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  1. Are a tutorial which teach some touches in terms of faces. Blender and photoshop
  2. I think if you give it a bit of opacity to the texture it is much better for the game as it gives it a more original look as the look of the game, in my opinion the texture very focused seems MVP baseball 2005 and I do not see it well Since it looks like a photo of a face of a player in real life, MLB2K12 will work different has MVP Baseball 2005 since they are different. MVP Baseball 2005 2D / MLB2K12 3D Excuse me the English.
    Jevi Manin #NoBulto... !!! Hot..
    Good job brother
  3. Version 2.1


    New Roster 2K (2K17) (Jose Bautista Edition 2.0) (EXHIBITION) + (PORTRAIT) correction !!! Sean Manea face of Bobby Wahl Junior War face of Zach Davis Franki montas face of Bobby Wahl Luke Maile face of Ryon Healy Luis Severino face of Aaron Jugde Hunter Renfoe face of Manuel Margot Matt Boyd face of Zach Davis. This is just an updated exhibition roster and combined has this portrait file This is a roster mode (EXHIBITION) for a combination of (PORTRAIT) I do not recommend mode (Franchise) or (Career) It is only an updated test. Thank you recommended...
    Esta es una despedida de un maestro en MVP Baseball 2005 es duro ver la verdad yo fui consumidor de este super juego y a la verdad que digo lo mismo Gracias MVP Baseball 2005 por todo, al igual jeferomer gracias por la inspiración ha esto de la ediciones a los juegos eres el mejor mi loco gracias...
    KlK con esa grasa mi loco #Duro
  4. I hope you have some time for all the uniform in the game to have a better color as you've done thanks.
  5. I was testing all the uniforms and seeing it well in the game the colors I like a lot do not look so alive that gives you a more real aspects in the game. very good. Umachines
    I would like to see more work from KCcitystar with this template style all went well thanks Umachines. Me gustaría ver mas trabajo de KCcitystar con este estilo de plantilla todos quedaron bien gracias Umachines .
    Another level, if you work good quality
  6. MLB™

    Texas Rangers 2017

    Ok. manin eso va y pronto subire (Jose Bautista Edition 2.0) con Roster Actualizado no tendrán que cambiarle los números porque lo subiré con en paquete de portrait
  7. Version 1.0


    2017 Texas Rangers 2X Portrait Pack. Edicion: Photoshop Editado por: MLB™ For installation follow this tutorial:
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