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  1. In my case I play as is Windows 10, patch # 5 installed, anti-virus activated
  2. Hello for me the Game run perfectelly in Windows 10 last version and very few Crash.
  3. Omarito, Michael Pérez id 596 face 38 and Michael Pérez id 5279 is the same player of Tampa Bay?, Greetings
  4. Thank you Omarito for the ids, now please id for: Gianpaul Gonzalez (CLEV), Jorma Rodriguez (CLEV), Hector Hernandez (CLEV), Bryan Abreu (HOU).
  5. Omarito please id for: Jake Cronenworth (TBR), José Godoy (STLC), Nelson Molina (COL) and Juremi Profar (TEX), Greetings
  6. Omarito please id for Jake Kalish (KCR) and Chuckie Robinson (HOU), greetings
  7. Omarito, Lane Thomas and Shane Reynolds have the same id: 743, if Reynolds is deleted, the pitching game mode fails and Chuckie Robinson id (HOU) please
  8. Omarito please id for Alejandro Salazar (ATL) and Taylor Gushue (WAS), greetings. Thank you for all, ;).
  9. Great worl Bro, The only way to edit roster is via MVP Edit/MBE Files.
  10. Great job, but choosing the Astros uniform crash the game in a clean copy of mvp baseball 2005, Any solution?
  11. Omarito, which is the id for Josh Rogers pitcher of baltimore, Josh Elander (ARIZ) and Will D. Smith (LAD)?, :), and leave a request for id: Seth Brown (OAK), greetings
  12. Thanks for the latest id omarito I leave these requests: Bryan Brickhouse (KCR) Sam Clay (MIN) Randy Dobnak (MIN) Xavier Fernández (KCR) Nick Heath (KCR) Elier Hernández (KCR) Nolan Jones (CLEV) Dalton Kelly (TBR) Yunior Marte (KCR) Zach McKinstry (LAD) Webster Rivas (SDP) Gabe Speier (KCR), regards
  13. Bro as a suggestion for the next roster you should add to Aristides Aquino that he is breaking it in the majors.
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