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  1. Here's a random thought for a Sunday... ...MVPmods.com is still alive and kicking! I've gotten married, got a new job, got a new house, and had a kid - that is now 2 years old... ...all since the last time I logged in to this site. Hello everyone. It does my heart good to see this place still going. I was admin... oh, say, 5 or 8 years ago.
  2. You can't fix stupid. Also - never forget the semi-computer-literate and those that create a new account if their activation email doesn't arrive within 30 seconds.
  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one to yell at the TV. I really freaked out my dog yelling at the TV during that 20-inning hot-mess from yesterday.
  4. You only watch the best? So what did you watch the decade prior to 2009? Just kiddin. I only know as many players as I do thanks to the amazing rosters from the likes of Totte and KG (and now Knight for MLB The Show)... that's why I knew Jimenez (other than the few times the Cards faced him). Hmm - he IS NL - so I guess the Yanks wouldn't have faced him, so that makes more sense.
  5. You'd REALLY never heard of Ubaldo Jimenez? Do you watch baseball at all if it doesn't involve the Yankees?
  6. At least one of them is from Fenton. Don't judge St. Louisans on people from one of our most White Trashy areas. It's so far down there it barely counts as a suburb of STL at all.
  7. Yes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1SKf9YU4QQ
  8. Version 1.1


    NOTE: This patch is for retail DVD versions of MLB 2K9. The first patch for MLB 2K9 and fixes everything from the weather, improving speed of the game, game play improvements that extends from pitching, fielding, hitting, and full seaons worth of updates.
  9. Nah. They aren't located quite near enough a coast in order to be relevant to network programming execs. They're like 5 miles too far inland.
  10. Look at the Cards roster. Even if I get the PS3, I don't expect to do well. Oh, how much is The Show likely to cost?
  11. I nominate Trues, since he ran TheShowFiles until he decided to reorganize some things. Oh, side note: I am over 50% of the way to my PS3-Fund goal. I got $120 just out of rolling the quarters I had in a jar, lol. ...if anyone wants to contribute their OWN money to the RaptorQuiz PS3 Fund, feel free to PM me to donate. lol. Assuming I get one relatively soon - I call dibs on the Cards in our online league. :)
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