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  1. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, cool. Do you think that would work on the demo, though? That's all I have.
  2. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, another update only because I can't be the only person who's ever gonna come across this issue and my online searches for the past four days are proof that NOBODY else is talking about this online but us here. Both of these are on Windows 7: The HH2002 demo runs fine, and acknowledges the controller, but only playing in XP Service Pack 3 compatibility. The HH2003 runs fine, but for some reason only works well with the controller on Windows 2000 compatibilty. Which is bizarre considering it's one year newer than 2002. No idea what that's about. Now, is 2002 supposed to be choppy when it goes to the outfield High camera and when batting or pitching from the Pitcher camera? Is that just the way the game is? Or is there a setting that smoothes that out?
  3. Post Your Classic Games

    You should have a look again, it looks like he did post some uniforms for 2002. Thanks for the video! I figured some things out with the controller/running the game but I'll put that info in the thread I made about the controller.
  4. Post Your Classic Games

    Cool. That would be good enough, I suppose. We think there will be uniforms?
  5. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Ok, interesting development... I ran a HH2002 demo on my dualboot on Win7 and I set the compatibility settings to Win98/ME and the controller was actually acknowledged in the game. Ok, so I need to play in Win98 compatibility if I want the game to run with the wireless controller. But then, the game crashes with DirectX issues. ...sigh...so frustrating. tiny update: 2003 playing fine. Good game. 2002 demo now sees the controller all the time as well. But freezes EVERY time it goes to load the demo exhibition game. If this is gonna happen it will be tough to justify buying the game on Amazon as I'm unlikely to be able to return it once it's opened. So questions... 1. Does anyone know if that demo from the time was buggy at all? 2. Is there a special way to run 2002 on Windows 7? Every sompatibility mode freezes on the loading screen. Thanks guys!
  6. Post Your Classic Games

    Is there any chance that anyone would be willing to make a short one at-bat video of HH2002 with a classic roster installed? Something recognisable like a 27 Yankees or a 51 Dodgers or something? Just to see old uniforms in action with audio.
  7. Overlay FOX - MLB 2K18

    That looks fantastic. Really well done. Any chance you'd be willing to make an MLB Network one too? That would be more generically appropriate for all teams. Just an opinion.
  8. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    Yeah, just like the TurboGrafx-16. Ridiculously expensive but World Class Baseball was great and looked fantastic at the time even for a 16-bit system. The thing with NeoGeo was that it was what was used in a lot of arcade machines so it looked better than any of the other consoles and better than most PC games. What set the NEoGeo apart was that it had a 24 bit GPU and a Yamaha sound chip that made it sound better than anything else. But neither was worth what they sold for outside Japan.
  9. High Heat 2004 PC GPU issue

    I love that PCSX2 exists but honestly, without fail, every game I try to play has framerate issues. Not a single sports game I've tried on it works without slowdowns, choppy audio, framerate issues, etc. NCAA 07, NFL 2K5, NHL 2K-anything, all of them play with problems. It takes so long playing with settings that I just end up putting the game on my PS2. Always works like a charm. Anyway, thanks for the info @Kccitystar about Renderware, etc. That's explained the issue I was having. I've just chosen to play at the highest 4:3 at 32bit and leave it at that. Looks fine, plays smoothly.
  10. Questions For Any Older PC Baseball Games?

    That's another interesting topic as well. Sorry, gonna pipe in on that... First one ever was Sporting News Baseball (MS-DOS). Hours, days, years of fun with that. No stat tracking so my brother and I kept our own in a notebook. It was the PC person's version of RBI but with a database of classic players as well as current MLB players. The next was probably RBI. Never liked Baseball Stars which makes everyone my age go, "WHAT?!?! How could you NOT like Baseball Stars?!" Even back then I was saying, "...why can't the players names be longer than 8 characters?". A hacker/modder in training.
  11. High Heat 2004 PC GPU issue

    Get yourself a Sony CPD if you can. They were the best and lasted longest. It's not just a visual preference you have, there are several older games that actually took advantage of scanlines to produce their images. It's why Super Mario Bros. never looks quite right on a progressive scan LED screen. Not to dissuade you, but any monitor you find these days is unlikely to be in good shape or last you a long time. CRT monitors almost needed more care than TVs because the static images on computers caused people to burn them in a lot. Go ask around on avsforum.com. You'll find the best guidance there.
  12. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    No, no. You must have missed my reply before. It does have the switch and furthermore, I only have this controller for D-input where the 360 controller has issues. But still, even on the D-input setting, it just won't work. Just hate that I have to buy ANOTHER controller so I'm probably gonna just pass on picking up 2002, much as I'd love to try these classic rosters. I guess I do have Total Classics in MVP, can't really complain.
  13. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    No problem. I'd have to dig for a non-wireless controller that's cheap. I might just pass on 2002 and 2003 altogether in this case.
  14. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Legacy in this case refers to games that used to use D-input controllers. It's basically to do with how they handled the x and y axes before there were trigger buttons. Basically, a contemporary controller that has X-input has trouble because it wants to give a range of values to the trigger buttons rather than a straight 'pushed' or 'not pushed'. So older games can't see what RT and LT are trying to do. Gets very complicated.
  15. High Heat 2003 and controllers

    Oh, I only have this controller for D-input where the 360 controller has issues. It just won't work. Bizarre. I may have to go and get an F310. I like these Logitech controllers, compatible with everything and fit nice in my hands. Just hate that I have to buy ANOTHER controller.