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  1. This is incredible work. Very exciting. Thank you all for your crazy skills and effort.
  2. So, some kind of virtual setup is all, huh? Or an emulator?
  3. Sorry, just wanted to reactivate this old thread... So, what's the deal then, is there any way to make the High Heat series play on Windows 10? I've had to give up my Windows 7 build because my new mobo and CPU won't run Windows 7.
  4. Always -- even when I struggle, even when it's not fun, even when I have to find positives in my farm team and struggle to get three outs with any part of the bullpen, even when you know the four game series is going to be a pounding -- always the Blue Jays. (...and the Cubs. Ryne Sandberg caused that)
  5. Where are you at @Kccitystar with all the roster tests you were playing with recently?
  6. Honestly, even with all the graphical superiority that The Show has, in my personal opinion it has become as boring a rehash of itself every year as the NHL series. And furthermore, no ball in any baseball game flies as true as they fly in MVP 2005. Seriously, I don't know what is so difficult but MVP knew 15 years ago how baseballs travel through air, how much they weigh, and what they do when they roll.
  7. Sure, that would be great. You still have my email?
  8. Agreed 100% Loved Triple Play. I also got Gentibus when you told me about it @Yankee4Life. "The cloud" is nothing nearly as magical as it sounds. It's a hard drive kept in servers elsewhere. Period. Why? So you don't have to keep things yourself and so that a giant place that has the money to spend on good servers and data storage can have your back. That's all.
  9. Well, perhaps in the roster file structure and organisation, but I was referring more to the game as a whole. Very little if any development there if I remember correctly.
  10. By the time 2K12 came out they were spending so little time on development, it doesn't surprise me they just did whatever to release a new version. The only thing I think got less attention at the time was DS versions of sports console games.
  11. Smart on the schedule. Honestly, I play several console games where the schedule can't be changed and it's really the last thing you think about as you play through a sports season. Unless it's the NFL I suppose.
  12. Thanks so much for getting so heavily into this for the community. I'm convinced that there's a great game in 2K12 hampered by the mess that updates and mods has become. This should really help set things straight. Still working on testing those files you prepped for me. No problems yet.
  13. Ok, I don't have time today but I'll play with this this tomorrow or after. I'm not sure I get it all, but when I have the time I'll sit and read the idea more thoroughly. Thanks!!
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