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  1. For what it's worth, you could try Parsec potentially.
  2. MVP 08 is probably my favorite TCM. 2012 and 2015 are highly recommended. There's some great Total Classics as well, '93, '75, '97 being some personal favorites, but they're all worth checking out.
  3. I had the same problem you did. What I did was simply copy this from my MVP 05 controller.cfg to my MVP 04 one. profile= Controller_(Xbox_One_For_Windows) device= Controller_(Xbox_One_For_Windows) player= 1 number_of_buttons= 10 number_of_povs= 1 number_of_axis= 5 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_START= button 9 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_SELECT= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_CROSS= button 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_CRICLE= button 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_SQUARE= button 4 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_TRIANGLE= button 5 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L1= button 7 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R1= button 8 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L2= button 6 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R2= button 3 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L3= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R3= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_UP= pov0 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN= pov180 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT= pov270 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT= pov90 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_RIGHT= axis- 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_LEFT= axis+ 1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_UP= axis+ 2 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_DOWN= axis- 2 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_RIGHT= axis- 4 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_LEFT= axis+ 4 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_UP= axis+ 5 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_DOWN= axis- 5 VPAD_PITCH_1= button 1 VPAD_PITCH_2= button 2 VPAD_PITCH_3= button 4 VPAD_PITCH_4= button 3 VPAD_PITCH_5= button 5 VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_FIRST= pov90 1 VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_SECOND= pov0 1 VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_THIRD= pov270 1 VPAD_PITCH_OUT= pov180 1 VPAD_DEFENSIVE_ALIGNMENT_OPEN= button 6 VPAD_THROW_BALL= axis- 3 VPAD_INTENTIONAL_WALK= axis+ 3 VPAD_INTENTIONAL_HITBATTER= button 9 VPAD_PITCH_HISTORY_OPEN= button 10 VPAD_SWING_NORMAL= button 1 VPAD_SWING_BUNT= button 2 VPAD_CHARGE_MOUND= button 4 VPAD_FIELD_THROW_FIRST= button 2 VPAD_FIELD_THROW_SECOND= button 4 VPAD_FIELD_THROW_THIRD= button 3 VPAD_FIELD_THROW_HOME= button 1 VPAD_FIELD_SWITCH= axis- 3 VPAD_FIELD_CUTOFF_THROW= button 5 VPAD_FIELD_FAKE_RUNDOWN_THROW= button 8 VPAD_RUNNER_FIRST_SELECT= button 2 VPAD_RUNNER_SECOND_SELECT= button 4 VPAD_RUNNER_THIRD_SELECT= button 3 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNFIRST= pov90 1 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNSECOND= pov0 1 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNTHIRD= pov270 1 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNHOME2SCORE= pov180 1 VPAD_BASERUNNER_ADVANCEALL= button 5 VPAD_BASERUNNER_RETREATALL= button 6 VPAD_RUNNER_STOP_SELECTED= axis+ 3 VPAD_RUNNER_STOP_ALL= axis- 3 profile= Keyboard_Profile_1 device= Keyboard_Profile_1 player= 0 number_of_buttons= 0 number_of_povs= 0 number_of_axis= 0 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_START= key sc_esc VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_SELECT= key sc_divide VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_CROSS= key sc_down VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_CRICLE= key sc_right VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_SQUARE= key sc_left VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_TRIANGLE= key sc_up VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L1= key sc_numpad0 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R1= key sc_numpadenter VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L2= key sc_add VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R2= key sc_backslash VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L3= key sc_pagedown VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R3= key sc_pageup VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_UP= key sc_numpad8 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN= key sc_numpad2 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT= key sc_numpad4 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT= key sc_numpad6 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_RIGHT= key sc_numpad6 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_LEFT= key sc_numpad4 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_UP= key sc_numpad8 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_L_STICK_DOWN= key sc_numpad2 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_RIGHT= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_LEFT= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_UP= not_assigned -1 VPAD_VIRTUAL_BUTTON_R_STICK_DOWN= not_assigned -1 VPAD_PITCH_1= key sc_down VPAD_PITCH_2= key sc_right VPAD_PITCH_3= key sc_left VPAD_PITCH_4= key sc_up VPAD_PITCH_5= key sc_numpadenter VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_FIRST= key sc_right VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_SECOND= key sc_up VPAD_FIELD_PICK_OFF_THROW_THIRD= key sc_left VPAD_PITCH_OUT= key sc_down VPAD_DEFENSIVE_ALIGNMENT_OPEN= key sc_backslash VPAD_THROW_BALL= key sc_rshift VPAD_INTENTIONAL_WALK= key sc_pageup VPAD_INTENTIONAL_HITBATTER= key sc_pagedown VPAD_PITCH_HISTORY_OPEN= key sc_rbracket VPAD_SWING_NORMAL= key sc_rctrl VPAD_SWING_BUNT= key sc_numpad0 VPAD_CHARGE_MOUND= key sc_up VPAD_FIELD_THROW_FIRST= key sc_right VPAD_FIELD_THROW_SECOND= key sc_up VPAD_FIELD_THROW_THIRD= key sc_left VPAD_FIELD_THROW_HOME= key sc_down VPAD_FIELD_SWITCH= key sc_numpad0 VPAD_FIELD_CUTOFF_THROW= key sc_numpadenter VPAD_FIELD_FAKE_RUNDOWN_THROW= key sc_numpadenter VPAD_RUNNER_FIRST_SELECT= key sc_right VPAD_RUNNER_SECOND_SELECT= key sc_up VPAD_RUNNER_THIRD_SELECT= key sc_left VPAD_RUNNER_RUNFIRST= key sc_numpad6 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNSECOND= key sc_numpad8 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNTHIRD= key sc_numpad4 VPAD_RUNNER_RUNHOME2SCORE= key sc_numpad2 VPAD_BASERUNNER_ADVANCEALL= key sc_pageup VPAD_BASERUNNER_RETREATALL= key sc_pagedown VPAD_RUNNER_STOP_SELECTED= key sc_home VPAD_RUNNER_STOP_ALL= key sc_end Let me know if this works for you. You can also download the attachment I've provided here and overwrite your current controller.cfg file in your MVP Baseball 2004 folder found in your documents. controller.cfg
    Definitely the best Mookie cyberface around.
  4. Really excited for this BallFour. The work you've put into this is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first cyberface, so I apologize if it's a little rough looking. I've been wanting to get into modding for a while, so I've finally took the leap. This is the first version of my Andrew Benintendi cyberface for MVP Baseball. I used Brock Holt from the MVP 15 mod as a base, so before you install this, please change the number in the files from 833 to another face ID unless you're okay with Holt having Benintendi's face. Install using TiT. If there's any issues installing, please contact me and I'll try to see if I can sort it out. Enjoy.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to change my username? I think this is the right section to put this in, apologies if not.
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