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  1. No. Thats why I'm asking.
  2. So apart from the Ohtani thing, playing through Franchise mode works fine all the way through a season? No crashing or problems? You'd be the first roster update in ages that works correctly if that was the case.
  3. Does it work through franchise without crashes or only for exhibition? Because people always make 2K12 rosters that crash in season mode.
  4. Hey, so I'm asking because it pretty much always ends up being the same thing year after year with 2K12 mods, but does this work through franchise mode going through a season? Or have you only made this for exhibition play?
  5. In my defence I was only trying to underline the previous person that had talked about it and as you said, mention it without any intention to deviate the point of the thread, I felt and thought my post was in keeping with the thread and was of use as contribution to the conversation. But, as that clearly has caused some kind of annoyance, I take it back, I regret having tried to contribute here and I will delete my post. It feels that there is some unspoken way that it's ok to contribute here and in the chatbox and I'm tired of trying to figure out what that is. Again, my sincerest apolo
  6. This is incredible work. Very exciting. Thank you all for your crazy skills and effort.
  7. Sure, that would be great. You still have my email?
  8. Agreed 100% Loved Triple Play. I also got Gentibus when you told me about it @Yankee4Life. "The cloud" is nothing nearly as magical as it sounds. It's a hard drive kept in servers elsewhere. Period. Why? So you don't have to keep things yourself and so that a giant place that has the money to spend on good servers and data storage can have your back. That's all.
  9. What does young people knowing the Expos existed have to do with your knowledge of poutine being wrong? Also, I said you could just call it "poutine" not Quebecois. I think what you're trying to do a bit unsuccessfully is be passive aggressive to put me in my place. Which is fine, but there was nothing meriting that in my comment. Plus, it's just a comment, you could have just ignored it if you thought, as your reply implies, that it was dumb. Look the poutine thing isn't a big deal, it's not like I'm gonna defend my Canadian honour or anything, it's just that "Canadian Poutine" for a stadiu
  10. Really looking forward to this. What a great season to add to the mods we already have. Thanks!!
  11. Well, apparently you have to be really careful which one you install first and even then there can be problems, as someone once told me in another forum: "Yes, the Windows partition will be treated as its own drive, and the GNU/Linux distro install will be treated as its own drive. HOWEVER, please be aware that the two OSes can in some cases interact with each other. For example Microsoft has at some occasions released update to Windows 10 which breaks GRUB. One example of this was the Creator's update which for seemingly no reason created a hidden partition after the first partiti
  12. I've considered several times moving to Linux. About once a year I have a good long month of weighing options but needing Windows for gaming and for using specific audio, video and other random applications, I always end up in the same place thinking about how often I'll need to boot back into Windows and that that will become annoying over time. About 90% of the games I want to play have some form of incompatibility with Wine, I tend to not play any of the games that are popular enough on PC to get community support.
  13. Actually I started in the editor and then started again doing it only in-game. The editor actually made it harder. All I was doing was knocking each team down to 25 men so that I could have the teams not realign themselves after Spring Training. But I did do all those moves and the crashes to the desktop happened anyway. Is there anything else other than doing changes in-game that matters? A certain number of pitchers, hitters, players on minor league affiliates, etc?
  14. Ok, cool, I'll have to try. The others I've tried all crash.
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