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  1. Unfortunately, yes. I don't think it was a coincidence that the company founder specifically referenced them when talking about the ultimate goal of the "partnership" in this article: "Think of a Yankees fan who is standing in front of a shoe wall deciding what they want to buy. They will think about the fact that there is an Under Armour logo on the front of their jersey." I already hate the New Era logo added on the side of the hats (new this year), but in my opinion the UA logo will definitely destroy the timelessness of the design.
  2. If you go to the Appearance ID associated with the manager, find the "EShadesTp" column in the spreadsheet view. Manually change the value to "4" and save the file. You can't change it from the MyFriend panel if you have that view, as there are only 4 options selectable, and the "Maddon" glasses aren't one of those choices. (The selectable choices map to values "0"-"3.")
  3. One minor note - the on-field version of the Yankees home & away uniforms don't actually feature the Majestic logo on the sleeves/pants. As an example, here's a team-issued Chasen Shreve's jersey from last year's postseason. (In my opinion, it's one of the reasons why the Yankees uniform looks so good.) My guess is the team must pay Majestic for this "privilege," as even jerseys marketed as "authentic" on the MLB.com shop and other stores do contain the logo on the sleeve. The BP jerseys do feature the logo though, even in the on-field version.
  4. ​Unfortunately, 2K12 only has the Polo Grounds in terms of classic stadiums.
  5. ​I think renaming the intervals file along with the stadium file would work. I don't think the crowd file would need to be changed though.
  6. I know changing a team's stadium is possible to do in Reditor II, given the appropriate licence. It is found on the "Teams" tab. Unlike the method mentioned above, the stadium filenames don't change... the roster file will just look to a different file when loading that team's stadium.
  7. I'm glad I was able to play a role in defeating Boston!
  8. Looks great - I particularly like the Wrigley outfield brick texture...
  9. I haven't had those types of problems... originally I bought the licenses but was unable to validate the keys. That turned out to be a problem with Vlad's web host, as the program had to connect to it as part of the validation process. I've seen that many people on the NBA forum are having problems like you've described. Vlad said it's still a side effect of the hosting issue.
  10. Here's a zip file containing the modified stadium, as well as the DDS files for both the retired numbers and the Worlds Series title years. I've also attached comparison shots of the original game file versus the updated version. (As you can see, I changed the order of some of the numbers.) In both cases, the textures seen in the "modified" version are 4 times the original size. Obviously, some work would still be needed to get everything to line up correctly - it's a little hard to put everything in the right place using a blown up blurry version of the original :-). Of course, they no longer display the WS years there at the actual stadium - it's now a huge picture of Steinbrenner casting a somewhat creepy glare over everything. By battling through Blender (and a little trial and error work on the UV mapping), I think I could replace that display with the picture. Another thing I noticed: not all of the textures are exported to DDS files that can be opened by Photoshop. In those cases, I was able to use the 2KModTool to export the texture I needed (from a non-RED MC saved version of the file), and that imports back into the file using RED MC just fine. Yankee Stadium Texture Test.zip
  11. Welcome to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx... St. Louis? (The screenshot is an example of being able to switch the "vista" section from one stadium to another using RED MC.) I've tried to replace textures in a uniform file a few times without success. It didn't matter if the texture was 2x (which was what I originally thought the issue was) or if I imported the same file I just exported without any changes. In some cases, the replaced texture shows in-game as pure black, green or it disappears (like the chest logo). Sometimes the game will load a generic white uniform texture instead of the modified file. Hopefully this can be addressed in a later update, or someone else can figure out how to get them to work. I have been able to successfully replace some stadium textures with larger resolution files (the retired numbers in Yankee Stadium's Monument Park, for example).
  12. The roster file contains only the filenames of the uniforms. Depending on the prefix of the chosen jersey's filename ("uniform_XXX"), the manager jacket/scoreboard logo file and the home crowd are loaded. I was able to successfully create an additional uniform/jacket/crowd set for a team by creating a unique 3 letter "team code" in the filename ("psd"). So I think if somebody wanted to, they could create special crowd and jacket files for alternate or throwback/retro jerseys. However, the roster would need to contain a uniform slot that points to the new filename(s).
  13. He features more of a side-arm delivery when pitching left handed, and you're right about the velocity - it is higher from the right side. I actually saw him pitch in person last week and was able to grab some slow-motion video of him pitching from both sides. I've uploaded it here in case anyone is interested - unfortunately the resolution isn't that great but that is the camera's tradeoff when recording in slow motion.
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