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  1. This is actually rather important. Many games won't play audio on the TV if you don't switch the display to being TV only or at least trying extending the display, even then though you can have problems. But duplicating wont work.
  2. You may also have to tell the computer down in the sound settings icon (bottom right of screen) to output via the TV rather than the laptop
  3. You're joking. Surely. Right? I mean, you can't be serious with your post, you're being intentionally flippant, right?
  4. That's awesome. So you should have certainly gotten rid of every single player that was in the game by now including prospects.
  5. That's brilliant! Good thinking. Very curious to see how that goes.
  6. You're gonna have a hard time finding help here for the NHL series. I'd recommend wasserlasser.com or splinterice.com
  7. There are sometimes games that will let you control certain physics based things with sliders, player speeds, etc and those can be seen as universal and I believe you can argue they should be at a specific setting. But difficulty based ones really are personal as Jim said. I know people who instantly jump to the most difficult level in any sports game which I think is mental. But that's me. I also think that maybe less than a handful of times in my life have I seen a game that actually programs different gameplay elements for each difficulty setting. 9/10 times, each difficulty setting is just a different preset combination of the sliders. People will tell you to start the sliders on this level and THEN make adjustments... I've done tests with several games and that's rarely ever the case, if ever. This is what I tell people all the time: play the game, get it to a point where it's fun without being stupidly easy and where it's challenging without being infuriatingly difficult. Keeping in mind that in a well designed game, AI will play differently from time to time and from opponent to opponent. But generally get a feel for the mechanics, if not the score.
  8. There's one for 7 dollars on Amazon.
  9. Everything looks great, nice work
  10. Like a charm. And the switch makes it super useful because I can use it for newer or older games.
  11. Logitech F710. It's wireless and has the switch for D-input or X-input. But it doesn't work well unless you have Logitech Profiler installed.
  12. Question for those of you well-versed in audio video and capture applications. What's an effective way to go about capturing audio and video from my 360. It's a system that can no longer go online so uploading to any kind of stream service won't work. I don't want to film my screen. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. I avoid all this in every sports game by only playing full-control, straight up season or franchise modes. Building fantasy teams is just of no interest to me.
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