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  1. He's doing this over on Operation Sports as well.
  2. In my defence I was only trying to underline the previous person that had talked about it and as you said, mention it without any intention to deviate the point of the thread, I felt and thought my post was in keeping with the thread and was of use as contribution to the conversation. But, as that clearly has caused some kind of annoyance, I take it back, I regret having tried to contribute here and I will delete my post. It feels that there is some unspoken way that it's ok to contribute here and in the chatbox and I'm tired of trying to figure out what that is. Again, my sincerest apolo
  3. Are you building this using @Kccitystar's roster as a base?
  4. I want to say thanks for this. I've been wondering about this for years. What I'd really like to do with this knowledge is attempt to create names the game doesn't have by editing together audio files of names then replacing them into the game.
  5. Yeah, being a Kaby Lake integrated chip for laptops, there's nothing you can do to ramp it up enough to help.
  6. You're joking. Surely. Right? I mean, you can't be serious with your post, you're being intentionally flippant, right?
  7. That's awesome. So you should have certainly gotten rid of every single player that was in the game by now including prospects.
  8. That's brilliant! Good thinking. Very curious to see how that goes.
  9. There is no 2020 coming out tomorrow. None. Where did you read that?
  10. That's weird, what do you think that's about?
  11. Wait, I'm confused. The game still had Houston in the NL, but you' re ABLE to or NOT able to get them into the AL?
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