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  1. tinpanalley

    MVP 2005 Compatability

    Long story short: you're not going to get that to work. Full long story, here:
  2. tinpanalley

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    Absolutely more than acceptable and incredibly appreciated. This is definitely the year I do ONLY MVP for my current non-classics season.
  3. tinpanalley

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Gordo, what's this overlay? Digging it. Just don't like the bottom stats info bar.
  4. tinpanalley

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    A lot of us have tried this, some of us just know the way Windows games from 15 years ago play with Windows 10, but speaking for myself, a couple of years ago, I spent weeks, literally weeks, trying everything that video game forum techie experts to computer forum techies to Windows OS forum techies suggested. In each case, particularly that of the computer techies, more than one person thought it was possible until they tried it themselves and quickly realised it wasn't worth the hassle to do what needed to be done. On person on a computer forum even told me to just run it through Linux because even THAT would be easier than trying it via Windows 10. "It isn't something that can be done" is the theme that has been repeating in this thread since July of 2015. Trust us, a lot of very skilled people have tried. And methods that involve using illegally obtained images are of no interest here, before someone says, "well, you CAN, but..."
  5. tinpanalley

    High Heat 2004 - Simcentral.net MODS

    Fantastic game. I wish it was still being updated.
  6. tinpanalley

    2019 BaseUp! Rosters

    As long as they come out before Super Mega Baseball 2025's classic rosters, it'll be ok. And if that could come out at the same time as MLB 2K19 that would be great as well. (I've left a shovel over there to help with scooping up my dripping sarcasm)
  7. tinpanalley

    Batting stances: the curiosity and the fury.

    Agreed. I just assumed we all knew what my guys looked like.
  8. But let's not just talk about the crazy looking ones that question any human being's ability to turn a particular stance into an actual movement that could end up as anything resembling a properly executed swing, let's also hear about the ones that when you see them make you wanna just take a big catcher's mitt and smack the batter across the face. Batting stances, I've always found, are like songs. There are just some out there that test our patience. And on that note... 1. Just weird - Moises Alou, Julio Franco, and -- not many people are gonna remember him, but -- Phil Plantier. 2. Wanna smack him - Kevin Youkilis, Gary Sheffield, Mark Texeira but more because of his dickface when he was at the plate than his stance. (Truth be told I just wanted to smack Sheffield for being Sheffield and not just for his arrogant prick batting stance) Honourable mention... every single time I see Craig Kimbrel crouch I wanna drop a giant Wile E Coyote Acme anvil on him. "Shucks, I don't know, I just started doin' this and now I can't stop!" Shut the hell up, just admit you do it for the cameras and you and your agent designed it. Ok, next, you're up...
  9. tinpanalley

    MVP BaseUp! 2018 End of Season Rosters

    Fantastic rosters, unparalleled quality and detail. Makes playing the game even more worthwhile. Thank you!!
  10. tinpanalley

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    It would be great to think that games would make themselves as open as Pro Evolution Soccer, but I find it unlikely. I can't remember where it was that I read this but apparently one of the reasons Madden doesn't offer the ability to modify uniform colours is because the NFL has it as a condition of the license that the game won't permit people to modify the official uniform colours. And supposedly that's because they don't want to see their trademarked teams showing up on Youtube in modified form. I worked for an internet startup once that dealt with offering online content on browser toolbars and we got a 15-page PDF from the NFL about what we could and couldn't do when referencing the NFL in our app without a license. One page -- one entire page -- was on variations of phrases referencing the Super Bowl that were off limits. No joke. "the big game" was as close as we could get to referencing the Super Bowl. Now I write Super Bowl whenever I want because they can't ever stop me again from writing Super Bowl so I say Super Bowl as often as I like. Super Bowl. ......Super.......Bowl.
  11. tinpanalley

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    And, there are rosters. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. tinpanalley

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    I know a few people who work for AAA game developers. With very few exceptions, most of them are just doing a gig in a place that will look good on the resume. I know two guys who have worked on the Assassin's Creed franchise who don't even like the series but "it's Ubisoft". And likewise, EA is EA. You don't say no when a company like that offers you a job. Companies like EA and Ubisoft fly in people from all over the world for their studios so competition is fierce. The point is, it's not bizarre for a game to be made by tons of people who simply don't care. Not because they hate baseball and wanna see the game suffer, but because they are never given even the slightest reason to think anything but their work matters. How they feel about the game is irrelevant. And the front office decides most things related to creative control anyway so people who REALLY want changes made get thwarted by what turnover and market trends say. When they say games are now bigger than Hollywood they don't just mean in terms of gross profits, they also mean in the massive and completely functional way the properties are produced.
  13. tinpanalley

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    Ahhh.. that explains a lot. I've always found the two similar and not just because they were both EA.
  14. tinpanalley

    So, about a possible revival of MVP Baseball...

    It's the EA graphics engine and the newest version started being used in EA Sports games two years ago. It was supposed to revolutionise how their sports games looked (they always say that) and it's good but it isn't the mind blowing experience they've talked it up to be. The thing is, Madden only got it lat year, FIFA got it first, and NHL has yet to get it and that reluctance to add it to NHL has lots of people (myself included) thinking maybe it doesn't work well in all games. So I don't want "New MVP" to just be another excuse to sell the wonders of Frostbite when it hasn't really proven itself to make any massive changes to gameplay. Of course, this is just my opinion. Some things to peruse.. https://forums.operationsports.com/features/2730/eas-frostbite-engine-what-is-it-why-you-should-care/ https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/was-frostbite-engine-eas-biggest-mistake-1816340/
  15. tinpanalley

    2018 MVP Portraits

    As I've said in the past, I'll gladly do it, but I simply don't know how to put any graphics into the game. If I had a tutorial to go by I'd totally try it and then see if I could realistically offer updates.