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  1. It is, lol. You can see the catcher's mask just a tad to the bottom right.
  2. Sony has actually made it pretty simple. Pause the replay, hit the share button on your controller -- hit the triangle button -- and that saves it to your gallery on your PS4. Copy it to a USB stick and transfer to your PC. Not like the good 'ole days with PC baseball and Fraps.
  3. Interesting pic I managed to grab while checking out a replay.
  4. Very nice, Y4L. Wow, do those images bring back some memories.
  5. Hey Mike, it's Jay. Long time no see, bro. Hope all is well with you. Not sure what's going on with my profile, but during my divorce and the move, I came back and couldn't log on as JoeRudi26. Not a big deal at all, just wanted to see how you were doing.

    Catch ya later!


    1. Trues


      What's up bro? good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well my friend. I'm doing ok man.

      I'll see what's up with your account. No biggie.

    2. JoeRudi26


      Got it, thanks bro. Not sure how to delete my other profile (Jazen84), I'm sure I won't be using it. Hit me up anytime if you feel like it. I really miss talking baseball (or playing online) with someone that knows the game. Hope everything is going well with you and the family.


      Take care, my friend.

  6. Good to see a Franchise presentation pop up again. Looks good so far, good luck rc!
  7. I'll give an in depth review myself soon, but wow, they've really tightened up the slider set for this year's version. I absolutely can't get over how well and realistic the numbers are developing for me to this point. Walks were one of my biggest concerns, but this year's version has apparently addressed the issue via the Pitcher Control/Pitcher Stamina sliders, in conjunction with more realistic pitches (my guess, anyway) -- most noticeably the 4 seam fast ball. That baby 'tails away' like it should this year, making the break on the 2 seam fastball a bit more effective. Anyway, th
  8. I've had one strange year, Y4L. I'm just now getting back on track. I even would up in the hospital for awhile with dangerously low sodium, and had to learn to walk again. It really messed me up. I was in Critical Care (or so they tell me) for a few days after my ex found me passed out on my apt floor. I had been feeling odd for at least two weeks to that point, and just couldn't figure out why my legs were becoming so weak. That said, I woke up with IV's poking out of me from everywhere. It was a scary time. It's been a year I won't forget. But anyway, I had uninstalled MVP when I had
  9. 1977 was the year in baseball (I was 11) that would seal the deal for me as far as being helplessly in love and dedicated to the game of baseball. The entire season was a good "story book" that got better each and every day, with the playoffs and eventually a World Series that capped off one of the greatest seasons (IMO) that was ever played. It was the first (and maybe the last) time that I can remember that each and every player from both teams (N.Y. and L.A.) would become powerful household names during the season, and especially the playoffs. The tension was immense, the atmosphere re
  10. LOL. I heard that. I'm a little late in the thread here, but Sean, you may be blackballed if you score more than 12 runs a game.
  11. Can't wait Alb! Looking forward to it.
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