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  1. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    If I remember correctly (and it's been ages ago), some of the modders were putting out animation files to try and smooth things out a bit. Some of the fixes seemed to work very well. Again, it's been a long time ago, so I may be confusing HH2002 with HH2001.
  2. Post Your Classic Games

    Great shots, Dennis! Wow, now that was some major offense.
  3. Post Your Classic Games

    You know, I looked all over for this baseball game when it came out, never could track it down and finally moved on. The graphics weren't too bad for it's time, it's still one I'd like to get a hold of just for my collection. What a game, 33 total runs. Must have been a spring training game in late March.
  4. Post Your Classic Games

    Thanks Y4L. I fired up Sega's Sports Talk Baseball and was going to play and present the same matchup, but couldn't get Fraps to capture the screens. I'm looking into it.
  5. Post Your Classic Games

    1987, Rick Sutcliff and the Cubs host Will Clark and the visiting San Francisco Giants. Sutcliff would take a no hitter into the 7th only to have Clark spoil it with a double to left center. Sutcliff pitched 8 innings, allowing one hit and striking out 8. For the hometown Cubs, Garry Matthews homered in the 1st inning and drove in 2. The Cubs would go on to win the game 3-0 in the scorching July, Chicago heat. SF - 0 | 3 | 2 CHC - 3 | 8 | 0 * note - I was playing as the visiting Giants. 1987's Rick Sutcliff has been the most difficult pitcher I've faced thus far in this version of The Show.
  6. Post Your Classic Games

    Excellent. Looking forward to it.
  7. Post Your Classic Games

    Great stuff Y4L, love the retro games and seeing the names and boxscores, not to mention the consoles, etc. they're being played on. Hopefully you can get Fraps to work, I'd love to see some of these game pics.
  8. Post Your Classic Games

    Looks like Baltimore's Joe Orsulak and Eddie Murray did the damage. Cool shots of HH2003. Makes me want to fire up the HH series again.
  9. Post Your Classic Games

    After tieing the game on a couple of Rick Burleson doubles, the game would end when Oalkand reliever Paul Lindblad loads the bases and hits Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice, walking in the winning run in the bottom of the 12th inning.
  10. Post Your Classic Games

    The A's take an early lead when right fielder Reggie Jackson drills one to the opposite field and over the Green Monster in left. The solo shot would be Jackson's only contribution on the day, going one for five on the afternoon. Boston 's Fred Lynn could not get it going all day, gong 0-5. Aruging a call on a Vida Blue third strike curveball, only earlier to foul out on a spectacular catch into the stands by first baseman Joe Rudi. MLB® The Show™ 16_201803171858_.mp4 MLB®_The_Show™_16_201803171839_.mp4
  11. Post Your Classic Games

    They year is 1975. The Oakland Athletics had established their dynasty, winning the World Series the previous three years. Veteran second baseman Dick Green had retired and future Hall of Famer Catfish Hunter had moved on to play in New York, crippling a rotation that would not survive the post season to claim their fourth consecutive title. With the veterans nearing 30 years of age ( Billy Williams 37, Bert Campaneris 33, Sal Bando 31), Joe Rudi had moved to first base from left field, stepping aside for 20 year old Claudell Washington, Phil Garner was now at second base replacing the retired Dick Green, and first baseman Gene Tenace had taken Ray Fosse's position behind the plate. The A's would make it to the post season but would be swept by the powerhouse Boson Red Sox, who would ultimately face what turned out to be one of the best teams in Major League Baseball history, the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. On a mid September afternoon, Oakland shortstop Bert Campaneris steps into the shadows of the batters box at Fenway Park to face Boston's Luis Tiant for a three game series and a push to earn their spot in the 1975 ALCS. Campaneris would go two for five with a triple and two strikeouts. (I revamped the images in Photoshop to give the presentation more of a 70's feel)
  12. Post Your Classic Games

    That's what I'm talking about. Dimaggio and Rizzuto getting it done despite the pitching dual. Love it, thanks for posting! Love seeing these classic names. Definitely post the A's and Yanks game as well, Y4L. Keep em comin.
  13. Post Your Classic Games

    Here's a place to post your Classic Games. Unlike presenting an entire season or franchise, I thought it may be enjoyable to some to post their classic game results here - however you desire - whether it be through game images, pics, videos, and/or just a small write up. This thread would be dedicated to one game presentations, series' matchups (2, 3, or 4 game sets), double headers or post season style games. As we all know, it's a difficult task, if not impossible, to present a complete season. Started with clear motivation and good intentions, most seasons/dynasties crash and burn simply due to the grueling summer schedule. . That all being said, it's a much simpler way to get your games out there without having the weight of the entire season on your shoulders along with the expectations and pressures from anyone who happens to be following. Further, I think it may be a great place to talk about the game in general. The rules, for lack of a better term, would be limited to: 1.) Classic (or Retro) Games Only - In other words, teams or games from at least the past 15 years. This would include - and be the start of - the 2003 season and prior. A good example would be to match up and present the 2003 Post Season series between the Cubs and the Marlins; the Bartman fiasco, and rewrite history as others follow along. 2.) Any Platform - PC or Console 3.) Any Game - For example, presenting a game or series from Triple Play '98 or Hardball III, etc. 4.) Any Presentation Style - Pics, videos, write ups, plain text, or all of the above. However you desire. As we all know, the modders here are simply the best out there, so we're lucky enough to have tons of Classic Mods on the site from teams of all eras. And even further, we now have the addition of the classic High Heat mods in the download section to choose from. Hopefully this will be a good side story and a fun place to post as the MLB season rolls along this summer. Enjoy!
  14. Share Your Game Images!

    Very nice, Y4L. Wow, do those images bring back some memories.
  15. MVP Modding Showcase

    Thanks KC! It's been way too long, looking forward to a long summer of baseball here on Mods! In the interest of staying on topic, the last copy of The Show I own is '16 - skipped - 17, but am anxious to get my hands this year's game. Since we're on the subject of modding (or creating) some Classics, I took a shot at creating The Bambino and have found some really good pics of Gehrig that I'd like to try my hand at. A bit rusty, but am determinted to get some practice in this spring.