best from these two geniuses! Thank you so much for all that you do. Twenty stars. No, make it fifty!
  17. I just got done taking a look on Amazon to see how much MVP baseball 2005 is being sold for and believe me even after fourteen years you still cannot buy this game with your spare change. For example a used copy in good condition will cost you $49.95. A used copy in extremely good condition will cost $145.01 and a brand-new out-of-the-box copy costs $177.14. There is a reason why I am starting out this review quoting prices for MVP. It's because even after all this time people still want to play this game thanks to the contributions of people like Dennis James and Jim825. While we have had many modders giving so much to this game it is the Total Classics season mods that make this game stand out and shine. Every time a new season mod comes out it is like you are getting a brand-new game and all you have to do to get it is download it. MVP users have been spoiled because of the work that these two fine people have been putting out for years now. And just a few days ago the 1919 season mod became the newest addition to the Total Classics family. There's a lot of history in this mod and Dennis and Jim managed to capture the feel of how baseball was one hundred years ago. And I'm sure that once people find out that another season mod has been uploaded to this website the price to buy this game on Amazon is going to go up. There are certain seasons in baseball history that stand out more than others because of what happened during that year. In 1941 it was Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak. In 1951 it was Bobby Thomson's dramatic homerun against Brooklyn to win the pennant. And in 1919 it was Joe Jackson and the other members of the Chicago White Sox who became known as the Black Sox. Books have been written about this season and the events leading up to the throwing of the World Series and I highly recommend when the off-season comes to pick one up and read about it. You will discover if not for the miserly ways of Charles Comiskey things could have turned out differently. But that is history and now it is on to the 1919 mod. You can download the mod right here. Before you install it please make sure that you have a clean copy of MVP 2005 on your computer. That means a right out-of-the-box installation with no mods installed. Jim's installer will handle everything. All you have to do is point it to the directory where you want it installed. Once that simple procedure is done you can get into the game. The feature game that I used to review this mod was the Philadelphia Athletics going to Comiskey Park to take on the Chicago White Sox. But before I got into that game I did what I usually do before I review a mod. I played a few games first and then I looked around to check out the rosters of all the teams to see how many people I recognized. I knew some but I didn't know them all because some of the players in the major leagues one hundred years ago have been lost to history. Like the 1915 mod that Dennis and Jim made they created All-Star teams for both leagues even though the first All-Star game would not be played until 1933. Night games are also an option in this mod but every game that I played I played during the day. That's because the first night game in baseball did not occur until 1935 and I wanted to stay is accurate as I could to this particular year. The uniform department was once again taking care of by Dennis James and the only way that you are not familiar with the quality of his work is if you are a new member here. His uniforms speak for themselves at all I have to say is that they keep getting better and better. The jukebox is a mixture of Jazz and Blues. I am not a fan of either Jazz or Blues and if I was alive one hundred years ago I would've also complained when prohibition started because the only way to listen to this stuff is when you've had a few drinks too many. Please don't assume that I am being critical of the mod because of the music. Absolutely not. This music represents what people were listening to a century ago and it belongs in this mod. I am someone who feels that the music chosen for a mod is a big part of the charm and charisma of it and while I may not listen to this music I understand that it gives the proper sound and feel of a game played in 1919 and to me that is a lot more important than what I like or don't like. Dennis and Jim have once again included the Legends of the Booth mod to give this mod the complete classic feel. I would like to think Jim and Dennis for making a another wonderful mod. I appreciate the time and effort that the two of you put into it and the only request that I make from people who download this is to thank the two of these guys if you have not done so already. Screenshots Welcome to Total Classics 1919! What a lineup the White Sox had. It makes you wonder how much baseball history would have changed if this team stayed together and challenged the Yankees in the early 1920's. Joe Jackson may have been 0 for 2 so far in this game but he delivered a run-scoring single in the 8th to extend Chicago's lead to 6 - 1. This is Athletics first baseman George Burns. Burns played for sixteen years in the major leagues for five teams from 1914 to 1929 and had a lifetime average of .307. Now maybe it's me and maybe I'm seeing things but this guy's cybersface looks a lot like the young version of George Burns the entertainer. Between innings at Comiskey Park and the hometown White Sox have the lead. Each player in the 1919 mod has 0 as a uniform number. That is because uniform numbers were not worn my players at that time. Joe Jackson is featured in the good-looking custom made overlay by Dennis James.
  18. Oh my God! I just read KC's jukebox list and I am familiar with some of the artists that he picked!
  19. Sadly that seems to be the case. The guy in office (and I won't even say his name) always wants to repeal or replace or get rid of things. With that guy there is no compromise because he has to win no matter what. This is something that is not perpetuated by the media. I know a lot of things are but not this. What happened in El Paso with someone echoing his words about how bad and terrible Hispanic people are, something that we all know is NONSENSE. But that guy in El Paso took his words to heart and he acted on it in the worst way possible.
  20. KC and Sabugo make some very good points and I won't even try to dispute them. And I am glad that you did not feel unsafe in Los Angeles but I wonder if you would've said the same had you been in Chicago? I agree that many of these mass murderers have serious mental conditions. Just look at the guy at Sandy Hook in 2012. If that wasn't someone who wasn't mentally deranged then I don't know what to say. Now you got to look at what KC said about hunters using these guns to provide food for their families. That's another part of this discussion that is not brought up that much. So I really don't have any definitive answers and I won't pretend that I do either. All I know is I don't want this to happen any longer and I don't want any of us in here to be in a place where some nut with a manifesto decides to finally act out.
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