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MVP 21 - MLB Only - Trade Deadline 3.2.0

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Roster includes latest Cyberface ID nos.  


I think I caught all of the jersey no. changes.  Minimally, no teams have duplicate nos.


Same install instructions, etc. as before.




Update to Phillies' reliever Falter



What's New in Version 3.2.0   See changelog


  • Portrait IDs updated (no "0"'s other than for Placeholder players)
  • Cyberface ID updated
  • Latest moves updated and a few players added

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Thanks Gordo, not an easy task to keep the roster updated in this game. 

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As usual a wonderful job. This is one of the hardest jobs to do but Gordo seems to do this without effort. It's not true of course because this a tough job to do. Thank you again.




EDIT: I was rating these comments on my laptop and the batteries in my mouse were not working so I had to do without it.  I rated the first two helpful and then for the others I was rating them not helpful but I clicked on the wrong damned thing and one was voted helpful. Those two guys were as helpful as a hole in your umbrella during a down pour.

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critical errors, game crash a list of players to fix (after changing the cyber, it stops crashing)


Willy adames, corbin burnes.
Leury garcia, dylan cease,
Harold ramirez, emmanuel clase.
Matthew boyd, gregory soto.
Kyle tucker
Hayes and brubaker from pirates


Teams : Yankees, Nationals(cybers correct, empty crash)


and change some cybers :
Alcantara(cubs), bobby bradley.
Yimi garcia.


Thanks for your work

Response from the author:

If a game is crashing due to the cyber, then it's not the roster, it's the cyber file.  But it could be something else.  The problem is if you are using a build of MVP with multiple varied mods, that's too many factors. I saw what you were saying about the Nats/Yankees, and isolated it was the Nats.  BUT, it could have been a given stadium based on my trials.  So I took the roster into a more trimmed down build I had, especially where the stadiums are the originals, but only modded with the grass changer.  Once testing in there (and I did reset the Nats pitching staff), I had no crashes with multiple teams matched up with the Nats in multiple stadiums.  


The cyberfaces you mentioned all show up.  I'm not sure what you mean by the last 3 players.  All of their nos. are entered in the roster as indicated by the cybermaker (who are saying they're using official IDs).  







Please don't rate down a mod if you're not really sure if it's not on your specific end.

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Edited today 07-08-2021.


-Avoid misclassifying the content of this man ... Because then you will find his offenses by private messages, instead of making it public right here as a "little man". I guess you don't want to see your "prestige or fame" affected on this page !;).

Response from the author:

"Those who can't ...... bitch."

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