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  1. aceshigh

    pamusic.bin map?

    I got you, don't worry I think it would be cool to have someone's help and maybe release something for the near future for everyone to enjoy, especially if you could do the stadium effect (which is needed if you wanna change the stadium music!)
  2. aceshigh

    pamusic.bin map?

    Well, it's hard to find certain music bits and I refuse to use low-quality audio, or audio bits that were taken straight from the TV that have the commentators' voices over them. I don't think I could replace all of 2K's stock music, because I simply don't know when they play and I never had enough time to figure that out. If you find something out, please do get ahold of me
  3. aceshigh

    pamusic.bin map?

    Here's something I've been working on and the result of MANY hours of trial and error process. It's pretty straightforward: the first number is the ID of each sound, followed by what that sound actually is and the actual lenght of each piece of audio (very important, since you cannot upload an audio file that is actually longer than the stock audio!). Ignore the -SUB- writing, that is something I use when I'm doing my soundmods! ;P Please go ahead and ask questions if you have doubts. Bear in mind though, the game sometimes uses the same audios for multiple parts of the game, so, for example an "inning intermission" audio, is also sometimes used as a "lineups presentation" audio and there is no way of fixing that. I hope that helps! IDSafterTBS.txt
  4. aceshigh

    New Menu Bug

    What specs does your pc have? I'm just gonna throw this out there but my game did the same when I switched to my new laptop with Nvidia and Intel graphics, so I had to open the Nvidia control panel and found out that the game wasn't automatically recognised by the Nvidia GPU, so it was playing on the Intel card. I changed it manually and forced it to play with the Nvidia and issue was solved. Not sure it may be the same issue but you might wanna give it a try... (I don't own the Steam version btw, but I have the hard copy bought at Walmart lol Idk if it could have something to do with the whole thing!)
  5. aceshigh

    VGS Network | MLB 2K17 Trailer

    Why didnt you chime in the 2K17 thread when it was open? We have already covered about 90% of a total mod, what we needed leg work with was the roster. If we had more help back then we would have been able to release our work in one pack instead of releasing it bit by bit like it's been done now.
  6. aceshigh

    VGS Network | MLB 2K17 Trailer

    I tip my hat off to you guys. That is brilliant.
  7. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 Sound mod - All in one

    Version 1.0.0


    Title says it all, really! 2K17 version of the Sound Mod, this time we covered the MLB Network too! (thanks to the help of @Bostonnico !) For better results during games, I suggest you use these volumes in the options menu: Commentary 100 Crowd 95/100 PA Announcer 70 I decided not to upload each version of this mod separately, but to put them into one big folder instead. You will still be able to download the version you prefer without having to download them all. HOW TO INSTALL: Download the file you want. Open it and extract the included files to the game's main folder, overwriting the pre-existing ones. Done. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES so you can go back to them, in case you don't like these ones! I really hope you guys enjoy it. Please rate it, leave a comment of any kind or a review. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
  8. aceshigh


    Mi dispiace ma non abbiamo quello che cerchi. Magari la prossima volta chiedi 'per favore'. Whoops, sorry! I thought this "speaking in your own language on an English-Speaking site" was a new trend and I wanted to join in!
  9. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Man, you joined this site on July 4th. How could you be waiting for 5 months already? Oh wait, I know.... Time difference! That must be it, right? And I don't wanna be picky but 5 months? It's barely been 2 months since opening day.
  10. aceshigh

    How To Edit Walk Up Music?

    I haven't replied yet cause I think he may be talking about MVP (he has posted in the MVP forum) but I may be wrong.... If you're talking about 2K12, then DaSteelerz is right, there are no slots for walk up songs, only slots for songs that play in the stadium randomly. There's a tutorial that I wrote about changing music, somewhere on the forums.
  11. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Patience. And Fraps lol I think I have collected about 25gbs worth of replays and in-game footage just to make a 1 min and 25 seconds-long video. Very kind of you, my friend. Although I think credits should go to everyone involved in here for our outstanding work. Oddly enough, the only work you can't see (well, hear) is mine lol
  12. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

  13. aceshigh

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Glad someone recognized that hahaha Loved Cornell. Definitely influenced my song choice for the vid!
  14. aceshigh

    How to play a regular game at Polo Grounds?

    Not sure if you can use it in other games too, but what you can do is find the stadium inside the main game folder and rename it to another stadium of your liking. For example, if you rename the Polo Grounds stadium file to stadium_nyy.iff the game will load it instead of Yankee Stadium. I think the All Star game stadium is named stadium_als.iff, but I may be wrong... I have no idea what the Polo Ground file is.