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  1. The better thing to have done was to move the stock roster to another folder.
  2. I remember when the Yankees traded for Stanton and I complained to my Yankee friends that we woud have been better served trading for Yelich. He is a lefty that is a much better contact hitter than Stanton. But of course, the Yankee fans simply fell in love with Stanton's power. Those "unwritten rules" in baseball always puzzled me. So a batter is not supposed to swing at a 3-0 pitch right don the middle? Granted, I understand about not stealing if the game is a blowout but the batter is still obligated to swing at a pitch. I alway have to pause when Iam defending Liz
  3. That's a good look Marty65. I have been on a quest for 2K12 myself due to the number of mods created, but glad you and mbowkett1978 are going to make that deal. I only have 2K10 but aside for the fact that there is no one making mods for it (I did have a TCM request for an HBCU league), I am content playing this version. The game plays well. Much respect to both of you. Funny thing is, I have MVP 2005 and is going unused.
  4. I understand the pain all too well, mbowkett1978. My MVP 2005 game (in which I held onto after all of these years) doesn't work on my laptop, despite reading on all of the steps in here on how to get it to work. So while watching MVP 2005 collect dust for years, I purchased the dvd of MLB 2k10 a few years ago and it works great. But after seeing how dedicated the modding community is for 2K12 and have abandoned 2K10, I also want that version. I also purchased SMB3 and find it to be an excellent game. But my passion have always been for playing My Career. Unfortunately
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