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  1. sorcerer

    WF2K - 2019 Opening Day Roster

    I haven't played this game in so long, how do I start a new franchise in game again? I am lost when I look through the menus.
  2. sorcerer

    Overlay MLB 2K 18 MOD

  3. sorcerer

    Crash on new season

    I sim through spring training days all the way up to the regular season. When I click play season the game crashes to desktop. Does it have anything to do with the most recent rosters in the download? I have also reinstalled the game twice without any mods same thing happens.
    The roster is great! Josh Phegley from the A's bats right handed.
    These rosters work good now after he fixed the crashes at the start of the game.
  4. sorcerer


    It's nice having up to date rosters. I hated going through all the free agents and transferring them to other teams.
  5. sorcerer

    MVP Baseball 16

    Select all 5 files and extract them.
  6. sorcerer

    MVP Baseball 16

    Thanks, this is pretty good!
  7. sorcerer

    MVP 2016 Initial Rosters (BaseUp Rosters)

    Are these opening day rosters?
  8. sorcerer

    MVP Baseball Monitor Resolution Recommendation

    How do you play the game at 1920 x 1200? I do not see that option in game.
  9. sorcerer

    Roster.ROS for mlb 2k12

    Oh, but you put it under Downloads>MVP Baseball 2005>Rosters
  10. sorcerer

    Roster.ROS for mlb 2k12

    Do we put this in the Documents/MVP Baseball 2005 folder?