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  1. Gracias hermano!Mira porfavor crea los de Francisco Lindor,Yasmani Grandal,Corey Seager,Carlos Correa ... Son importantes y no estan mano! Porfa gracias!
  2. Please could you go to this phase, Christian Villanueva de Padres!0000.BMP
  3. Exactly, This comes from MVP Caribe, Posted by me, I uploaded it here for you, Forget it was translated, And sorry for taking your database without consulting, I did not know I was going to have problems, And in the download is the link a block note with the link that is mega.
  4. The truth is that I am new to this, and I did not know that I had to consult it, I really apologize friends, For the next I will take precautions, I really apologize.
  5. Version 1.2


    Well friends, My words are debts, And I gave them my word to raise the weekend player uniforms, Although it was not 30 as I said, But if more than half (20) ... Then I upload the missing ones! ... The installation is easy, just extract the downloaded file (weekeng player uniforms), copy the file models and paste it into the data folder of the game, then copy the uniforms and paste it into the fronted folder of the game ... And ready enjoy the 20 uniforms ah and also add the Miami in honor of Jose Fernandez and Houston Home Club in the world series. The 20 uniforms are those of: Yankees, M
  6. Just copy the files Feeng.Loc and Igen.Loc from your mvp 16 or 15 to the data folder of this mod and you can fix the language, I did not do it because I forgot it and at the time I did not have the mvp baseball 16 nor fifteen.
  7. Version 1.2


    Bueno amigos,Les di mi palabra que iba a arreglar e actualizar este mod y aqui esta,Disculpen la tardanza!Y por no subirlo con los uniformes weekeng player,La razon fue que antes me daba error el juego cuando los instalaba y ya cuando solucione eso,Ya habia borrado todos los uniformes!Espero no haiga ningun error y les guste ... En mi caso cuando termino un partido e intento jugar otro me da error el juego,Tengo que salirme y entrar de nuevo a jugar,Pues en dinastia que ya esta arreglada ya no hay errores,Al terminar cada partido no olviden guardar la partida por si acaso les ocurre lo mismo .
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