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  1. Bro as a suggestion for the next roster you should add to Aristides Aquino that he is breaking it in the majors.
  2. thanks for the id omarito I leave these 6 id requests: Jake Adams (HOU) Nick Dini (KCR) Osvaldo Duarte (HOU) Kevin Gunkel (ARIZ) Jacob Heyward (SFG) Nick Longhi (CIN) Chas McCormick (HOU) Joshua Rojas (ARIZ) Colton Shaver (HOU) and Anibal Sierra (HOU), regards.
  3. Hello bro, please id for: jazz chisholm mia drew ellis ariz joey curletta bos alex de gotti hou lorenzo quintana hou taylor jones hou granden groezman hou stephen wrenn hou Gavin LaValley cin brantley bell cin alfredo rodriguez cin stuart fairchild cin tj friedl cin, trevor kelley bos, denyi reyes bos Trent Gambrione chc and Donnie Dewees chc greetings, ;).
    Excellent job bro but where is Colten Brewer and Josh Taylor of the Red Sox ?, greetings.
  4. Thank you very much omarito
  5. excellent news Gordo, a doubt you will use place holder slots to create new players or create new players and from free agent you will pass the players to their corresponding team?, greetings from Chile. Pd: excellent job with the rosters.
  6. Great work Bro, please id for: Ben Ruta (NYY) Russell Wilson (NYY) Royce Lewis (MIN) Anderson Feliz (BAL) Jimmy Kerrigan (MIN) Joe Cronin (MIN) , Jordan Gore (MIN), Peter Lambert (COL) and Jacob Waguespack (TOR), Greetings from Chile.
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