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  1. But if game codes are already registered, how does it work?
  2. This is a steam game? So if I buy a used version of this game will it work?
  3. I recently started playing Madden 08 & I was wondering if it was possible to mod some of the classic stadiums created here & use them in Madden?
  4. I searched & found the relevant threads but there was no answer for the "Run-Time error '32765" problem... so obviously there was a need to start another thread.
  5. It's in "C:WindowsSystem32"
  6. I was going to edit the player contracts, but I can't get Mvp edit to work...
  7. I can't get Mvp edit to open... I keep gettin Run-Time error '32765'! Can anyone help?
  8. Does anyone know what the next TC season will be?
  9. Yeah, l keep getting freezes between April 21-23rd...
  10. I get game freeze in "Season" & "Owner" modes...
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