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  1. TheMouchman


    i cant run this program its missing a file
  2. TheMouchman

    MVP Baseball 17 Final

    how do i install this
  3. TheMouchman

    Game crashes

    Srry it's the 10 anniversary mod for 2015 Thanks for the link to this patch I am installing it now. I hope it stops game crashes. Other than this issue great job on this mod. Thank so much
  4. TheMouchman

    Game crashes

    Srry it's the 10 anniversary mod for 2015
  5. TheMouchman

    Game crashes

    I find the MVP mod crashes a lot just wondering if there is an update avaliable for this
  6. TheMouchman

    Windows 7 update

  7. TheMouchman

    Windows 7 update

    there is an update from windows 7 thats is not allowing me to run the game. not sure which update thats is does anyone know. i saw on this site before but i cant find it. i hope some one can help me plssssss
  8. TheMouchman

    using the legend players in MVP 15

    Is it still possible to use the unlockable players with the 2015 mod
  9. TheMouchman

    problems with mvp 15 mod

    I am using the blue Jays play in Rogers center while I build my new Park. All my prospects are regressing I am playing the blue Jays in Rogers center, just finished season 1 all my pitching. Prospects are regressing. Example arron Sanchez wins the Cy young with 20 -4 record 5-0 in spring with an 0.80 he regressed 2 points off his fast ball, in total he lost lost 6 points. Off his attributes.so any suggestions anyone has will be greatly appericiated
  10. TheMouchman

    problems with mvp 15 mod

    Srry I am just new here I wasn't sure where to post, the game sometimes freezes, the executable crashes sometimes while playing, most recently the baserunners are seem to freeze on a pick off
  11. TheMouchman

    problems with mvp 15 mod

    I am having some performance and game crashing issues, is there an update or is it possible to remove the mod