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  1. Well, perhaps in the roster file structure and organisation, but I was referring more to the game as a whole. Very little if any development there if I remember correctly.
  2. By the time 2K12 came out they were spending so little time on development, it doesn't surprise me they just did whatever to release a new version. The only thing I think got less attention at the time was DS versions of sports console games.
  3. Smart on the schedule. Honestly, I play several console games where the schedule can't be changed and it's really the last thing you think about as you play through a sports season. Unless it's the NFL I suppose.
  4. Thanks so much for getting so heavily into this for the community. I'm convinced that there's a great game in 2K12 hampered by the mess that updates and mods has become. This should really help set things straight. Still working on testing those files you prepped for me. No problems yet.
  5. Ok, I don't have time today but I'll play with this this tomorrow or after. I'm not sure I get it all, but when I have the time I'll sit and read the idea more thoroughly. Thanks!!
  6. Geez, I can't believe my time with MVP might be coming to a close just like that...
  7. Darn... that's a shame. And virtual machines definitely don't work for running MVP right?
  8. Yeah, I'm literally only doing this to run MVP, High Heat, FIFA 14, and a couple of NHL games. But right now, I'm fearing that I may not have any way of making it work. With no case for the current very large ATX motherboard, and no luck finding a small mobo for my CPU, I'm at a bit of a standstill. Plus, I still don't know if the game will run without my GPU in there. I imagine it only needs directx from the system but I don't know that for sure. Virtual systems don't work for MVP do they?
  9. So there's really no way other than buying myself some smaller board that can run the i5-2400 and my RAM. Or maybe find some super small case for the current ATX board that runs just fine? It's a Z68A-D3-B3.
  10. Otherwise can I take the CPU I'm currently running, pop it out of the motherboard, and take it with the RAM to some probably very cheap right now microboard from 5 years ago so I don't have to keep this big ATX one I have now?
  11. Ok, well, I'm going to a Ryzen 3600 on a B450 motherboard. So, AMD not intel. I'm not sure what gen that corresponds to. Also, when I run Windows 7, is MVP using my GPU at all? Or just running off the computer's own processing?
  12. You'll have to know your specs to help me out on this one... I'm currently running an i5-2400 within which I dual boot Windows 7 and 10 so that I can run Windows 7 for MVP and other games. I'm going to be upgrading to a Ryzen 3600 on a new motherboard as well. It hadn't occurred to me for one second (and it wouldn't have stopped me from upgrading my system if I'm being honest because I needed to upgrade) but will the new CPU and motherboard even run Windows 7?? Does anyone have any clue? If not, what are my options? Any help would be awesome.
  13. Nice. Thanks for all the effort. I know this year was a pain with MVPEdit
  14. It's a shame of a situation, but it's the request for something that isn't legal that is the problem. So, it's not ok but I'll let a mod deal with that.
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