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All levels Roster - 2nd Half of the Season 3.0.0

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Hello there! It took me more than two months but I'm finally releasing a new version of the All Levels Rosters that reflects what we have right now in the 2nd half of the season.  Thanks for the waiting and thanks for the messages of support to this project.


Go to your MVP/data/database folder, first, delete ALL the 19 DAT files and then paste the new DAT files of this download. Don't forget to backup.


What's new on the MLB Level:

  • All transactions to date (once again, BIG thanks to Laroquece).
  • All MLB Rosters updated to date (Injured players were placed on the minors in order to make all lineups and rotations as close to the same the teams used today).
  • All Batting ratings, hot/cold zones, and batted ball percentages were updated using the data from 2018 to this point of the season.
  • Fielding ratings for positional players (except catchers) were updated with the data from 2018 to 2021. (thanks to Gordo for the tips here and with the hot/cold zones).
  • Accurate pitching repertoires added for several pitchers. There is still work to do with pitching ratings, but I'll wait until to end of the season to have all the data.
  • 2021 ALL-STAR TEAMS! And Future All-Stars teams too! In the former I focused on players that did play the game (with painful exclutions due to roster limits) and with the later you'll need a fully unlocked profile to see the teams.
  • Added the IDs of the latest new cyberfaces (I'm not sure if I assigned the correct skin tone for all of them).
  • Added all the new audio/photo IDs.
  • Some corrections in batting stances and pitching delivery styles (still work to do here, I actually will appreciate any help here because it's hard to find the time to see all the video reports).


What's new on the Minors:

  • HUNDREDS of new ratings for batters and pitchers in order to reflect what they have been doing this whole season.
  • I've been following the promotions of some of the top prospects. For example, Adley and Torkelson are now in Triple-A.
  • Some of the most interesting prospects that get the call to High-A in the last couple of months can be seen in the game now (Hello Luciano and Orelvis!)
  • I already started to create the guys of the past 2021 draft! You can now play with this year's 1st overall selection Henry Davis in High-A Greensboro.
  • Tweaks to the ratings of the Cubs and Brewers prospects according to their scouting reports via Fangraphs.
  • The Top 100 Prospects were also updated (Based in the Fangraphs Top Prospect List).



  • You have he usual excel with the updated Prospect List.
  • I'm going to update that literally the next month, but the record of all teams in their respectives first half of the season can be seen when playing exhibition games.
  • Screenshots.


Thanks for downloading and have fun!

Pd. Sorry Cubs and Nats fans, it was awful.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


Hey, good morning! Start your day with another update! 


  • Transactions from 08-27 until the midnight of 09-01-2021 (And some others that I missed before).
  • Added the new ID numbers for cyberfaces and audio/photo.
  • Modifications to the lineups and rotations to go along with the lates roster moves (I'm keeping almost all the players that are in covid injury lists)
  • A few minor leaguers were added.
  • Minor tweaks to ratings, generic faces, jersey numbers, etc.
  • The Top 100 prospects List was updated as Matt Manning graduated and Hunter Bronw (Hou) entered the List.


Side note: in the next days I will be releasing a few packs of new audios for some players!

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Thanks Alfredo, doing all the levels is really hard, thanks for your effort, BIG THANKS ONCE AGAIN

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Awesome work!  Thank you!

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Thank you so much for this detailed roster!

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Amazing roster update. I noticed lots of rating adjustments that were done to many players beyond the bigger names compared to the beginning of the year release. Having the full minors rosters are a dream for fantasy draft play as well. Thanks!

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Thanks alfre2jose !!!


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Muchas gracias Alfredo. El mejor. Como siempre!(Y).

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