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  1. Ouch, tough break buddy. Looking forward to see what you do with whichever team you hop to for "next year."
  2. I have never been able to grab an autograph in person, however, I'm an avid baseball card collector. I've purchased a few autographs straight out, but, most of them come from these things called "Box Breaks." A Box Break is where someone buys an entire box of cards and then sells each individual team before the packs are opened. Well, I ended up spending $35 on the Rangers for a set of Topps Tier One...When I watched the video of this card being pulled, I went absolutely nuts because it was such a sweet card!
  3. Blender is so wonky...Good luck with it.
  4. After watching the highlight yesterday, when he makes power contact on the ball and sends it over the wall, Prince Fielder, lol, but once again, another lefty.
  5. If any of you guys are into text-based sims...You can't go wrong with OOTP...I love that game...
  6. Oh how I remember High Heat 2003 on PS2. Threw my first and only perfect game in any baseball video game. Me (Mets) vs Best Friend (Red Sox) in our Best of 7 "World Series." He puts Pedro on the mound against me and Steve Trachsel. Yes...Steve Trachsel...I put a couple of runs up in the middle frame, and I just kept getting him to ground out. His final at-bat, he hits one that lands right before the wall that I catch on the warning track. We honestly didn't even realize it was a perfect game until that last out...We both kind of sat there in disbelief lol.
  7. Try Planet Game Cam, it's what I used to use, much better than Fraps. http://v2.planetgamecam.com/
  8. I played from the age of 5 until the age of 14 when I couldn't make the high school team because the coach really was "Mr. Baseball" and I didn't have the talent nor skills (I really think it's because I dressed differently [band shirts, camo shorts, torn jeans] and he didn't like it because I did show out in tryouts better than some of the other kids that made the team). And being in South Carolina, my only other real option was a church league, which I said, "Hell no," too. Here is the coaches profile: http://www.furmanpaladins.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/delgado_dave00.html What position? - Main positions: LF/RF/1B, Secondary Positions: 3B, C [Ages 5-9] Contact hitter? - Definitely a contact hitter. I was known for lacing the ball into the gaps and being a doubles machine and didn't strike out a lot. Decent Glove? - Yessirie buddy! I didn't gain the nickname of "White Griffey" for my bat nor swing, but rather for my glove! Happened after one game where I robbed two homeruns and prevented a 3rd by being able to swat the ball down at the last minute. How many HR's did you hit? - In my total career, 4, one of them being an inside the parker. My first was during our playoff run in the deciding game that we eventually lost. Did you make the All-Star team? - I made it 2 times. The first time [Age 9], I couldn't participate because my dad was an a-hole at the time and wanted his visitation rights with me for the Summer. The second time [Age 12], I told him I was going to participate because it was going to be one of the many rounds of qualifying to play in the Little League World Series. We got our asses handed to us in those playoffs, going 1-2. Best team you were on? - Yes I made this category up, but, it's because I was proud of this team. It was my age 11 year, and we went 24-1 during the regular season, our only loss being a 13 inning extra innings game. This was also the team where we made the county playoffs and lost in the deciding game. I am currently losing some weight and will be hitting the batting cages again now that its getting warmer out. There is a 30 & over hardball rec league here in Fort Worth that I am going to try out for next year.
  9. I like how the filter brought out the stitching in the jersey, however, not a fan of the rainbow effect.
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