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  1. oxidax

    MLB2K12 Modders

    I did a decent roster update a couple of months ago. I can do it again for next year if there really is work being done for a 2k18 mod. Only things Im gonna need help with are the schedule and updating the player's stats to recent.
  2. oxidax

    2017 End of Season MLB Roster

    Well its after the september call-ups so its not really a 25-man roster but a 40 to be honest.
  3. oxidax

    Updating the game for 2017

    Thanks for downloading it and Im glad you liked it. @jeferomer @junior1617 were working on updating the stats and the faces but they are currently MIA ever since I launched the roster. I know they must be busy with their personal lives but I cant tell you what the status is with that. Everybody else since to have bailed from this website from what I can tell, though.
  4. oxidax

    2017 End of Season MLB Roster

    Muchas Gracias. Al paso pero seguro!
  5. oxidax

    2017 End of Season MLB Roster

    I guess u can't read. Perdon talvez no me super explicar. Por el momento estoy enfocado en actualizar las últimas transacciones. Al mismo tiempo que actualizo las últimas transacciones también estoy arreglando la rotación de pitchers pero la de bateo la he dejado atrás. Por mi trabajo no tengo mucho tiempo en el día para trabajar el archivo y por ende, solo puedo hacer tantas cosas a la vez. Al.final todo estará actualizado (rotación de pitcher, bateo, transacciones..) pero por el momento mi enfoque son las transacciones. Si me das un tiempo se que tendrás lo que estás buscando. Gracias x la sugerencia y la página.
  6. oxidax

    2017 End of Season MLB Roster

    Como dice la descripcion, es un trabajo en progreso... Aun no he llegado a esos equipos que enseñaste. El batting lineup no tiene importancia y lo hare de ultimo, eso lo puedes hacer tu mismo si quieres. Estoy enfocado en las ultimas trasacciones por ahora.
  7. oxidax

    2017 End of Season MLB Roster

    Version 1.3.1


    First of all, If you don't see a player in the roster is because it hasn't being created. It'll be created eventually, have patience. This Roster update is for the MLB active roster with the latest transactions. I will update the all the teams one by one. I will update the minor leagues later on, this is only for the MLB active rosters, the players that have gotten sent down will be at their correct minor league team-So will be the free agents. There is a problem with the faces when playing "Quick game", but it shows the real faces when playing franchise mode which is what I really care about. I have already asked for help so if you know how to fix this issue, please let me know. This problem has been about 75% corrected and will be fully corrected in an upcoming update. Coming up: , Minor changes to the minor leagues, major changes to players ID and face ID, major portrait changes, creation of some key players. Upcoming long term updates: Re-balance of all SP and CL, re balance of all MLB rookie players, major changes to the minor leagues and creation of players. This roster has now been completed as of 10/1/2017. Ver.1.0.0: New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles Current Active Roster as of 9/10/2017. Simulated the whole season in franchise mode w/o a crash. David Wright was put in A Ball because hes neither coming back for a while nor retiring. So what the heck, it is what it is.
  8. oxidax

    Issue creating a roster

    I am working on an updated roster but every time I move a player to another team, the player's face change. It has the right face and portrait according to the roster editor but once I start a game, it changes to a default face. Anybody knows a fix for this and whats causing this issue? I want to update every single team's 25 player roster to current and upload it here but I want to fix this error before I continue. Thanks
  9. oxidax

    Roster Actualizados

    I cant download it
  10. oxidax

    MLB 25-Man Roster (Accurate 8/30/2017)

    Crash to desktop
  11. oxidax

    2018 40 MAN ROSTER MLB 2K12

    Everybody seems to be with the right team but the faces are wrong and so are the portraits.
  12. oxidax

    MLB 2K17 Roster

    Thank you very much! I know you already said it is not perfect, but any chance you could tell me how far updated the roster is as per the latest transactions? Im asking primarily for the latest trades more than anything really.
  13. oxidax

    VGS Network | MLB 2K17 Trailer

    Really? Ok so "MVPmods 2k17 total mod" only needs work on the roster to come out and these guy (*guys?) has that, why don't you contribute that work with the guys from this forum so that the original mod that we've been waiting and drooling for comes out? I feel like instead of helping the community you fooled yourself if you're going to release content without approval from the original creators. The best thing "VGS" could do right now is to contribute the roster to the MVP guys. Nice trailer btw.
  14. oxidax

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    You guys (modders) should team up and start a patreon. Release what you have now to paying supporters and release whats left on a monthly basis as you work on it. I would support this. First off, you guys deserve it. Second, all this work for no payoff is not fair and third it would probably get all the modders who left the project to come back.
  15. oxidax

    MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Yea anybody waiting for this mod should just go download the Jose Bautista ed. that just came out. I think it brought my impatience level down for the moment lol. 2k17 conversion mod looks crazier by the day!! What an amazing job u guys are doing!. Ill just patiently keep waiting. BTW since im seeing a lot of awesome faces being uploaded, can yall show how Aaron judge looks? I was just playing Jose Bautista edition and Judge is random black dude lmfao!