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  1. Logitech F710. It's wireless and has the switch for D-input or X-input. But it doesn't work well unless you have Logitech Profiler installed.
  2. Question for those of you well-versed in audio video and capture applications. What's an effective way to go about capturing audio and video from my 360. It's a system that can no longer go online so uploading to any kind of stream service won't work. I don't want to film my screen. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. I avoid all this in every sports game by only playing full-control, straight up season or franchise modes. Building fantasy teams is just of no interest to me.
  4. @Kccitystar, you should have a look at the rosters they used, because I'm still testing the one you edited for me without issues.
  5. Fantastic!! This is great!!
  6. There is no 2020 coming out tomorrow. None. Where did you read that?
  7. That's weird, what do you think that's about?
  8. Wait, I'm confused. The game still had Houston in the NL, but you' re ABLE to or NOT able to get them into the AL?
  9. If you provide me with a roster with the 2013 schedule, I'll do the test.
  10. That's asking a lot from people who just grab whichever one looks best to them and then start moving players around. Which, let's be frank, is how most of the 2K rosters have been made until now. And I know, people will say, "well that's better than the rosters you didn't even make" but I'm just illustrating a point. In short, I'm glad you're there helping bring some organisation to everything.
  11. I can tell you that at least all the ones posted here 6 months ago crashed franchise mode. Every single one. But the problem, as @Kccitystar is trying to demonstrate to people is that even if there is a roster that doesn't crash, if that roster uses player ids that are different the mess gets exponentially worse and worse.
  12. Crap... That's a shame. Which roster were you using, just curious?
  13. I'm in the middle of a 1951 season and I totally understand. I specifically wanted to learn more about the Dodgers, and about halfway through my season I've gone and referenced videos, and of course my trusty first edition of The Baseball Encyclopedia and it has been a learning experience to the point where I feel like I can almost talk fluently about a season I never could have watched. I'm actually relishing the time off of pro sports on TV to really revisit classic mods like this in several games.
  14. Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to testing out more of your work.
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