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  1. Nice to see that my shocking original mod is recieving a much needed overhaul! Look forward to seeing the finished product
  2. Man real sorry to hear what you have and are going through but happy knowing that things are making a turn for the better!
  3. I would suggest getting the ball rolling first before trying to rally members to help you out. I've seen many similar attempts (as stated above) of doing large scale mods, but those that get completed are the ones where the leader demonstrates both action and productivity. Don't get me wrong, you'll see threads I created years back where I did similar things, but once I started getting to work and made my progression visible I got a lot of help from the members. You have the further benefit that there is a '98 mod lead by yours truly which should act as a nice guide of what to do, even if
  4. Obviously there are a lot of things that needed to be improved on it to come even close to Jim825's renditions, but it's great to see people are still enjoying and looking to improve on my 98 mod after all this time.
  5. As much as the work the guys on this site have released is fantastic, making modifications of an already completed game is not even in the same ballpark ( ) as creating a new game from scratch (See "Sandbox Games", thanks for the reminder of that abomination Y4L). Like Y4L said, sell anything that even has a trace of EA attached to it would cause their lawyers to sue everyone here to the point that we'd be spending our days living in a cardboard box. And porting anything is not feasible without the source code, not to mention having to rewrite everything for it to execute on a linux-b
  6. 979 downloads

    A rough 2011 roster for those who cannot justify opening their wallets for 2K11. These won't be the greatest rosters you will have played with, having made them in limited time, but I feel these are sufficient for those who play the game casually. These are very close to the Opening Day Rosters, but with a few exceptions for 15 Day DL guys (Eg. Utley, Lidge). Players who are out for most/all the season (Eg. Wainwright, Strasburg), are not in their teams 25.
  7. Easier doing it over here Sun, JAN 2 Carolina at Atlanta Pittsburgh at Cleveland Minnesota at Detroit Oakland at Kansas City Miami at New England Tampa Bay at New Orleans Buffalo at NY Jets Cincinnati at Baltimore San Diego at Denver Chicago at Green Bay Tennessee at Indianapolis Dallas at Philadelphia Arizona at San Francisco NY Giants at Washington Jacksonville at Houston St. Louis at Seattle 15-21 = 36
  8. I'm on a roll lately (For pick 'em anyway) ^_^
  9. Thu, NOV 25 New England at Detroit New Orleans at Dallas Cincinnati at NY Jets Sun, NOV 28 Jacksonville at NY Giants Pittsburgh at Buffalo Tennessee at Houston Green Bay at Atlanta Carolina at Cleveland Minnesota at Washington Kansas City at Seattle Miami at Oakland Philadelphia at Chicago St. Louis at Denver Tampa Bay at Baltimore San Diego at Indianapolis Mon, NOV 29 San Francisco at Arizona (San Francisco 16 Arizona 10 = 26)
  10. Thu, NOV 18 Chicago at Miami Sun, NOV 21 Buffalo at Cincinnati Arizona at Kansas City Green Bay at Minnesota Washington at Tennessee Cleveland at Jacksonville Houston at NY Jets Baltimore at Carolina Detroit at Dallas Oakland at Pittsburgh Atlanta at St. Louis Tampa Bay at San Francisco Seattle at New Orleans Indianapolis at New England NY Giants at Philadelphia Mon, NOV 22 Denver at San Diego Chargers 31, Broncos 13 Total of 44 points
  11. andy82

    1998 Mlb Mod

    Man this thread brings back some (horrible) memories :yahoo:
  12. Thanks guys, with the way my picks have going (as well as my fantasy football), I'm surprised that I came top this week! Thu, NOV 11 Baltimore at Atlanta Sun, NOV 14 Detroit at Buffalo Cincinnati at Indianapolis NY Jets at Cleveland Minnesota at Chicago Houston at Jacksonville Tennessee at Miami Carolina at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Denver St. Louis at San Francisco Seattle at Arizona Dallas at NY Giants New England at Pittsburgh Mon, NOV 15 Philadelphia at Washington Score: PHI 31 - WSH 17 Total: 48
  13. Finally! A week where I'm not stuck around 50% :spiteful:
  14. Sun, NOV 7 NY Jets at Detroit Miami at Baltimore New England at Cleveland San Diego at Houston Chicagoat Buffalo Arizona at Minnesota Tampa Bay at Atlanta New Orleans at Carolina NY Giants at Seattle Indianapolis at Philadelphia Kansas City at Oakland Dallas at Green Bay Mon, NOV 8 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (PIT 24, CIN 14 Total: 34)
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