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Elia's 2021 Post Playoff Roster Demo (3 Teams complete) make sure to backup! 1.1.2

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About This File

Updated Teams - 




HOU - Player ratings and pitcher tendencies not yet updated


Upcoming Team Updates - Version .5




Upcoming Team Updates - Version .8





Upcoming Team Update- Version .9



This file is an demo of the upcoming complete roster for MLB2k12 post playoff (This is version 1.0, and 2 more versions of this will come out)

*** Warning, the roster file included only updates certain teams as I updated  which includes some missing playoff players , its not the full 40 man roster, but is primarily the playoff roster.***


It also includes 19 of the 25 cyberfaces (from the mlb 2k12 community) (credits will be listed soon)


Make sure to BACKUP the cyberfaces that are included in this zip file. To use the cyberfaces in this file, just move them to your mlb 2k12 folder and overwrite, but again backup the ones in the mlb 2k12 folder first just in case as they only go with this roster file.


The roster file goes into your saves folder. Make sure you load it.


The portraits file is simple. Use the TIT Total installer thingy mlb 2k10 program, simple load the "portrait" zip included in this file and press the start button!


And you will have a nice updated roster, portraits and many of the cyberfaces, for a better experience!!


This is just a demo , but the complete roster overhaul is coming soon! I just want some input on everything!

This roster includes

40 man roster

Correct birth dates, birth place, accurate physical attributes, accurate player throwing and batting. 

Pitchers have accurate favorite pitches and tendencies!

Somewhat accurate attributes (but will be tweaked and can be tweaked)


Lots of cyberfaces (from the mlb2k12 community) 

Edited by eliamvpmod
Updating the number of rosters are complete

What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog


This updates -


Houston Astros added to the roster.

**notes to keep in mind**

Roster isnt fully updated with player ratings or pitcher tendencies

-Portraits update (missing a couple)

- Cyberfaces update (missing a few)


The key is that in the end once all the teams are updated it will be much easier to tweak and perfect it.

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Why do you include people on the roster who miss the end of this season due to injury? what then is this playoff roster? in mlb 2k12, you can expose them to a real injury, and they will not disappear anywhere from the composition.

That' no realistic

Response from the author:

The reason im doing what im doing is very simple.


Its too create a base roster that is close to what rosters are today. 


Im doing a complete overhaul of every single player from the 2012 roster. So its difficult and time consuming.


The goal is to fill out the rosters with so similar rosters to right now, that me or someone else can easily tweak the roster to perfect it, trading players, adding missing ones etc.


After all isn't this a community? The whole point is not to perfect it on the first try, its to create a base where it makes life simpler for everyone to the point where we get more involved in trying to tweak it. I wouldnt be mad if this was used to create 20 other rosters with efforts from the community. That way we get options to try out rosters , since some might not be as accurate or have different ratings that agree with different people.



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