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  1. Version 1.0.0


    2020 Portraits Update (with included roster) This file contains a huge portraits update for MVP Baseball 2005. I have updated 1800 portraits, including all the new headshots for major league players. Also included is a roster update, which updates the minor leagues, adding a collection of the biggest prospects, with their portraits included also. The roster update is built upon Gordo's opening day roster submitted on here. ***I am not an expert roster creator/editor. Although I have added the players as best as my ability takes me, they won't be perfect. The basics of the players added are correct (like age, L/R, basic personal attributes etc) but very few of the other details will be totally correct, for example pitches thrown, hot zones etc. You can of course edit these yourself*** You can use just the portraits update with other rosters, but you will find some of the minor league players portraits will be out of sync. The major league players will all be fine though. So if you only play for exhibition purposes/fun that will be fine. Franchise Play There are no guarantees, but I have successfully simmed 5 years on franchise mode using the rosters. BUT! you must turn off injuries, suspensions and computer initiated trades or it will freeze. The best route to a clean, non-crashing franchise mode would be: - Clean install of MVP baseball 2005, with patches - Download and install MVP 15 - Download and install this roster and portraits and move them into your MVP 15 installation - Use the year changer to change to 2020 - There is a 2020 schedule available on this site which can be used without issue IMPORTANT: To install portraits, use the Total Installer Thingy, which can also be found on this site. There will be minor issues and mistakes with this, because it'll happen when updating 1800 portraits! Please let me know if/when you find a problem and I will fix it. Any constructive suggestions are also welcome. Enjoy, and stay safe!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains updated portraits for 274 players, and is compatible with Gordo's rosters which can be found HERE Most of the updated players are the so called 'lesser known' players, so a lot of AAAA type players. Makes the roster more complete with these players updated. To install, use TiT, which can be downloaded from HERE If you find any problems or issues, please let me know! Or if you have any requests for updates, feel free to ask me also and I will do what I can. Enjoy!
    Looks pretty solid to me, and I was able to sim through a couple of seasons without a crash, which is a big deal. I know there is an annoyance at there not being an english translation, but this roster deserves a lot of credit.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    MVP Baseball - July 2017 Portraits Update Included are 280 updated portraits for MVP Baseball. To be used in conjunction with Gordo's excellent rosters, found HERE To install, use 'TiT'... which can be found in the downloads section HERE Any problems, please PM me. Any suggestions for updates, also PM me. Enjoy!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains over 100 portraits which needed updating, including the most recent trades and signings. To install, use TiT If you have any other requests for portraits for the game, get in touch Any problems, PM me!
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