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  1. why is the subscribsion back? i will pay for it but just asking
  2. Nope i didnt its just cnn only had youks white sox portrait so i had to use that
  3. File Name: Kevin Youkillis Trade Portrait File Submitter: gonzoredsox2012 File Submitted: 20 Jul 2012 File Category: Portraits Version: 1.0 Here is youks portrait for the white sox in you game to install use tit have fun Click here to download this file
  4. Version 1.0


    Here is youks portrait for the white sox in you game to install use tit have fun
  5. Hey guys, who wants to help in the 1999 mod. Please pm or reply me with the job on the mod u want
  6. well can we try to do it again? i got the idea from looking at the turn around the clock uniforms in mvp 12
  7. Im starting up a new total classics mod Total Classics mod I will be the project directer i will need some help on some stuff job list for mod Project Directer- gonzoredsox2012 Rosters- GoRedSox34 Jerseys (TATC, all star jerseys, etc)- Already done thanks to fizzjob for the tatc jerseys stadiums- Team Logos- Jukebox- gonzoredsox2012 overlay- we can use from the 98 mod accessories(gloves, shoes hats)- Ok just leave a reply or pm me if you want a job in the mod
  8. ok this is coming out this morning will it be there longer than 27 minnutes :rofl:
  9. no watch the TRAILER video ENGLISH SONGS THATS MY MENU MUSIC its not a big deal to me that they steal menu music from me but i thought you cant use other peoples mods
  10. i had some menu music i made on this site
  11. I found this guy on youtube his name is Felipe1984 he has made an mvp 12 mod with all work stolen from mvpmods from me and people like dennisjames71 kyleb jogar84 jedinstvo dalfyboys and many others he dosent give credit to anyones work and says its made by him and his friends check out this video for the mod download at the title screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9gm-0GFyYs&feature=player_embedded heres his trailer video for "his" mod
  12. Heres The Marlins audio Miami Marlins Audio.zip
  13. I was thinking of making a youtube account for the site to showcase mods and stuff could we make it?
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