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  1. you need to put new triple a double a single a players and not use the players who are retired
  2. what about the players from A AA and AAA is there anyone in your roster
  3. Oakland A's 2019 uniforms and washinton nationals

  4. masterboy

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    we need a lot of faces we need the heroes from mvp mods good work like always
  5. can anyone already check is this roster update is franchise crash free can we play the 162 season games without crash/? so its crash free very good work
    perfect thank you. You really can make new faces like laureano and others
  6. you should try minute maid park astros home
  7. sigo diciendo porque no hacer Vladimir guerrero hacer caras que nadie a hechi es un buen trabajo lo que haces pero ya estos existen
  8. let say this in Spanish porque hacer cara que ya existen cuando falta muchas caras que no hay para el rostes 2019 muchas eso si vale la pena novatos como laureano de Oakland A's
  9. Again why don't make new faces a lot of new player are in the major without a face
  10. good job I know I read the minor league detail but to make sure you didn't update with new player the minors? A-AA-AA ?
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