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  1. 4 out of 10, 73 seconds. What a lousy way to end the month.
  2. Pie Traynor Harold Joseph Traynor was born on November 11, 1898, in Framingham, Massachusetts, about 22 miles west of Boston. When Harold was 5 years old, the family relocated to Somerville, three miles northwest of downtown Boston, and soon he was nagging the older boys in his neighborhood to let him join their baseball games. When they finally gave in, they put 6-year-old Harold behind the plate — without a mask. In his first game, a pitch smacked him in the mouth and knocked out two teeth.Undeterred by that rough initiation, Harold became a fixture at the neighborho
  3. Arky Vaughan Arky Vaughan’s career achievements were remarkable. In 1935 Vaughan led the National League with a .385 batting average, and his .318 lifetime average is second among all shortstops to Honus Wagner’s .327. Over his career Vaughan walked 937 times, while striking out just 276 times. He was among the most difficult players to double up, grounding into only seventy double plays in the last thirteen years of his fourteen-year career. (GIDP was not tracked in 1932). Vaughan’s on-base average was an impressive .406 while his slugging percentage was a highly resp
  4. No, I didn't forget about his family. I wasn't even thinking of them. Why should Moret's family care about how his name is pronounced in a mod? You are ridiculous. There you go doing his thinking for him again. It is a miracle that Bernie Carbo survived all these years before knowing you just so you could make his decisions for him. Oh, and it should have read he would want to be a part of a site instead of he would want to be apart of a site. Spend some time on basic grammar instead of assuming what another person may or may not do. I ca
  5. I highly doubt Moret would care right now since he has been deceased almost two years. And by the way my last name has been mispronounced all my life. If that's the only thing I have to be concerned about then I will take that every time. And somehow I think Mr. Carbo can think for himself.
  6. Yeah, thanks. The talented guys behind those mods must have spent so many sleepless nights wondering how to pronounce this guy's name. I remember this guy very well. After he got traded from Boston his career went downhill and even had a nervous breakdown later on. I always pronounced his name MORE-ET and let it go at that. And if Bernie Carbo wants to come in here and help us out in here with this very important bit of news he can join up himself. He was a good ballplayer and I would love to read about his baseball experiences.
  7. 9 out of 10, 87 seconds. Tough but fair questions today.
  8. 10 out of 10, 41 seconds. Easy questions! I mean there is no way anyone will have missed question two (Which of the following players' last name, does NOT start with a "G"?)
  9. 4 out of 10, 79 seconds. This was really tough today.
  10. 10 out of 10, 46 seconds. A good comeback.
  11. 5 out of 10, 55 seconds. I am terrible guessing what college some guy went to. What do I care?
  12. 2 out of 10, 41 seconds. I believe this is my worst one ever.
  13. 6 out of 10, 81 seconds. Not a good day at all.
  14. 10 out of 10, 44 seconds. Sometimes when they say "easy" they really mean it.
  15. Updated to 11-20 ...The 2022 Yankees: Different season, same result, Dept: It was another predictable end to the Yankees season as they quietly lost their last four games to the eventual World Champion Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series. It is very hard to win when your team does not show up except for one guy (Harrison Bader) who did not get the memorandum that you were supposed to go up there, take three mighty swings and then walk back to the dugout. Aaron Judge and Josh Donaldson sure did. Like most people I like to make predictions during th
  16. 6 out of 10, 86 seconds. These were some hard ones.
  17. 10 out of 10, 53 seconds. I knew nine of them but guessed well on one.
  18. 7 out of 10, 53 seconds. I was fortunate to get this many right.
  19. 7 out of 10, 73 seconds. I got the first three wrong and then made a comeback.
  20. 5 out of 10, 46 seconds. Nope, I had no clue.
  21. Muller, let me know if this is the roster you needed.
  22. While I graciously accept the timeout I am not really that ashamed because this guy Muller cannot be blamed for the way the Yankees choked up once again. You start with Aaron Boone and you work your way down. The Yankees should look at Houston and say this is how they want their team to be. Instead they will try to go out and get another high strikeout no contact hitter. Just watch and see.
  23. Check your private messages. Version 8.7 has been sent. MY GOD!!!!! What did I just do? I HELPED AN ASTRO FAN! I hope no one reads this thread.
  24. Let's try this one. Version 8.7. From November 5th, 2007. Is that ok?
  25. I have no idea which roster you want although you did explain it well. Back at that time the Ultimate Rosters were the go-to roster set around here. The odd thing is that I only see one version of the Ultimate Rosters in the roster download area. It is version 4.01 and it is not from 2007. I do have later versions.
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