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  1. Omarito, OH! I did not realize that the ID numbers start over again at the bottom part of the spreadsheet. So, when I sorted that column, it shows both the old names and the new names. I thought new names would replace the old names. I am very sorry. Please forgive my ignorance!
  2. Omarito, thank you, I see the listing for J.P. Crawford now as 407. However, there are very many duplicate Player ID's listed in the current excel sheet beginning at Id number 506. Here is a snapshot showing some of the duplicate lines shown in the column with blue highlight:
  3. Omarito, just finished looking over the updated Community Player ID List, there is only one cyberface change missing from the last 2 months that I noticed: J.P. Crawford 469 replaces Wilin Rosario But, when I sorted by ID numbers, there are very many duplicate ID numbers beginning around 506. Looks like the old names are still there. Not being critical, just trying to help...
  4. Omarito, just to let you know, there is a duplicate listing for Michael Perez (Pirates Catcher) in the list as follows: CF ID -------------------- 38 0596 (Official numbers) N/A 5279 (Duplicate)
  5. Ok, I figured out how to edit players using MVPEdit.  One had a bad "Audio/Photo" number and the other a bad "Face" number.


    Sorry to keep bothering you but how can I preview the "Audio/Photo" and "Face" anims/pics?   The MVPEdit program doesn't show any.  I guess it's another file I need but haven't found which one yet.


    1. dpeters95


      Sorry, placed this here by mistake and couldn't figure out how to delete...  Resent to you as a DM.

    2. AxelioXXX


      hi where can I download music for the musicbox

    Thank you for all your hard work but I do have a problem. The Milwaukee Brewers as the home or visitor team crashes the game when I try to play. The loading bar only gets half way across and then crashes to desktop. I never see the playing field. I don't seem to have that problem with any other team. ****************** UPDATE: Thanks for the reply! I downloaded and tried your earlier rosters from May 06 and May 17 and they work fine for me, no problems! I also tried Gordo's Start of the season rosters and they work for me too. It's just the latest June 27 roster
  6. Thanks! I was worried that they would be impacted when controlled by the CPU.
  7. I am trying to update the MVP 15 mod with 2016 stats. I have Gordo's rosters etc but I can't figure out how to change the teams ratings in the game. I thought at first it was done by changing the Ratings listed in MVPEdit on the Team/Manager/Ratings area but when I looked at those, they didn't make sense to me. Just for ex: In MVPEdit: (Not questioning these numbers) Pittsburgh - Hitting 92 Running 81 Pitching 98 Fielding 78 St. Louis - Hitting 87 Running 78 Pitching 99 Fielding 80 In Game Ratings and Rank: (I am wondering about these number
  8. That did it! I copied the whole "datafile.big" from MVP15 to MVP16 and all is well! The view angle is now the same...
  9. Thanks guys. I'll have to get that a try! I know Stealth said he didn't really notice a difference but it was the first thing that jumped at me in my install. It's just too low of an angle. I find it harder to get my outfielders to the right spot with such a shallow angle when viewing the outfield. I'll try to copy over my "datafile.txt" from MVP15 to MVP16. I have already copied over the audio file. Some of their pronunciations I didn't like. For example, Francisco Cervelli was being pronounced as Cer-Vai-E with that double "LL" pronounced as a long "E" as in the Spanish language.
  10. Is it just me or is the camera angle from the batters view point much lower to the ground after a ball is hit with this mod? I don't mean while at bat, I know you can change the "batters eye", but when the ball is hit the viewpoint is not much above the batters eye level. Sort of from the 1st stadium level behind the plate. Maybe there is another setting that needs to be tweaked but I can't get the same viewpoint as with the MVP 15 mod on here.
  11. No, it needs all 5 RAR files. When you double click the 1st RAR file (I use WinRAR), it automatically reads and decompresses all 5 RAR files. It will create only one combined "EXE" installation file (1.43 GB). Just run the file it creates and then copy your mvp2005.exe file into the root of the new MVP16 folder that it creates or I think it let's you browse to the file if it can't find it.
  12. If anyone is interested... You need to register for free on the MVP Caribe site to download. The MVP16 download is 5 compressed files with a total size of 1.43 GB. You do not need a clean install of MVP 2005 but you do need the "mvp2005.exe" file from your original MVP Baseball 2005 game. They do not specify what patches need to be installed but I just used a copy of the "mvp2005.exe" file I used for the MVP 15 mod from this site (Patched to #2) and it worked fine for me. It does allow for an English language installation.
  13. Gordo,

       Can you tell me the best way to change a teams default lineup so that I don't have to load saved lineups before playing a "Season Prep Game"?  I wanted to update a team with current players but moving players from the MLB team to the AAA team fixes the roster but then the game chokes because the default lineups are missing players.  I can set the lineups then save but I have to reload every time I restart the game.





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