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  1. Hello All I have just uploaded my completed NCAA 2016 Rosters from RROY's NCAA 16 MOD ENJOY!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello All I have completed my overhaul of Roy's Rosters for the Awesome NCAA 16 Mod. Every team is edited along with the 2016 Final Team records. I have also created a generic schedule using Roy's team settings so ENJOY!! Thanks to Roy, Dennisjames and all else who worked on this Project!
  3. OK I got it but it would still be nice to have! I will probably edit the names so if anyone wants them in a couple weeks I will be done them!
  4. Hey Roy it is OK if you can send me the .mbe file so I can rename the rosters!
  5. Awesome I can't wait to start playing it!
    Excellent job on your first jerseys DUDE!
  6. OK No problem Any other help you need let me know GLAD TO HELP!! Can I email the LOC files to you? GRMRPR
  7. Hey Roy I finished both LOC files editing all of team names and abbreviations. Do you want me to edit the divisions and conferences as well?
  8. roy you need help with loc files that is my specialty do them every year
  9. Sounds Great RROY can't wait gonna be SWEET!
  10. Anymore word on this Mod I haven't heard anything lately. Looking forward to it though if it ever gets completed.
  11. hey if you have the mbe i will work on the ncaa rosters sounds sweet love the stadiums so far

  12. Hey if you need help with the rosters I will help send me the roster file and I will edit it for all the 124 Teams. GRMRPR13
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