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  1. I reached out a couple months back and still haven't gotten a reply. I don't think it's because he doesn't want me to use it, but because he's not very active he probably hasn't seen it. There's a reason I'm saying that this roster is by him. I'm trying to credit him for his work. I'm just stating that I have ported the roster to PC for us to FINALLY be able to use. It looks like there hasn't been a solid up to date roster for you guys to use in a few years. That's awful. I'm trying to finally give the 2K12 community something they can actually use for once. What if I would have just uploaded
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I hope that this roster can serve as a base for the community to build off of for this 2021 MLB season! Take care, and lets finally get some baseball on PC!
  3. So I've converted a Xbox 360 MLB 2K13 Update to work on MLB 2K12 on PC. The roster is by GOAT Rosters from Operation Sports. It looks like everything is there. Rosters are accurate as of opening day, but obviously the faces are the generic faces, and some faces are just plain inaccurate. With that being said, for me to individually go through and assign cyberfaces would be a very daunting task. (especially because I am an athlete and training takes up much of my time). So I was wondering if anyone in the community would be willing to assist me in going through and assigning cyberfaces to
  4. Use Blender. There are tutorials in the MLB 2K12 Tutorials section.
  5. It should work just fine if you follow all the steps. Unless something went wrong. The default roster is so that you can just quickly copy and paste those two tabs without having to worry about breaking anything. If you try to do it with any old roster player ID's won't match up correctly with some of the team parameters and it may cause crashing. It should work just fine if you follow all the steps. Unless something went wrong. The default roster is so that you can just quickly copy and paste those two tabs without having to worry about breaking anything. If you try to do it with any
  6. This mod is going to be INSANE! Big PROPS! bctrackboi, how difficult is it to modify stadiums in Blender? I'm contemplating a high school baseball mod for the game, but I want to go all out on it just like you are here. I have a pretty solid understanding of modding/programming, but I'm newer to modding the MLB 2K series in particular.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This tool will allow you to generate a fully fictional roster from the MLB through Single-A with just the click of a few buttons! This was made with an emphasis on realism, so I tried to make the formulas as robust as possible to generate the most lifelike players possible. BUT at the same time I wanted there to be a random factor, so it still provides MUCH freedom so you'll never get the same player twice and a wide variety of different player types! : ) Feel free to customize any formulas to fit your needs! This should make the roster portion of some mods A LOT easier!
  8. Welp, it seems this may be a lost cause. Without the editor this would be a very laborious task thanks for the reply
  9. Just posting to show you guys that I'm not just saying this for effect. I've started on uniforms already. I really need TyWiggins editor for 2K10. I can't seem to find him anywhere online that he's active to contact him. If anyone knows where I can get ahold of him, please message me. In the meantime, I'm once again asking if anyone could provide me with the editor. Please and thank you.
  10. So I bought a copy of MLB 2K10 because it's my favorite of all time. I was planning to update the game, but it looks like the only roster editor available is no longer up for download does anyone still have it on their system and is willing to share it? I see that it says it's a paid tool, and if the creator were to pop up I would definitely donate all that I needed to. But if not, then could someone help me get the 2K10 Roster Editor please? I want to update this game for not only myself, but you guys. I'd also have another special mod that would come along with it later on. HEL
  11. OMG thank you! Name generation has been a problem in 2K sports games since their inception! Awesome to see you implement this!
  12. I'm brand new to the PC community and all the work you guys do has made me get myself a copy of 2K12. Just wanted to pop in here and say how much I appreciate what you guys are doing for the PC baseball community. You guys are legends for keeping this game alive. I really hope all the issues can be resolved. Can't wait to see this come to fruition. You've got all of our support!
  13. Hello, I am very new to the community. I remembered the fun of MVP 2005 so I went out and bought a copy. I then decided to look for an updated roster set. I found one from daflyboys and I was ready to play. When I started the exhibition the game crashed! Then I came to the forums and found out that I also need a cyberface pack which I thought would be included with the MVP 13 Total Conversion Mod. That is why my game is crashing, because I do not have a cyberface pack. And, Im super new to this and I would much appreciate an in depth tutorial on how to install cyberface packs. THANKS!
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