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  1. idub42

    gamepad problems

    Copy your controller config, make a text doc on your desktop and paste it there. It only happened to me once when I was 6 games in, but after I pasted my backup file I'm on game 34 and haven't had a problem. Let me know how it goes. Edit: My mistake, I see that its under MLB2k. MVP solution might work.
  2. Thank you Mr. Hinkley. Do the total classics have full minors??
  3. Hi guys, I'm picking up my copy of 05 at the post office in the morning so I went ahead and downloaded quite a few TCM's. I have a few questions though. Which TCM is the best in your guys' opinion, and is there a 2011 mod available? I have 06, 08, 13, and 17. Thanks guys can't wait to jump into a dynasty tomorrow.
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