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  1. hey, at least i tried to help him instead of just getting mad because he didnt know forum etiquette and the search function as well as you
  2. let me HELP you by pointing you in the direction of the thread
  3. haha, its all in the dl section brotha. i just assumed it was mvp because this was a mvp baseball thread. no worries. GL with the game
  4. if no one helped you out man, try here http://www.mvpmods.com/files/category/6-rosters/ and/or here for a total conversion http://www.mvpmods.com/files/category/42-total-conversion-mods/
  5. Nope. Im just seeing things for the way they are and not being salty because "I still play a game from 2005 and the world is evolving around me" Edit: I also dont post pointless nonsense on every topic just to pad my post numbers
  6. not really considering you get the steel book, a hat, and the millions of extra bonus in game content that they are just probably gonna sell with micro transactions in game. A lot of people spend money on stubs for the card collections in game whether it be this, madden, fifa, nhl, etc and since the hat is limited edition, i wouldn't be surprised if people sell those online for 40 or 50 dollars. Make half the money back right there
  7. To Clarify For 59.99 you get the game For 69.99 Game Limited Edition Steel Book 5,000 Stubs Gold Season Starter Pack (includes Mission Starter for Gold Item) 1 Sponsor Pack 10 Standard Packs 31 PS4 Themes For 99.99 Game Limited Edition Steel Book Limited Edition New Era Hat Digital New Era Hat for use in Diamond Dynasty 11,000 Stubs Gold Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item) Diamond Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item) 1 Sponsor Pack 10 Stand
  8. because steam isnt offering it anymore through digital download, physical copy is the only way to go https://www.amazon.com/Major-League-Baseball-2K12-PC/dp/B006476322?tag=operasport-20&th=1
  9. I smell a future modder in the works
  10. BigRog

    MVP Mods

    you wanna be running the same mods as the person you are playing (rosters, cyberface, stadiums, etc) or else it will crash the game
  11. this whole concept of showboating always makes me think of this one scene in baseketball
  12. its a new story and im trying to create interest and some talking in the forums. this is more straight to the point then buried in another thread someone might not look at given whatever the thread title might be. Something like this would of had its own topic in the old days and no one would of ever said anything about it? im wondering why its such a big deal
  13. New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has been suspended for 30 games due to his role in a domestic incident. Billy Witz of the New York Times was first to report the news, which has since been confirmed by Major League Baseball. Chapman will not appeal the suspension. The 28-year-old pitcher was being investigated under MLB's new domestic violence policy after he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in October. According to the police report, Chapman allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired eight gunshots into his garage. Chapman's suspension won't kick
  14. Yes and No The Katie Roy create a player still works, but i am not sure if the players that are unlocked are still in the mod or replaced with other people. but yes, creating a player with katie roy will unlock all the unlockables
  15. just for the record to the original poster... this is a outdated game. even though you would think that the new updates to certain drivers, os, etc would be compatible with an older game, this is sometimes not the case. many problems can be ran into because when they test this game out and patch things, they didn't test it with these new updates like directx 11. if the game was still supported, maybe we would see a patch come out. because it isnt though, bugs and problems are more likely to be ran into.
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