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  1. Really enjoyed playing the MVP 2020 mod by FantasmaMVP's. Any chance of another downloadable version for 2021? If so, I plan on streaming a full season of gameplay.
  2. Thanks for the few who tuned in. If there's a 2021 mod, I'll stream every game this season.
  3. Hi all - going live right now with a MVP 2020 mod on Twitch. Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the San Francisco Giants. I played every single game (no sims) for the 2020 season and am now down to the final games. Enjoy!
  4. Used the "definitive configuration" for the Xbox 360 controller posted in another thread for my new Xbox 360 controller and all is solved! Thank you!
  5. Seemed like there were several answers, all with varied results.
  6. Read through this thread and a few others regarding the stuttering on Windows 10. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but it sure is obnoxious! Have tried ResChanger, Rivatuner, changing the resolution in the actual game. It's odd - it will run smoothly 50% of the time and just intermittently stutter. Mostly when the ball is in the air like others have described. Any definitive resolution (pun intended) to this?
  7. Ah man, that ain't good. I went ahead and ordered a wired Xbox 360 controller in hopes that configs posted here will remedy it. It's rough not being up to throw to a cutoff man, haha
  8. This, and no other configuration for an Xbox One controller has worked for me. Xbox One controller works by default, but the X button does not work, the Y button throws to 3rd, left bumper throws to 2nd, etc. Anyone figure something out that actually works?
    Super fun to play after a few tweaks. Soundtrack is terrible, and I could definitely do without the futbol celebration homerun call, but overall amazing mod. GREAT JOB! Has some ghosting and choppiness for some reason at times, but otherwise working great on Windows 10 for me, even in franchise mode! Thank you!!!
  9. Where do I download a clean MVP 2005?!
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