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  1. Nice. Thanks for all the effort. I know this year was a pain with MVPEdit
  2. It's a shame of a situation, but it's the request for something that isn't legal that is the problem. So, it's not ok but I'll let a mod deal with that.
  3. There's a LOT here. You should have a look.
  4. What does young people knowing the Expos existed have to do with your knowledge of poutine being wrong? Also, I said you could just call it "poutine" not Quebecois. I think what you're trying to do a bit unsuccessfully is be passive aggressive to put me in my place. Which is fine, but there was nothing meriting that in my comment. Plus, it's just a comment, you could have just ignored it if you thought, as your reply implies, that it was dumb. Look the poutine thing isn't a big deal, it's not like I'm gonna defend my Canadian honour or anything, it's just that "Canadian Poutine" for a stadium which is in Canada looks as silly as if you made an American ballpark and put "Hot Dogs" with an American Flag next to it. Plus, seeing as how you clearly DO know the Expos, if anything your sign should have been written in French because that's what it would have been at Olympic Stadium. Anyway, nevertheless... when you make replies like the one you sent me and then the completely irrelevant one you sent to @Yankee4Life, you should be prepared for people to speak up. If you're curious what ads COULD realistically go in the stadium that would be authentic, you can reach out to me and I can give you some brand names to look up.
  5. Only thing I can never understand is why anyone with opinion 'A' has to absolutely convince the person with opinion 'B' of what they think. Why does that matter? If I think one thing I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks. But even if what they think is something I'm against, why should that affect me? It doesn't change my opinion. It doesn't threaten my opinion. And if I get offended, well, then, tough. That's my problem for getting offended. But my being offended isn't that other person's fault. That's my inability to accept whatever it is that person thinks of me. I prefer to just let it go and accept that the way our brains are developed means finding people who DON'T think like me are going to be far far more likely than people who think exactly like me. But does that make people who disagree with me wrong? Nope. It's just their opinion. And unless they're forcing what they think on me, then all I want is to hear what they think so I can see how people think. But this, "i won't rest until that guy thinks like me or concedes his point" nonsense is pointless to me. Not saying anyone's doing that here, but just once I wish these conversations would go, "I think this". "Ok, I don't. I think this." "Interesting, I don't think that at all, I think THIS". "Ok, See ya!"..."See ya"..."Bye guys". Maybe it's being an atheist, but I simply can't think of anything more fruitless than trying to get others to think like me or telling someone they're wrong because what they think isn't what I think. That's like liking steak, but not accepting that someone else prefers chicken. But again, that's just how I see it. And I think each of you has an opinion that is valid even if I do or don't agree with it. That's all I have to say about that.
  6. Really looking forward to this. What a great season to add to the mods we already have. Thanks!!
  7. I've been answering questions like this in pretty much every kind of sports game on different forums for close to 20 years. There is one simple solution to your question. 1. Determine what it is you find unrealistic in the gameplay. 2. Read the different sliders and determine one by one which one affects those issues. 3. If you see nothing that directly affects the thing you want to fix, think outside the box with respect to what sliders might have an effect on that thing you're trying to fix. 4. Play with sliders at opposite extremes to get a sense of the game's editable range. 5. If nothing addresses your concerns, remember that it is entirely possible that the game simply can NOT do what you want it to. NHL2K10 can not create realistic fluidity and ice friction without hurting the animations, MLB2K12 can not get realistic fielder speed without weird animations and without having to make baserunners run faster than normal, NBA2K19 can not have good gameflow without making players looking like they're gliding on the court. These things happen. And your opinion of realistic is also very likely not mine. Again, know the range of what the game can do in difficulty and sliders, know what is modifiable and what isn't. Compare with real life footage to get as close as you can. Also take into account when a game was made if it's from years ago. Games from around 2000 were very homerun heavy, NHL games from 2006-ish were very aggression and checking heavy, Madden games of today are obsessively social media heavy (that's a joke, but also sadly true). Try sliders that you find online by searching. But no slider set you find is going to be perfect unless you make it yourself.
  8. All I can offer is that once I got the game working fine (along with several other 2000-2009 era games) I just stopped letting my Windows 7 install go online. Period.
  9. Agreed. 100%. Even The Show on PS4. Looks ain't everything. Plus it's a constant battle trying to play a season avoiding the logistical things the game WON'T let you do or that it does whether you want to allow it or not. It didn't improve. MVP and 2K in my opinion do things a bit differently but I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Each one does things the other doesn't do and in most cases one does things the other one isn't as good as.
  10. Well, apparently you have to be really careful which one you install first and even then there can be problems, as someone once told me in another forum: "Yes, the Windows partition will be treated as its own drive, and the GNU/Linux distro install will be treated as its own drive. HOWEVER, please be aware that the two OSes can in some cases interact with each other. For example Microsoft has at some occasions released update to Windows 10 which breaks GRUB. One example of this was the Creator's update which for seemingly no reason created a hidden partition after the first partition (thus changing the partition table on the HDD, which creates a mismatch between it and where GRUB looks for files)." Here's the rest of my thread for context when I was trying to see if I could run Linux for older games and as a main OS. Also, keep in mind, if Windows 7 is working for someone (me, in this case) offline, then Linux has no purpose for being used and could just be a hassle with people's hardware and peripherals not being compatible. Then, there's the annoyance of finding a distro that is the best combination of community supported and easy enough for beginners.
  11. I've considered several times moving to Linux. About once a year I have a good long month of weighing options but needing Windows for gaming and for using specific audio, video and other random applications, I always end up in the same place thinking about how often I'll need to boot back into Windows and that that will become annoying over time. About 90% of the games I want to play have some form of incompatibility with Wine, I tend to not play any of the games that are popular enough on PC to get community support.
  12. I'm a bit confused, so what needs to be done then to run these rosters? I can't just FTP them over to my XBOX? We probably shouldn't talk too much about "modding" but I am able to FTP so I can get the UDATA folder if anyone were to need it.
  13. So cool. Looking forward to trying these. If I remember correctly, on XBOX, the game was 16X9, wasn't it? Mine is modded and I just put saves on the XBOX via FTP. I'd also love the portraits.
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