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  1. tinpanalley

    Can't simulate season in MVP 17

    Well, you'll have to contact junior1617 then. I'm sorry, I can't help you. He made it and says it works, and others who have gotten it say the same. Somewhere between there and where you are is the problem.
  2. tinpanalley

    Can't simulate season in MVP 17

    Ok, let me explain, and I mean this with absolutely no attitude, despite the fact that my direct tone may sound sarcastic. Just trying to be thorough... There are some very nice people here who make this place work. Very nice. Like, so nice that I even hate some of the teams they cheer for and I still think they're nice. 😉 And if they weren't willing to help others out, I wouldn't know how to do ANY of the things I can now do with MVP and 2K and I know like 10% of what can be done in those games. The point is, an unwillingness to help isn't the problem here. So, with that ruled out... If you say, "I have MVP17, it crashes." Nothing wrong with asking a question but it's like calling a mechanic and saying, "Hey, I can't drive out of this mud, what am I doing wrong?". Ok. These are the things that impede anyone's ability to help you... 1. How you installed the game and what you've done after installing the game to modify it. (what I meant by "painting a picture") 2. There are two mods labelled MVP 17, which one are you talking about? 3. One download actually says "Any mistake you see or notice tell me, although I do not think I have an error because I did it in the best way ..." , did you try to ask them? They told you in their post to contact them for problems. 4. Nothing about either download looks in any way like most of the downloads offered here by the regular contributors, the user barely has any participation in the forum, which should signal to you that they probably aren't a regular member or contributor. You might say, "Well, how the hell am I supposed to know what things are and aren't made by reliable people? That's unreasonable." You've been registered here since 2006. So, I think the reaction you're getting is based on the fact that having been here for over a decade, your question is strange because it suggests that you don't interact much here. Somehow you don't know that anyone can dump anything in here and it doesn't mean people will know about it other than the person that made it. And the problem is that if you frequented this site, conversed, contributed reviews and opinions, chatted with the people here, you'd know in a short amount of time what is and isn't worth downloading. And you'd also get to know some of the people around here that provide a lot of the stuff that is downloadable for free. And even if that WASN'T your cup of tea, because let's say you don't like interacting much, then you still had the option to look through the downloads, search by contributor names, try different downloads on your own, etc.
  3. tinpanalley

    Can't simulate season in MVP 17

    What will help more is telling us how you got your specific current state of MVP 05 from its initial install to today. Most if not all problems with added on mods have to do with something along the way not working well. Aside from that, and forgive me if you know this, but the fact that a mod is found here does not necessarily mean it is endorsed or even known by anyone here who knows how to mod things. People put things here that even come from other communities that have different criteria for whether something is or isn't good enough to be released. Anyway, you'll have to paint a picture of exactly what your MVP install is and how you got it to where it is today. The problem is probably somewhere therein.
  4. tinpanalley

    Cannot upload mods

    This sucks. Was looking forward to more of your updates.
  5. tinpanalley

    Have Cloud Computer - will legal ISO work?

    I'll have to dig around to see if there's a way to install a portable Win7 install on a flash drive and then have this stuff on there.
  6. tinpanalley

    Have Cloud Computer - will legal ISO work?

    Is that so? I mean, I'd never need to put it on a jump drive but is it really that portable as long as you just have the installation and an ISO of the discs? I as well have been using the images I made years ago of my discs because I'm certain that the discs would be dead by now if I didn't. Come to think of it, seeing as how the price of the game keep sgoing up and up online, I've been meaning to throw ISOs of it and several other out of print games on my three backup hdds that I use for music, photos, and documents. If I lost certain games right now, I'd be screwed because the discs stopped working on some of them long ago.
  7. tinpanalley

    Player Id List

    I need a tutorial and I'll have a go.
  8. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    So basically, by updating faces through the years, there's no need for a new models.big file. Is that it? Because you effectively update the faces yourself thereby changing the models.big file? Sorry, just trying to understand how it works.
  9. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    Ok, I see. So, what's the way to get from the 2012 mod to today? Just add faces from 2012 to 2018 as thoroughly as I can and then get Gordo's latest roster?
  10. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    UPDATE: I've copied over the models.big and uniforms.big from the MVP15 mod. But when I go to play an exhibition game it crashes. Is there a way to do this other than just copying those files over and replacing the previous ones?
  11. tinpanalley

    Total Classics 1951

    Loving this. Every minute of it. I'm learning so much about 1951 teams playing with the Dodgers. It's taken me down a whole path (with my trusty Baseball Encyclopedia, of course) looking at Youtube videos and websites with material from the era. The only thing I wish is that you guys had used Patti Page's original Mercury 1951 "Detour" instead of this 66 re-recording. Country and rockabilly were huge in the 50s, that swingin' version with brass is a very post-Sinatra Capitol concept album sound. But I am being admittedly extremely picky about something nobody cares about. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment so far and still to be had.
  12. tinpanalley

    MVP Baseball 2005

    Where did you install it to? Did you create a different folder from the default? I know some older games work better just being installed to the C drive and not in any further folders. But that may not be the case here, I'm just shooting out ideas that I've heard of even with some EA PC games from that time. But before all that... Jim825 was telling you to read the Windows 10 thread because if you have the original game and if you've read that thread, then you'll know that it's not playable on Windows 10. Those that have done so appear to be running copies with modified executables that are not in any way supported here, you should check the guidelines of the site. Not saying you're doing this, but getting it to work tends to involve things that this site doesn't support.
  13. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    Wait, let me ask something... the importing of the models.big from the 15 mod to my 12 install potentially stops any cybers from 2012-2015 from working right? Because when the models.big was created for 2015 surely several players from before in the database could have been deleted, renamed, etc. (retirees, etc) Is that correct? Because if so, there isn't much point in getting anything from before 2015 anyway. Let me clarify, I'm saying... you go along from 2012 as though you were downloading cybers and stuff from the time in chronological order, maybe you only grabbed big update packs along the way because if one or two guys you'd never see had incorrect faces, so what. But the moment you got to 2015, would any faces created from that point have the 15 models.big in mind? If someone makes faces today, what models.big do they reference? I don't think anyone ever says.
  14. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    Right, like if the only place a new stadium was created is somewhere between 2012 and 2015, I won't have it. Or uniforms or something. But if I have the latest models.big then any faces I import should work fine. I don't need the progression of faces, portaits, etc, I just need the latest available.
  15. tinpanalley

    Recommended Installation Guide For MVP Baseball

    The point is, I used to go MVP05 -- MVP15 and then update from there to today. I have all that stuff downloaded already. This time, I've gone to MVP12 instead. Can I just use the stuff I have to update from 2015 forward? Or do I have to get updates that run from 2012-2015 as well? That's what I'm asking.