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  1. Edtench

    2017 MLB BaseUp! Rosters for MVP (Start of Season)

    Is this roster designed for/compatible with the MVP 16 total conversion?
  2. Edtench

    MVP 2016 Initial Rosters (BaseUp Rosters)

    Are these rosters compatible with the MVP 2015 Total Conversion mod?
  3. Edtench

    Mvp 14 Baseball- Work In Progress

    Fan-friggin-tastic. I am looking forward to playing it. I'm sure it will be the same high quality as the rest of your work.
  4. Edtench

    Ty Wiggins Tools & Windows 7

    I have had similar problems using Windows 8. I have not been able to get the money changer or schedule updater to work. I have intermittent problems using the MVP 2005 Editor. Sometimes it finds the address and sometimes it doesn't. Because the problem is intermittent, I can't tell what's causing it. Other than that, the game works nicely on Windows 8.
  5. Edtench

    Mvp 13 Crashing

    If you have an older computer it could be a problem with a stadium. My old computer used to hate some of the nicely modded stadiums and would crash in the loading screen. Perhaps try the stock MVP 2005 stadiums and see if that helps.
  6. Edtench

    Tit Now Working With Windows 8!

    I wonder if that fix will also work for MVP 2005 Editor. I can get it to work some times but at other times it fails to find the "correct address." I'll try it out and report back.
  7. Edtench

    Total Classics 1984 (Forum/issues)

    Dennis, much appreciated. You are really helping keep MVP baseball alive with all your mods.
  8. Edtench

    Total Classics 1984

    Great work guys. I started a Reds dynasty and was surprised by how few of those players I could remember. The game played well, everything looked great, and the only small problem was Dave Parker's face was some white dude. Do you happen to know what Parker's cyberface number should be?
  9. Edtench

    Mvp Baseball Teams 14

    Does this include new stadiums such as Target Field?
  10. Edtench

    Roster Makers Using Baseup Rosters As A Base

    Yankee4Life, I did a search for MVP Files and Charts for Baseup Rosters and didn't find it. Is it posted here? Thanks
  11. Edtench

    Game Keeps Crashing

    Did you apply the patch after installing MVP 2013? If so, that is probably why you got an invalid registry error. My advice: 1. Reinstall MVP 2005 and install up to patch 3. 2. Install the MVP 2013 mod. That mod will have the rosters for 2013. I don't know if there are any reliable rosters for 2014 yet.
  12. Edtench

    Controller Not Working For Skill Drills?

    I have had a similar problem with 2K10. If I don't use the gamepad to navigate the menu, it set the control to keyboard.
  13. Edtench

    Other Baseball Pc Games

    Based on the comments in this thread, I just ordered High Heat 2004 for $1.62. Not that I'm gonna stop playing MVP baseball.
  14. Edtench

    Other Baseball Pc Games

    I have been a huge fan of MVP 2005 and all its iterations and the Total Classics mods. I have tried MLB2k10 and didn't care much for the pitching controls. Are there any other worthwhile pc baseball games out there that even come close to MVP Baseball?
  15. Edtench

    Will MVP 2005 work on Windows 8?

    I am running on Windows 8.1 and have had no problems with the game itself. I didn't like the full screen stretch so I was able to tweak my video card to use the normal screen size for the game. It works nicely! I have had a few problems with some of the MVP 2005 tools such as the MVP 2005 roster editor. I got it sorted out by running the Windows compatibility check and now everything seems to be just fine. By the way, my last computer was about 10 years old and was running XP. The new machine allows me to run with better quality graphics options and the game works smoothly. Hell, I might be able to use 2X uniforms from now on!