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  1. The cameras are a part of the stadium's datafile. I don't have the ability to download these, but if it's in there, you'll see something like sheaday.txt and sheanite.txt. You want to import those into your datafile.big directory.
  2. Also, in my poking around the progress.big, there's actually a stadium.csv file there. So you can actually set the parks to match their HR probabilities and XBH probabilities, which is really cool. In my MVP 98 mod, all of those stadium values are still from 2005, so I can adjust Seattle, Houston, Detroit, and other stadiums to better reflect that they're hitter or pitcher parks. If anyone is interested in taking a crack at this for their mods, here's a pretty good list of park factors: https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2014/3/16/5447692/fun-with-park-factors-a-follow-up
  3. Dang. If you wanna poke around the progress.big file like KC suggested, I'll do the same when I get home from work later tonight. Maybe there's a few values there that can be adjusted?
  4. Hey all. I didn't see anything about this cropping up before, but I'm getting a bunch of CPU generated free agents in addition to the ones that I've already got in the free agent pool. These guys the CPU is creating are freaking gods. Like, MVP caliber starters at the Major League level good. Is there any way to tone down the stats that the CPU auto-generates for these guys? On a side note, should I just fill the free agent pool with actual players so that I don't even have to worry about the CPU guys?
  5. BallFour

    Audio Question

    You too! Glad I could help!
  6. Just finished up with the Rangers' uniforms. Lots of little tweaks from what I previously had back in 2017. The blue around the belt loops is gone. It looks like they switched to a blue stripe only on the road uniform pants, while home uniform pants have red and blue stripes down the sides.... actually, I just finally found a hi-res image of the road pants and it looks like they do still have the red stripe down the side as well. I'll be going back to fix that. Anyway, I made some more slight changes and I removed the final season patch they wore last year. Haven't seen any inaugural season patches for Globe Life Field but I'll add those as they come.
  7. Of course, there's a chance that Nike just decides to redo every single uniform and make drastic wholesale changes. Then I can start over again.
  8. Updated the sand color on my Padres uniforms and added the proper hat logo for the Padres' desert camo uniform set. Finished up the Mariners 2020 set as well.
  9. Yeah, they are pretty tucked away now. For the sand tone, I just took that staged picture with good lighting and dropper tooled to get a decent tone from it. EDIT: Found the sand color from TruColor.net
  10. Yeah, I used that photo from Creamer's site to grab the letters and numbers.
  11. Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on an update for my Total Uniforms mod, as you can see being slowly rolled out now. I'm going to go through and compile everything, and then include the uniforms.big file, which should alleviate all the issues that we're having with crashing or uniforms not appearing in the uni select screen.
  12. BallFour

    Audio Question

    I've been pondering this for a bit. It looks like the problem is in the HDR file. If you open the 746 HDR file, you should see the hex code of number 746, but I'm not seeing that here. For reference, the hex code for 746 is "02 ea". So with the HDR file, you just flop the two values. So it should read "ea 02". You'll need to download a hex editor program and then change things around. It's all outlined in Homer's Audio Tutorial, which is in the MVP 2005 "Tutorials" section of the download. According to Homer, when you open up the file, there are a few numbers that need to align to the number you wish for the player file. So instead of the "51 13" you currently have in your HDR file, you want "ea 02". I've changed them in my hex editor and I've added them here. Just add these into the pnamehdr.big file. Please let me know if this works out! 0746a.hdr 0746c.hdr 0746d.hdr
  13. Love the concept! Maybe it's just because I grew up during that era, but I love those Houston colors.
  14. 100% correct. If you had MVP Baseball 2005, I have Francisco Cordova in my MVP Baseball 98 mod. Not sure if it's worth paying the extra dollars, but it's a complete conversion mod.
  15. We sure do! Think you could get on that? I've got a ton on my plate.
  16. Most managers already have cyberfaces assigned. I'll work with Gordo to determine which should be which, or if you'd like, you could do it too.
  17. Updated with Carlos Beltran being named Mets manager.
  18. Do the sliders account for bullpen stamina? In my experience when switching between human and CPU control, a reliever you start warming up will be sat back down if the CPU doesn't like that. So are the sliders set so that bullpen stamina is automatically at a higher rate than a cold reliever?
  19. I was thinking that we could have a list of all the manager cyberfaces that could be refreshed/updated by season. The last one I saw in a search was 2017. I will update with correct cyberface IDs later. Arizona Diamondbacks - Torey Lovullo Atlanta Braves - Brian Snitker Baltimore Orioles - Brandon Hyde (needs cyberface) Boston Red Sox - Alex Cora Chicago Cubs - David Ross Chicago White Sox - Rick Renteria Cincinnati Reds - David Bell Cleveland Indians - Terry Francona Colorado Rockies - Bud Black Detroit Tigers - Ron Gardenhire Houston Astros - AJ Hinch Kansas City Royals - Mike Matheny Los Angeles Angels - Joe Maddon Los Angeles Dodgers - Dave Roberts Miami Marlins - Don Mattingly Milwaukee Brewers - Craig Counsell Minnesota Twins - Rocco Baldelli New York Mets - Carlos Beltran New York Yankees - Aaron Boone Oakland Athletics - Bob Melvin Philadelphia Phillies - Joe Girardi Pittsburgh Pirates - ? San Diego Padres - Jayce Tingler (needs cyberface) San Francisco Giants - Gabe Kapler St. Louis Cardinals - Mike Shildt (needs cyberface) Tampa Bay Rays - Kevin Cash Texas Rangers - Chris Woodward Toronto Blue Jays - Charlie Montoya (needs cyberface) Washington Nationals - Dave Martinez
  20. Hmmm... this sounds interesting. I'd be down for it. Just need some more information. Would we do a fantasy draft with all available players? Would we be using a modded version, a Total Classic, or default rosters? If there's interest, I could tease my MVP 98 mod for this, just to provide hype. But if you'd rather use more recent rosters, that's totally cool as well! Anyway, count me in!
  21. You would have to create it yourself. I'm not sure how it works in 2K12, but in MVP, there's a place for you to create each individual letter and number.
  22. I certainly hope so. Lord knows I've been working on it long enough (off and on for 12 years and counting...)
  23. Just finished uniforms for every AA team. Like the MLB and AAA teams, I've offered as many selections as were available for each team.
  24. Did a little bit of fine tuning and searched the entire player database I'm working with. Found about 10 players that I inadvertently created twice. Usually it was just having the same player on both the AAA and AA team or something like that. But that's all fixed now! I also found a way to increase the number of letters allowable for a name! Unfortunately you can't do it in MVPEdit, but I found that editing all the database registries will allow you to have a longer name! I've successfully created Eric Stuckenschneider. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to show it in-game and it's especially difficult with the name on back! As you can see, I did get it to show up in MVPEdit, despite the cut-off in game and on the jersey.
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