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  1. The catcher is assigned a 1st baseman's glove #/color. I used MVPEdit to change "Glove Color" to something in the dropdown window. No idea why it worked but it did.
  2. How do I remove the guy who 'football' yells after every home run? At first I loved it now I it drives me crazy! lol what do I need to change? thanks
    Well done! awesome detail
    Ver nice work, a couple of questions. If there is an easier way than what I'm doing please inform me. Why 128 x 128 and not 256 x 256? I change portraits thru MVPEdit (can't use TIT, Win 10) and most portrait slots are 256 x 256. This makes me resize each portrait? Or am I missing something (which I do not doubt). Fshtool question; Is there a way to open many files (like a batch) at once or do I need to drag each fsh onto fshtool to open/create folder. I do appreciate the work thanks
  3. There is one PC on eBay for ($57 Lowest) bidding right now. Fortunately my discs survived storage. It really is the best PC baseball game and these guy's mods keep it relevant. I always loved this game
    Looks great wish I could load them. Are these for MVP2005? What type of file is that? How do I put it in the game?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hope these work
  5. Hey Gordo really appreciate all your work. I'm coming back to the game after many years. I used to do DDS photos for Madden So I am pretty decent with Photoshop. I just started playing with photos in MVP and planning to upload but using Windows 10 I can't seem to get many of the recommended editors (tit) to work so I'm just doing BMPs and alphas through MVPEdit and fshtool. I've read through "big nasty"and "MVP for dummies" (very helpful) but I know there's an easier way to do portraits I just haven't learned yet. I see that there's DDS downloads for portraits, do DDS load through MVPEdit? Do I need tit for that or is another program? I apologize I know you have probably already gone over all this but any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. lumpyjohn1


      No response at all? Did I post this in the wrong place or something? Either way from one Sandlot fan to another,  not sure if you caught it but the cast had their 25 year reunoin at Doger stadium earlier thought you might enjoy that....have a good one

    I balk at the idea of sounding so simplistic; nonetheless...you rule...your efforts are greatly appreciated, I thank you.
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