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  1. roadranger

    mlb2k12 won't install

    ok, go ahead and end it
  2. roadranger

    cpu vs cpu

    is there a setting or mod to have the games set to cpu vs cpu? i'd like to set up my lineups and just watch the game. also, is there a way to set up 1 pitch mode. these were available as a mod for mvp2005
  3. roadranger

    mlb2k12 won't install

    got it to install as mentioned above, but i comes on as about 3/4 screen size and the full screen square is greyed out
  4. roadranger

    mlb2k12 won't install

    got it to install. i had to clean a scratch on the cd. you can end this topic
  5. roadranger

    mlb2k12 won't install

    i had no problems with this game before i upgraded my computer components and had to re-install programs and games. now when i try to install my mlb2k12 cd, it gets to the progress screen that says "updating component registration" and then it hangs up there and after a while, i get an error message that says "data error (cyclic redundancy check). i've tried installing 3 or 4 times with the same result. as i mentioned, when i installed this last year, i had no problems
  6. roadranger

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    i've about had it with this game. i wish there was a newer pc baseball game out there. i've also got mlb2k12, but really don't like it and i don't like the player editor for that game half as much as mvp edit. i thought i'd start from scratch and re-install the game. i did that and installed the patches, but now when i try to run the game, nothing happens. i insert disc 1 and click 'play' and it tells me to insert disc 2. i do that and nothing happens
  7. roadranger

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    i guess i was wrong. i opened up the .mbe file that i had saved and the portraits did not show up. i went through a whole team and changed the portraits and the looked ok as i went up and down the roster. i saved it to the .mbe folder that i was using and closed mvp edit. when i opened mvp edit and opened my saved .mbe file, the portraits weren't there again, so i don't know what the hell is wrong
  8. roadranger

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    i just fooled around with this again and now it works. i don't know what the problem was, but it's ok now. thanks for your help anyway muller_11
  9. roadranger

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    using windows 10. i did install this on c:. i only have the top 2 boxes checked and not the 2x boxes (i had them all checked before, but unchecked them) and i have the data box as the directory. now i can change the photos and they stay changed, but when i save the .mbe roster and re-open it, the portraits are gone again. i downloaded the 2018 end of season portraits, but when i try to install them with TIT, i get the following error message "line 1 autolt error error subscript used with non-array variable" and won't install the .fsh portraits. i thought i'd reinstall the portraits and start all over, but it's not letting me do this. what i did previous to these problems was to click on the portrait, delete the .fsh, and replace the portrait with a 128x128 bmp portrait and it worked fine until i had to re-install mvpedit and re-install mvp baseball 2005 with the patches. i also copied and pasted a copy or portrait.big from the game's data frontend to mvpedit
  10. roadranger

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    i had this working fine until this week. i've been installing portraits using the 128x128 bmp suggestion and it's been working fine, but i upgraded my computer this week and had to re-install apps and programs. i copied portrait.big for the frontend of the game into the mvp edit folder, set the directory to the easports/mvp baseball 2005/data directory, but now when i click on the portrait and add a porttrait, it shows up for a second or two then vanishes. i realize this subject has come up in posts numerous times, but i thought i'd repost it.
  11. roadranger

    2018 Roster

    are there any full (all including minor league level) 2018 rosters that are current and is there a current 2018 mod that's in english
  12. roadranger

    tutorial on roster editor

    i can't find any tutorial on ty's roster editor for 2k12. how do you trade or switch players from one team to another (i got spoiled by mvpedit for mvp)
  13. roadranger

    can't install some total conversion mods

    that's what i did. i worked fine on the rest of them, but not for uniforms and stadiums. i re-downloaded them 3 times just to make sure they downloaded completely. when i used TIT and accessed the directory these were in, it didn't show them as being in the directory or the formats no matter which formats i selected
  14. i downloaded and installed all of the parts of total conversion 15, but i can't get total stadiums and total uniforms to install. i keep getting 'archive is corrupt', 'archive is either in unknown format or corrupt' or similar error messages when i try to extract from rar. i've tried with tit, but it shows no file formats or shows no archives when i try to access the .rar folders for total stadiums and total uniforms
  15. roadranger

    does anyone have a mlb2k12 cd to sell

    i bought a new mlb2k12 boxed cd from amazon, so this thread can be closed