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  1. I have downloaded the newest Padres unis, but the numbers and hats and helmets are still blue. Any help there, please?
  2. Generally speaking, in 2K12, when editing a player in the personalize batters stances, which stance in you opinion most resembles Barry Bonds, please?
  3. Okay. Thanks for the detailed answer, Legend.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys! I think I'll leave the modding to the guys who are GOOD at it! :-)
  5. How difficult is it to become a modder? I realize it takes lots of time, no matter what it is that you mod. How do you get into the files to modify them...say for example a uniform or hat or helmet file? Or to change or make any roster mods? Just kinda curious, if you please?
  6. Thanks Yankee2life my friend! I have 2K9, 10, 11 AND 2K12. And you are right! 2K12 IS getting all the downloads nowadays. I keep 2LK12 going with all the latest updates. I also keep 2K11 loaded because I really liked the team logo catchers helmets they had in that game, since it doesn't look like 2K12 will have those logo'd helmets any time soon, if ever my friend!
  7. My apologies if this is a redundant or obvious question...But was there ever a total front end download for MLB2K11 released? And if so what year was it so I can download the RIGHT one, please?
  8. I load MLB 2K11 on my PC - No Problem I install the patch - No problem But then I add in the 2017 Total Front End and the game begins to load and then crashes. Am I missing something here? What am I doing wrong? A little help here, if you please.
  9. Thanks for the answer Legend! I understand. Too bad though....I REALLY liked those logo'd helmets.......Just curious - Is there any way to mod the existing catcher's helmets at all? Say to give them the current team colored arrow helmets (for lack of a better term) that we see popping up more and more in RL today? Once again just curious, that's all.
  10. This is the best I can do for you, Raider. These shots were taken out of the MLB 2K11. I looked in the game files and didn't see any files that showed the catchers helmet logos specifically, or any catcher's equipment. Is there any way to copy or transfer these catchers helmet logos from 2K11 to 2K12? Or perhaps create some new ones for 2K12? Remember these? As I said I think it's a real shot in the dark, but no harm in asking, right? And unfortunately I personally have absolutely NO idea how to mod files! Whaddya think?
  11. I realize I am taking a real shot in the dark here, but is there any way to copy or transfer the catchers helmet logos in 2K11 into 2K12? I personally REALLY enjoyed that little bonus so to speak in that game and have wished many times that those helmet logos came along into 2K12. Any info or ideas would be appreciated, if you please.
  12. Is this Total Frontend 2K17 1.0.0 for 2K11 or 2K12, please?

  13. GREAT WORK PickleBrad! Any chance of reworking the catcher's helmets? Or maybe you can tell me how to do that so I can give it a shot. What program or download do you use to do this kind of work?
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