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  1. again, hats off. thank you very much...
  2. Hats off sir.... I tried to do this and now I really know how much work is to do it correctly... somebody should pay you or at least get a beer or something...
  3. I'm so sorry for all the mistakes this file had so far... right now i'm working on new roster which is stable as it should be. Attributes are hell of a job to be done well and i'm learning to do that along the way.
  4. Okay, I anybody tries something, here what i found out so far... When I changed PlType for all players I added from 4 to 5 things have changed. After World Series had finished I was able to press enter and Adwance to Season Awards, then to Players Awards, but it crashed when I wanted to advance to Teams Awards screen. So I started the game again, loaded crashed Franchise and it took me to Offseason Tasks Screen, I advanced through all of them, then simulated new season (2013) and postseason as well, and then there was no crash at all and I could advace to next season (2014) and so on... So
  5. Hi, I made new modification of roster for this season. Maybe you have already tried it. I've manage to solve almost every crash but one is unsolvable to me... I can simulate whole season and postseason in franchise mode (all automation ON and injuries OFF) but as soon as you are supposed to press Enter to Advance after WS is over the game crash... I used BSUFANFEB1.ros and didn't touch other tabs than players and teams. I added and modified new players in TY's roster editor and then modified PLtype and contracts and few other columns in REDitor... BSU roster works fine but mine has this crash.
  6. Hi, thanks for review but please be more specific because i was able to simulate whole season with RedSox without any problems. With automation on to be quicker.
  7. That I didn't even try to be honest... I don't use that mode at all... really sorry but don't know how to fix that for now
  8. i haven't notice... i am uploading latest version right now... check it but i see only one now
  9. I already did it in roster update. use it if it helps you... all teams are in correct affiliation and with correct name and logo
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