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  1. Nah, it's okay. Thanks for apologizing, it means a lot when you know internet is filled with a bunch of narcissistic a-holes. So don't worry, no hard feelings from me, I just get a bit defensive when I'm being accused of something. Thanks for the good wishes, but I'm kinda doubtful there's a fix. It's a bit surprising that there are so few threads on this. Maybe it is like @SPDouglas616 said, it might be caused by newer versions of the operating systems or graphics cards, but I really don't know. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it's just a mild annoyance that I wanted to see
  2. Hilarious, sorry but how exactly would you know that? If you claim that I have a pirated copy, where exactly is your proof for that? @Yankee4Life literally just proved you wrong in his last post, so want me to reply back with the exact same GIF? Oh, and by they way, I can take pictures of my physical CD's that I legally own anytime you want. Also, apologies to the moderators here if this comment seems a bit "inflammatory", I just don't like being accused of something like this without defending myself. I never thought it could be because of modern gr
  3. Unfortunately, no. The second video, the one with no tractors doesn't even have more than one comment, the first video just has a bunch of comments about how the game's nostalgic for them.
  4. I was debating whether to post this in my previous thread or to create a new one. I thought creating a new one might be better seeing how I already asked enough questions in that thread already, so I might as well be done with it, but nonetheless, if any admins/moderators think this post should be posted in my previous thread, feel free to move it there, or remove this one, and I'll post it there myself. Anyway, as stated in the title, the tractors in the batting minigame are not visible for me. I hear them in the background, and get 1000 points when I hit them, but still no matter
  5. Does anyone know what are .fel files and how to open them? While browsing through some of the .BIG files, I've noticed that some of them have files with the .fel extension. Googling the file extension gives me no results, and trying to find something on forums like this one and other EA games modding forums I can't find a mention of these file types anywhere.
  6. Yeah, I figured the game wouldn't let you use controller to navigate the menus natively. I tried using the Joy2Key to map the analog sticks as mouse movement, and it's just doesn't feel right, I was hoping I could use the DPAD to navigate through the menus with button X to confirm and ∆ to go back just like in the PS2 version of the game, but unfortunately, I couldn't manage to find a workaround to set it up like that. Anyway, I'll scratch off the using controller to navigate the menus question as well, so I hope now somebody will be able to help me with how to setup vi
  7. Yep, just tested it, and it seems that negative reaction reduces the stamina of the pitches by around 10%. I couldn't get the positive reaction, but I assume it has the opposite effect like you said. Also, you don't happen to know how to enable vibration in this game, or setup the controller to work for main menus and everywhere else (like on console ports of the game) instead of mouse & kb?
  8. That's correct, I do not have the manual for the game (who knows where it ended up all those years ago), but I did download a digital version like the one you provided before asking any gameplay questions. I re-checked the manual again to see if I missed something, but it's the same. The manual did not mention any way how to do a mound visit or how to argue the call an umpire has made. Ironically I found both now after messing messing around and clicking all the buttons in the game. I found out both a shortcut for the mound visit, AND how to call up your manager, and t
  9. Hi, @Yankee4Life! Thank you for replying, and for the welcome! Also, sorry to hear about that neuropathy problem, I hope it's nothing serious, and I hope that you get well. Anyway, I did look around the website for any resources that solve some of the questions I asked, and so far I had no luck. I didn't manage to find any proper widescreen tools and controller menu navigation mods, or a workaround on how to do it. For rosters, most of the mods come with updated rosters mostly from year 2006 or afterwards, I couldn't find anything tha
  10. Hi, everyone! I recently found my old CD case for MVP Baseball 2005 while cleaning my house, and got the urge to reinstall the game to reexperience the nostalgia I had when I played it back in my childhood. It actually surprised me to see the CDs were still in good shape and installed the game normally as they did back in the day, which made me very happy. I was looking at a couple of guides online on how to play the game properly, and have stumbled upon this website, which took me by surprise, as I never thought that this game had such a big community, especially a mod
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