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  1. you are the guy that checked the RBI stuff in game? what can be moddable and what it cant be?
  2. this tool lets you (somewhat) import too, maybe with some tool adjussts it can be easy import/exprot items into the game i am hyping SMB3 too, besides thiss time it wont have much stadiums i wish if people could get thogether to put more stadiums into the game, even if we can play with them only singleplayer about RBI20, i saw that you can config and you can bat/pitch classic style or pitch with one and bat with other
  3. There isnt Assets Bundle Extractor or something like this? is a very known tool to make mods and stuffs, also while is true that they have common ads in some staadiums, some others like Yaankee stadium seems use own custom ads in some parts of stadium https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE
  4. RBI came out today and it seems that it come out in Unity, so it seems that is very modable for PC, do someone have plans to make mods for it? even if is a more arcaed game i guess it should be more fun to make mods to it
  5. i wanted make edits in team names in reditor but when i import the archive gives me this error, what i do?
  6. Where i got this? i dont saw this in MVP mods
  7. i wanted change AAA Team Names for a mod that i wanted make, but i dont find any tool that actualy do that, you guys know any?
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