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  1. jogar84


    The master of faces!!! (El Maestro de Cara)
  2. jogar84

    MLB 16 The Show Impressions

    Just tried out the Show 16 after a long hiatus. Last one i played was MLB 08!!! is it just me or are pitchers getting hit by linedrives to the mound a little too much? Also strange errors like outfielders dropping balls. seems to be only occassional though, but they come in flurries - in one game both my corner outfielders dropped balls. The baserunning is also a little frustrating, but i think they tried to make it more of a challenge. so used to MVP where the lead runner will score or hold up automatically but you really have to judge the batted balls in this game. Game looks great (except for the last gen looking faces. ), just wish there was a way to save screenshots without uploading it on stupid facebook and twitter. the resolution also gets diminished with that
  3. jogar84

    Portraits 2 by Muller_11

    thanks good sir
  4. jogar84

    Kenta Maeda face 2016

    Version 1.0.0


    install with TIT
  5. Exelente trabajo Jogar84, podras Hacer la Cara de Jeanmar Gomez  P de los Filis Gracias

  6. jogar84

    Bryce Harper face 2016

    Version 1.0.0


    Bryce Harper update install with TIT
  7. jogar84

    Noah Syndergaard face 2016

    Version 1.0.0


    2016 update for Thor
  8. jogar84

    MVP Baseball 16

    .....tested a few games no crashes so far. Great effort guys
  9. jogar84

    Face.Pack.rookie MOD 16

    Excellent.....you are a true master, jeferomer. Very realistic faces.
  10. jogar84

    Homer's Classics

    been waiting for you to get back in the game for years lol
  11. jogar84

    Mvp 15 Cyberfaces Project

    not likely, my friend.
  12. jogar84

    Websites for find images players to making portraits

    you will need access to MLB pressbox
  13. jogar84

    Spring Training Facility 02

    sweet, KC. thanks
  14. jogar84

    Maikel Franco

    thank you.....please do Colon update.
  15. jogar84

    MVP 16

    I wouldn't mind helping out with some new faces for shits and giggles but i can't get the game working on Windows 10. I'm sure the guys at MVP Caribe will put out something.