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    Thank you, so much, for putting this together! Amazing as always!
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here are MLB focused rosters as of May 16th, 2016. Rosters are always changing but here is what I came up. Some minor league players may be on the right teams but by no means is this a full roster job. Big thanks to Gordo for his MVP 2016 Initial Rosters which is what I used to build these from, and another big thanks to rglass95 for the use of the MVPedit tool. Enjoy!
  2. Here is a schedule for MVP 2005 mods for the 2016 season
  3. That's my fault for not seeing this was the MLB2k12 forum. Gordo is right, I didn't see the top before I posted on it. Again, my apologies
  4. ok, it is posted...download and let me know what you think
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the 2016 schedule.big file that I've tested in my copy of MVP 2005 with the MVP 2015 Total Conversion Mod. I used DylanBradbury's MVP Baseball 2005 Schedule Generator and typed all 2430 games into the Excel spreadsheet. It took some time but it's worth it to play the current schedule. I have checked all of the teams schedules and simulated a season all the way through to the World Series. Here is the only trick, it will show up as 2005 which isn't a big deal since the 2005 calendar exactly matches the 2016 calendar so the dates all match up. I have even put in all of the correct game times that were listed on each team's schedules. What I have done to get the year to show 2016 was to use the ScheduleUpdaterv2.00 from the MVP1993 Mod to adjust the year to 2016, then use it again to adjust the days up by 2. You have to use the ScheduleUpdater with the game open and the season started with the new schedule. Just minimize the game and run the updater, it's worked for me every time. Again, thanks to DylanBradbury for creating his spreadsheet and making it possible for me to use my time in a creative way! Enjoy!
  6. miscellaneous is the only category that looks like it fits in
  7. I have made the schedule for the 2016 season but I have never uploaded anything onto the site. I would be willing to upload the schedule.big if I could be directed on how to submit a file
  8. I just got High Heat 2004 to work on windows 10
  9. richoz30

    MVP 16

    On another note, has anyone done a schedule update to match the 2016 season?
  10. richoz30

    MVP 16

    Much appreciated, Gordo. I took your spring training rosters and added Rollins and Jackson from last year's rosters to the White Sox and removed LaRoche from the game. Other than that, I'll probably tweak as the season rolls along. Also, I have it working great on Windows 10. My only issue is I have black bars on the sides. I was able to stretch the screen for a short time then it reverted back and I haven't been able to figure out what to do to stretch it back
    Great job! Makes the game even more enjoyable!
  11. Gordo, you guys are doing a phenomenal job at this so I'm definitely not complaining. I'm enjoying playing the game with the current season and rosters. Keep it up!
  12. Awesome job on this everyone! I'm loving the game so far...especially more since the first update. I've only played 12 games in a season for the White Sox so far so I haven't noticed too much as of yet but I would love to give my opinions if you would like to hear them. Here are a couple of quirks I've noticed: 1) The Indians logos on the wall of the Cleveland Indians bullpen are mirror images when the camera shoots over to show a pitcher warming up. 2) The large scoreboard at Progressive Field in Cleveland was stuck on Carlos Santana all game. I'm not sure if it's like this at any other stadium or if it should be changing with each batter. 3) There were 7 triples hit in a game at Detroit Tigers stadium, all in the right center field gap. It seems a little deep there and takes a while for the outfielders to get to a ball. Even the slowest players on the field were getting triples there. 4) I changed Chris Sale's delivery motion from Chris Redmond to Generic 9. It gives him a more realistic side-arm throwing motion as opposed to the over-the-top motion Redmond's delivery had. 5) I did a few attribute changes to the pitchers on the Sox roster just to match their velocities I've been seeing them throw in games this year. Like I said, it's not much and it's very minor stuff but I know you want to make a "perfect product" so I'll help however I can. What you're doing here is beyond remarkable and I appreciate it as much or more than anyone here. I wish I would've found out about it years ago when you first started it. I've missed this game and it still is the greatest baseball video game ever made. Keep it up and let me know if there's anything else I can do!!!
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