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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! It's a slow project, but I love every second of it. I've learned so much about computer programming and design just by playing with this mod.
  2. Progress Update: MLB teams now have accurate Batting, Pitching, and Fielding stats (with the exception of a few pitchers I need to grab batting stats for) All minor league teams have accurate Batting stats. Just need to complete pitching and fielding Players drafted in 1998 are with their respective teams (this includes draftees that did not sign, so for example, Mark Prior is on the Tampa Yankees, Barry Zito is on the Charlotte Rangers, etc.) Undrafted free agents and international free agents from 1998 have been added to the free agent pool Legends making a comeback - Bo Jackson, Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan (added to free agent pool) Why these guys and not George Brett or Ozzie Smith? Bo was forced to retire because of injury, Nolan Ryan might want to try to win a game in his 50s and become the only person in MLB history to start an MLB game in his teens, his 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, and MJ is just MJ. He'll retire again next year anyway. All 1997 retirees added to the free agent pool
  3. I believe there are, but I'm not sure. I haven't poked around too much with game audio, but let me give it a check. I do know there's a mod out there to replace the generic "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with one sung by Harry Caray, so it's just a matter of finding that file and replacing it. I'll have to give it a look next time I'm able.
  4. If you were to do this, it would be for all stadiums.
  5. Dang. That's hella expensive. I still have my 2k11 disc. I'm guessing the modders for that are quite a bit fewer, eh? Either way, better than shelling out over a hundred bucks.
  6. Right. Definitely made sure of that.
  7. Hmmm... I'll have to play around too. I'm having the issues with my MVP 1998 mod as well. It's using MVP 94 as a base, so I'm not sure if there were issues there that I'm not detecting. Hmm.
  8. Ah, forgot an important detail - this happens at random. Doesn't matter the team, and if I just try to use the same settings again after restarting, it works fine. That would have been helpful to note.
  9. Just wanted to report a crash I'm getting. It seems to happen intermittently. It occurs in both Exhibition mode and dynasty mode, where after the lineups screen, I go to stadium select and then try to advance to the game. The game just crashes out without going to the game loading screen. Using Windows XP.
  10. Yeah, it does take a little bit of time. Hence why MVP 1998 is taking so long. Hah.
  11. Minor league schedules are a part of a different schedule. If you open the schedule.big directory, you'll see 3 MLB season schedules, a couple AAA schedules, and a few schedules for AA and A. My suggestion would be to open up the schedule.big from a clean install of MVP Baseball 2005, extract all the files that do not say MLB, and then import them into the current game you're playing. That will have the default minor league schedules in place in your modded game. If things are still acting up, I'm not sure what could be the issue. P.S.: The schedule.big file can be found in the MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder.
  12. Audio modding is easy if it's just names. if it's team names, it's actually tougher because there are bunch of little files in the overall dat file for tnamedat. Anyway, editing names is simple. Find yourself a good audio editor. For a good free one, I recommend Audacity. It's not the greatest, but it's not terrible. You'll also need the audio tool that will convert .dat files to .wav files. You can find that in the Audio Editing Tutorial on this site. Find the names of a few players that have matching names. So if you wanted to create a dude named Byung-Hyun Martinez, I'd recommend locating the audio files for Byung-Hyun Kim and Tino Martinez and extracting them. Change the .dat files into .wav files and open the .wav files in Audacity. Combine the two names and save the new .wav file. Find a free audio slot that you want to add Byung-Hyun Martinez to. Rename the .wav to the number you'd like. Run the file to convert the .wav back to a .dat file. Import .dat file back into the directory. Open an HDR file for it. I think it can be any HDR file. Open the HDR file in a hex editor Go online and search for a decimal to hex converter. Type in the new audio ID number you wish to have, and it'll spit out a hex code. In your hex editor, enter that code into the upper left. (I *think* it's the last two first, then the first two) Save the HDR file and re-import in back into the directory You should be good to go!
  13. I keep finding ways to improve this mod. I purchased the Game Worn Guide, which is a WONDERFUL uniform related resource for those that are interested. Bill Henderson does an amazing job. I actually managed to find a proper letter/number font for a bunch of different teams. So now, with totally accurate letters and numbers are... *Anaheim Angels (Disney font) *Kansas City Royals/Minnesota Twins (subtle tweaks to their number font) *Toronto Blue Jays (proper colors for home and alts) *LA Dodgers (proper font/color for front numbers) *Chicago Cubs (proper letter fonts on all uniforms, era-accurate road jersey) *Houston Astros (proper letters and numbers on alt/spring uniforms) *Milwaukee Brewers (proper letter and numbers on all uniforms) *Montreal Expos (proper lettering on all uniforms)
  14. This is what I use. I put my disc into the disc drive like normal, and then in the VirtualBox menu, you can choose to enable a drive to be booted. You'll need to have the DirectX package downloaded though and be able to accelerate hardware graphics.
  15. This looks like a cool concept. As for rosters, I think it'd be cool to use cricket players for Commonwealth teams like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and things like that. The Cricket World Cup is actually right around the corner! A quick glance shows the World Cup teams being England, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the West Indies (which are the Caribbean island nations all combined into one super team).
  16. Another update regarding a new feature I'm incorporating! More Japanese players! Since in a default MVP 1998, players like Ichiro, Hideki Matsui, and Hiroki Kuroda wouldn't be available, I'm going to place these guys in Single-A. I'll base their stats and ratings off their 1997 stats from NPB, which is a pretty decent approximation of what AAA ball would be. By putting them in Single-A, it won't be interfering with roster slots of guys that legitimately were in AAA at the time. I've done the same for a few Cuban defectors as well, most notably Jose Contreras. Because of this, I've jampacked the game with a ton of cyberfaces, not only from Japanese players, but from wherever I could find. I did a deep dive in the cyberface section, and came across some gems.
  17. These are the stadium tutorials I use. Pirate's Editing Tutorial and ZMod's Stadium Guide
  18. Thanks! I've also created Frontier Field for the Rochester Red Wings, which was the O's AAA affiliate back in the day. I figure you should get a kick out of that one as well!
  19. OH! Got it. Yeah, I can definitely do that!
  20. Oh alright, nice! Yeah, please feel free to use it in any updates you create from here on out!
  21. Install with TiT. You need all 12, and any player with face 901-915 will be able to use it. But just note that in MVPEdit, the "Goatee" and "Beard" will be switched around.
  22. Sure thing! To create audio, there's a tutorial for it in the section. It provides all the tools you need. Basically, you need to find Daniel Murphy's Photo/ID in MVPEdit. Whatever number Daniel Murphy has will be the number you will use to create his audio. Once you find that, look for someone with the first name Daniel and someone with the last name Murphy. I'm sure that you can find them because they're very common names. Export those files and then use an audio editing program (like Audacity) to create the Daniel Murphy audio. Remember to save it as the ID for Daniel Murphy, and you should be all set!
  23. Hey there! I've been modding for quite a while now, and in my experience, stadium modding is the most difficult to do. For MVP Baseball 2005, there's a file in the Tutorial section that will help, but the program required (OEdit) doesn't work on Windows 10, so you would need to edit with the same computer you play the game on. For me, this is kind of a pain because I prefer to edit on my Windows 10 workstation and then remote connect to a Windows XP workstation. Anyway, that stadium tutorial is a great start if you've got the patience to deal with OEdit. For my SunLife Park and Marlins Park mods, I just modded existing stadiums using Photoshop. The cram32.fsh file is where all the good stuff lives, and by changing those things around, you can create a whole new stadium! For example, my SunLife Park mod was actually a US Cellular Field base! Good luck!
  24. Interesting discovery looking at batting stances. Back in 1997, Larry Walker had a stance more similar to Luis Gonzalez. Only when he got older did he shorten up his stance.
  25. I've finished the batting statistics for AAA. Now I'm working on something that I've really wanted to do for a while - I'm scouring Youtube and image sites to see the batting stances of every major leaguer and adjusting them to match a stance that's a little more accurate. There were a few people that had a Tony Batista stance that had no business with that kind of madness.
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